Trails for Hiking Near Boston

Trails for Hiking Near Boston

If you have a plan to experience hiking near Boston, it will be a great idea. Boston is the most populous city in Massachusetts. It is also a home of an abundance wilderness that will fit for a wanderer. Hike lovers like to enjoy different kinds of hiking trails. There are plenty of options that you can find to experience hiking in Boston.

We know that Boston is a busy city with a lot to offer for tourists. This city is one of the best in the country where you can go to college and universities. It is a busy city that also costs a lot to live in this city. If you like to stop by in Boston for more than a city stroll, then hiking is going to be the best choice for you. Engaging with nature in Boston can become a great way to get to know Boston differently.

Here are some trails you can try when you are in Boston. You can find out which one is suitable for you and your hiking preference.

Arnold Arboretum Tour

Let’s start with the easy hike that will be suitable for everybody. The Arnold Arboretum Tour is an easy trail in downtown Boston. The loop of this trail is about 3.6 miles. You can bring your dog here as long as they are on a leash. Arnold Arboretum trail is also suitable for a family hike. The trail is accessible for a stroller with an abundance of entertainment that will be fun for young kids. Bring some hiking snacks and water to keep you and your kids fit.

As this trail is very popular, some people like to have guided tours as well. There are also educational offerings concerning nature. It is a great place to have a short hike that is casual and easy. You also can enjoy the beauty of the blue sky in Boston by stopping by at the top of Peters Hill. You can follow the Oak Path to feel the different atmosphere so that you do not feel like you are in the city.

Dogtown Loop

Dogtown Loop is a trail that has intermediate difficulty to hike. The length of the loop is about 6.1 miles. The location is in the north of Gloucester for about 1.8 miles. This trail is going to be very interesting for you who love history because here you can explore the stranger remnants of Massachusetts history. You do not only work out and enjoy nature but also get the chance to see the history that is left. 

It still has the wild forest atmosphere as you can see plenty of abandoned roads and houses. It is also popular with its ghost story from the past. You will see a beautiful nature along the trail that will impress you so much. The tranquility is one of the favorites of the hikers. However, the bottom line of this trail is the lack of markings. Some people don’t appreciate the lack of markings because it can be dangerous if you get lost. Some people don’t mind as they enjoy nature the way it is. So, it is good for you to study the map and use your GPS Watch if you like. Bringing a dog is allowed here and you have to put him on a leash. 

Crane Beach Loop

Located in the east of Ipswich, this Crane Beach Loop is about 3.9 miles long. This trail offers you a challenging hike that will take you to go through forest paths and dunes. It will be a lot of working out that you will need to do. The trail has an intermediate difficulty and you can take your dog with you on a leash if you have pets. 

This trail has green lush trees along the way. The loop that you take here will spoil you with the beauty of nature. The path along the trail is well maintained so it will be very smooth for the visitors. You will be able to explore the dunes and see the surroundings from a different height. The marks are easy to see through the pine forest. You will not get lost because of the clarity of the signs. It is a nice trail for hiking near Boston.

You will be able to explore the north and south sides of the peninsula. During the summertime, you will encounter a lot of bugs that are very famous. Thus, ensure you protect yourself if you want to go during the summertime. Otherwise, you can go during the Spring or Autumn to avoid the invasion of bugs.

Rock Circuit Loop

This Rock Circuit Loop is a difficult trail to go to. It has a 4.6 miles long loop that will challenge you physically. This trail is located in downtown Boston about 7.1 miles north. There is an abundance of obstacles that you would love to tackle if you are an adventurer. The training that you have done will be very useful during the hike.

There are plenty of adventures that you can explore. The hiking is so far from dull because of the labyrinthine trail that will blow your mind and keep your enthusiasm high. You can access this circuit at ease by using public transportation. The view of the cityscape is worth the effort to hike on this trail. You will love to stop for a moment and enjoy the scenic view that you can capture or keep in your memories while you are there. The trail is very technical and will keep you working on your hiking. Those trails are a few trails that you can enjoy near Boston. You can find the easy, the intermediate, and also the difficult one.

Those trails will be suitable for any hikers and surely can meet the expectation. Boston is not only a crowded city as it also has the beauty of nature to offer. Pack your stuff, get some snacks and water to get ready for your hike. The trails for hiking near Boston will give you an endless adventure that you will never forget.

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