Watching Best Hiking Movies for You

After you explore the lots of best hiking movies, and then you watch it, you will feel the urge to pack your backpack and go to the closest trail as well. You should know that there are some inspirational movies, beautifully shot, and affecting you to be glued on your set during the entire viewing experience as well. After you watch these movies below, you may have a plan for the next mountain or hiking trip. If you love hiking and movies, then you will feel the same thing. 

It is a combination of the beauty of cinema and nature – sometimes,  it can powerfully affect your mind so you will feel breathless. In this article, there are some truly outstanding movies related to hiking that you should not miss. All of them won various awards, including the most important one – they capture the heart of audiences as well. Sometimes you will meet with the best hiking dogs in the movies as well.

Everest (2015) 

This film based on a true story, Everest comes with what you need to know to climb the highest peak in the world. The director has skillfully created this heart-pounding movie that will stick inside your mind long after you finish watching this movie. The plot tells you about the challenging expedition to reach the most dangerous place in the world that also took place in 1996. The altitude hikers named Scott Fischer, and Rob Hall combine their efforts to deal with the extreme blizzard that puts their lives here. 

This movie was directed and acted by great actors here, such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, and so on. They do the best job of portraying ordinary people who must face extraordinary situations. Keep in mind that this movie is emotional, intense, and interesting until the very end. It will steal your attention from the beginning,  and you feel immersed in the story and character experiences as well. The cinematography is the best thing that you will enjoy here, and this is one of the reasons why you want to watch this movie again and again. 

Free Solo (2018) 

It is also one of the best hiking movies, no surprise that it won an Oscar with the category of Best Documentary film. It was directed by Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, this movie talks about the rock climber named Alox Hannold. This movie includes his amazing effort to be the first person ever to reach the 3000 feet tall of El Capitan rock formation. 

This movie includes many beautiful nature shots that make you feel amazed at the same time. It also describes the interesting lifestyle of the man who has a strong passion. Watching this film can be your thrilling experience in which you stay calm on your set from the start to finish. Keep in mind that this movie does not fit for faint-hearted people. There are some scenes when the actor is climbing impossible heights without using security ropes, and his life depending on his fingers. It is really impressive to see the calmness and concentration to do what Alex does best. He may defy death while climbing one of the tallest rocks in the world. 

Touching the Void (2003) 

This is another documentary movie, and it is also as scary as the horror movie and trembling like an action movie. It was directed by Kevin Macdonald and starred actors, such as Nicholas Aaron, and Brendan Mackey. This film is amazing when presenting you with a jaw-dropping story of young climbers. They were together in 1985, they made their first attempt to climb the Siula Grande Rock in the worst situations. 

You do not have enough time to blink when watching this movie. The dangerous story of men is well narrated and mind-blowing at the same time. The creator is successful to bring amazing obstacles that the climbers need to achieve what seems impossible. Both men should take difficult decisions, survive in extreme temperatures, and deal with the dead ahead. To bring back a better story, the director also brought other actors, such as Simon Yates, and Joe Simpson at the same location when the actual event took place. The result is very impressive. 

The Beckoning Silence (2007)  

When are you wondering why continue to climb deadly mountains and risk your life? You will find the answer in this movie. The answer is going deeper into human nature and instinct. Joe Simpson released an inspirational story and tragic story of a young climber named Toni Kurz who triggered him to become the mountaineers. 

Kurz attempts to conquer the north side of the Eiger Mountain. Unfortunately, he has dramatically died. Many years later, Joe Simpson goes to the same place to document the story in the book “The Beckoning Silence” that becomes a documentary in the same name. If you love to climb a mountain although you are not an extreme hiker, then this movie will leave you impressive, 

This movie is engagingly narrated, intense, and well filmed – it shows you with the inhuman spirit that you need to be an extreme mountaineer. The actor recalls what he needs to fight against all obstacles and survive in impossible situations. He looks back to his near-death experience when he fell into the crevasses, and he is still alive when people think that he died. 

The Way (2010) 

Did you ever want to walk in EL Camino de Santiago road? Then it is a great thing why you need to watch this movie. This movie starred father and son Emilio Esteves and Martin Sheen. It shows you with a touching story about a grieving dad who starts his long journey to pay homage to his late son who has died while walking in the El Camino de Santiago. 

This movie is all about the emotional blast. It is an incredible story about a man who’s encouraged to reach what his son cannot do. He should finish a 780 km long trip through the sacred land. It is one of the best hiking movies along with beautiful shots.

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