Ultimate Guide for Car Camping Adventure

Ultimate Guide for Car Camping Adventure

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Whether you are an outdoor person or looking for an adventure to spend your day off, camping is always the best option out there. Camping is all about you and nature. You will be freed from the stressful and suffocating environment in the city where you live. Are you interested to try it? Why don’t you try a car camping activity? It is a little bit different than the ordinary camping activity.

What is Car Camping?

Simply put, car camping is using a car for your camping activity. So, you drive your car to a camping area or site. Park it and stay there. Some people use their car as the place where they sleep. Others, which are the common practice in this activity, use their car as the supporting equipment, such as electricity source or storage. And they still carry and build a tent on the location for sleeping and experiencing the real camping moments.

The Advantages of Car Camping

It is way cheaper than the standard camping activity. You don’t need to buy or carry various tools like what you normally do for camping. What you need is a tent, car, and of course, some of the supplies you will use while staying at the camping area. You also find it much cheaper, if you compare it with renting an RV and parking on best sport for RV. In short, car camping is the simplest form of camping with a vehicle. You can feel the convenience as well as the real adventure within it.

Car Camping Essentials

Even though it is much easier, cheaper, and more convenient, you still need several gears and equipment for safety and support your activity while staying in the camping area. Here are several car camping essentials you must bring on your car camping trip.

–        Tent

A tent is the most essential part of your car camping. Bring the best one, the one that can protect you from the weather and other things. If you can find one, get the one that is easy to build. Find a good-quality tent first before other items.

–        Sleeping Bag and Pillow

You will sleep in a tent. But, if you sleep it without any preparation, like using only a mattress, that will give you problems. It is uncomfortable, cold, and you might get a fever the next morning. So, bring one or two sleeping bags and pillows, for you and your partner. You also can bring a blanket, but that’s optional. Sleeping bag and pillow is the most essential thing here. Those two will be enough to give you a comfortable sleep.

–        Camping Stove and Fire Starter

You will need these two to cook your meal. Bring the easy-to-carry stove specially made for camping. You can choose the gas burner type or the electric type, which is a good choice as you can charge it on your car. As for the fire starter, matches won’t be enough. Use the camping fire starter that has waterproof property.

–        Water

You need water, a lot of it. So, bring a big water jug to carry clean water on your car camping activity. It will be easier because you ride your car. Plus, you can keep the jug inside your car for safety. You will need it for drinking, cooking, and other things. As for showers and such, you can find other sources of water.

–        A Set of Tool

Pliers, screwdrivers, and such are also essential. You use it when you build your tent or make some stuff in the camping area. Furthermore, if your car has some problem, you can fix it using this toolset as well. One more important thing, do not forget to carry lighting. It could be a flashlight, headlamp, or outdoor camping lights.

–        First Aid Kit

It is the standard equipment everyone must carry during their camping activity. You won’t know what will happen. A prepared first aid kit will help you a lot during that unthinkable moment.

–        Clothes

Bring and wear proper clothes. Make sure it is comfortable and able to protect you from the weather and cold.

–        Cooler

Bring a cooler. You can even use the big one if you want to. You have your car that will power it up while you are there. With a cooler, you can keep your ingredients fresh and the beverages more delicious to drink.

Car Camping Checklist

Make a car camping checklist for everything that you bring there. It helps you a lot when you want to search for the tool that you need. You can find it faster. Make sure the checklist also includes the location where you keep those items. That will save more time to get it whenever you need it.

You can write the checklist on paper or book. However, it has a risk that it can be damaged because of the weather or water. So, make a backup on your gadget. As for the gadget, you also need the outdoor-designed gadget for durability and protection.

Best Car Camping Tent

As we said before, a tent is the most essential item in a car camping activity. Here, we have several recommendations for the best car camping tent you can buy.

–        Klymit Cross Canyon 2 – It uses breathable material that makes it comfortable. It is also lightweight. It fits two people, so you can have a great time with your partner.

–        Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel 3 – It has a double wall for safety and more protection against the weather. It also has plenty of space for storage, which is perfect for you who want to stay a bit longer.

–        MSR Habitude 4 – It has very high durability. It is a perfect choice for you who plan to have car camping in a little bit of an extreme location.


Now, you understand what you should do to spend your day off. Take your car and have a great car camping adventure. Guaranteed, you will have the best experience in your life.

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