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Waterproof Backpack: Recommendations, Tips, and More

waterproof backpack offers so many benefits, especially for outdoor activities. With such a backpack, your items will be safely stored without getting wet when it is suddenly raining. Waterproof backpacks are available in many various sizes, models, and colors. Some products are even ideal for activities in the sea and rivers. Today, many water-resistant backpacks are stylish as well so that you can use it for daily use. Below is what you need to know about such a backpack, from recommendations, tips, benefits, and more.

The Best Waterproof Backpacks

Here are some recommendations of the best waterproof backpack.

·        Consina Dry Bag 30L

The first recommendation is Consina Dry Bag 30L. Some water activities such as rafting, snorkeling, and diving need a water-resistant backpack that can float when it drops in the water. If you are about to do these water activities, you will probably need this Consina Dry Bag. The materials used make this backpack able to float when it drops in the water. Moreover, it is also easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with a cloth. With a capacity of 30 liters, you can store necessary items you need in this bag.

·        Nike Radiate Backpack

If you are a true fan of the minimalist style, you will love this waterproof bag from Nike. Nike Radiate Backpack looks classy with plain black. So that you can easily mix and match it with your outfit. The design of this Nike Radiate Backpack makes it comfortable to be used when you are going to your campus or office. The dimension of this waterproof bag is 58cm x 28cm x 15cm. There are 2 ways to use this bag. You can use it as a backpack or tote bag.

·        Arei Travel Drybag Redcube

For you who want to go on an adventure with your kids, Arei Travel Drybag Redcube is a great choice. This water-resistant bag has a large capacity of 50 liters. So, it can accommodate your items and your kids’. This way, you do not have to bring 2 bags. Arei Travel Drybag Redcube is made from a waterproof PVC material. Just like the previous option, you can also use it as a backpack or tote bag.

How to Choose Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

waterproof laptop backpack

Here are several tips to choose a quality waterproof laptop backpack.

·        Choose According to Your Laptop Size

The first thing you have to consider is the size of the backpack. Make sure it fits the size of your laptop. There are various sizes of laptops, from 8 inches to 17 inches. There are also the ones as small as a tablet. So, make sure the laptop backpack you choose fits your laptop.

·        Check the Durability of the Laptop Compartment

A laptop compartment usually uses a soft cushion. So, pick a laptop backpack whose laptop compartment can protect your device well. Laptops are very vulnerable to friction and shock. Besides being damaged by falling, laptops can also have minor damages when shaken. Basically, most laptop backpacks are made from materials that can reduce shocks. However, the ability of every product is surely different. So, make sure you check the durability of the laptop compartment.

·        Choose the One with Many Pockets

When you are bringing your laptop, sometimes you also need to bring other accessories, such as the charger, flash disk, external hard disk, and so on. So, it will be better if you pick a laptop backpack that comes with many pockets. This way, your laptop will not get scratched by other items.

Tips to Choose A Waterproof Backpack for College

Below are some tips to choose a quality waterproof backpack for college.

·        Choose the One with A 20L Capacity or More

A backpack with a capacity of 20 liters to 30 liters is suitable for college. Though the one with a capacity of 10 liters or 15 liters is already enough, you need a bigger backpack if you need to bring more items, such as notebooks, water bottles, a lunch box, and so on. You are suggested to opt for a backpack with a medium capacity if you cannot decide between the small one or big one.

·        Cushions on Shoulder Straps

Most college students bring a heavy backpack because they need to bring a lot of items. So, it will be better if you choose a backpack that has cushions on its shoulder straps. With such a feature, you can comfortably bring your backpack without your shoulders getting hurt. The one with a chest strap is also comfortable to use.

·        Lightweight Materials

It will be better if you pick a college backpack that is made from lightweight materials. For example, you can opt for a big-capacity backpack that weighs around 200 grams to 500 grams. Today, there are many water-resistant, lightweight backpacks for college that you can choose. Make sure the weight of the backpack makes it comfortable for you to bring it.

waterproof backpack for college

Recommended Brands of Small Waterproof Backpacks

small waterproof backpack is ideal for those of you who rarely bring a lot of items. It is lightweight and comes with many cute designs. Here are some recommended brands that offer small water-resistant backpacks.

·        Herschel

Herschel has various cool backpacks, one of them is Herschel Dawson. This backpack has a vintage design and spacious main compartment. Besides Dawson, there is also the classic one, such as Herschel Heritage. Its compartment is spacious and has media pockets with headphone ports. Herschel backpacks come with many pockets where you can store your small items.

·        Adidas

The famous brand, Adidas, has a bunch of backpack options that come in various sizes as well. If you prefer a modern design, you can opt for Adidas Performance Essential Flap Backpack. It has a quite large volume though it is small. It is made from quality Polyester materials. Besides the main compartment, this backpack also features additional storage. Adidas Performance Essential Flap Backpack is a perfect waterproof backpack for you who love traveling.

How to Clean Waterproof Backpack

To clean your waterproof boots, you can use cleaning gel. This product will make your waterproof boots look new and durable. To apply the gel, use a circular motion and shake it well. Then, you can rinse your boots. To remove stubborn spots, use a brush to brush the inside of the boot. Once it is dry, pour out the water and allow it to dry naturally. You should condition your waterproof boots once a year, as well.

To clean your waterproof boots, simply wet them and apply the appropriate cleaning agent. To use saddle soap, wet a soft cloth and apply a liberal amount. After a couple minutes, wipe away the excess soap. Different types of cleaners can be used, from liquids to creams. To remove stubborn stains, try using a dry, rag instead of the washcloth. Follow the directions on the packaging.

Depending on the type of waterproof material, you can either spray the boot with a water-based solution or dab it on. You can use a liquid cleanser or a sponge to apply it to the inside of your boots. For a long-lasting result, wash your boots in warm water with alcohol or a mild detergent. It is important to remember that cleaning a waterproof boot can also damage its breathability.

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