Top Tips from Hiking Upward for the Best Climbing Experience

Top Tips from Hiking Upward for the Best Climbing Experience

Hiking is a fun activity. You exercise your body while enjoying the beauty of nature. The difficult route also becomes a challenge. When you have finally conquered, you will get an amazing feeling of accomplishment. More importantly, hiking will also help you to relieve your stress. You don’t need to meet those traffic jams, piled up paper needs to be finished, and a lot of homework you need to submit. It is only you and the mountain. 

Now, if you want to try this challenge, you can use the hiking upward help. This is a community or resource you can use to find all information about hiking and mountain. This time, we are going to see the tips of hiking by Hiking Upward. If you follow these tips, guaranteed, you will get not only a fun and exciting hiking experience. But your hiking time will be also safer.

Planning Your Hiking Upward Activity

Hiking seems so free. You do it without bounded by any rule. You just want to enjoy the trail. However, you must understand that this is an outdoor activity. You will enter the wild, which most of the time, has a quite high risk and unpredictable moment.

Therefore, preparation and proper planning are necessary. You need to know the condition of the hiking location. Find more about the weather there, especially the weather on the hiking day. Plan your route and equipment you want to bring to support your trip. More importantly, you also need to prepare your physical condition. At least, you are not in the condition where you need medical treatment. You also must have no injury or any condition that can harm your body while hiking. 

This kind of planning and preparation might take some time to do. You also need to do some research to get enough information to plan hiking. However, that’s important, if you want to enjoy the hiking and lower the risk of an accident.

Choose Your Footwear and Clothing 

This is the most important thing you must prepare. Your footwear and clothing affect how safe and comfortable the hiking will be. After you did some research for the preparation and planning above, you will understand the route you are going to take and the weather on the location. Using this information, you can choose suitable footwear and clothing.

For example, if you plan on sunrise hiking, where you will start to climb at dawn or midnight, prepare clothing that can protect you from cold weather. It helps you to feel more comfortable. Furthermore, you also can save more energy with this proper clothing.

If you plan to take the route that passes through the forest to reach the goal, you might need footwear that has a better grip and anti-slip feature. It helps you to walk in the forest. Moreover, if the weather goes bad with rain, this kind of footwear will help you to get a firm step on the trail. It prevents unwanted incidents.

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Prepare Enough Food and Water

You need a continuous supply of energy during the hiking. And, you can get it from the food and water you consume while hiking. Therefore, you must bring enough food and water. If you use a travel agency hiking package, mostly, they will also provide the food for you. That should be enough. However, for safety, you can bring extra food. Focus on the food that gives you more energy, like food with high sugar or calories. 

As for water, bring plenty of it. You will need to rehydrate your body regularly. Otherwise, you feel tired easily. And, when you are in the dehydrate condition while hiking it can lead you to injury. More importantly, bring only cold water. Drinking a warm beverage can indeed help you relieve your stress and fatigue. But, it will make you thirst easily. The cold water helps you to keep the thirst in check, so you won’t overdrink.

Food and Water

Prepare First Aid and Lighting Source

You also need to bring a first aid kit. A small kit is preferable, as it is easy to carry and won’t add too much weight in your bag. However, make sure at least you bring these items:

  • Aspirin or Ibuprofen,
  • Bandage,
  • Antibacterial cream,
  • Muscle injury treatment cream.

They help you to treat a general injury or wound that happens during the hiking. Of course, if your injury or wound needs further treatment, you might need to descent and return to the starting point to get proper treatment. So, this first aid is only for minor problems where you can continue your trip to the summit.

Lighting source is also important, especially if you do sunrise trekking. The bare minimum is the head flashlight. It helps you to see your route clearly during the night. Some people also bring a torch. So, it depends on your needs and the location where you hike.

Bring Basic Supplies and Equipment

Equipment that supports your hiking is also important. Compass is one of them. At least, it gives you a clear direction where you should go. Furthermore, the mobile phone is also useful. You might think that you won’t get any signal on the mountain. But, with today’s technology, furthermore many phone company has built their phone tower almost everywhere, you will have a big chance to get the signal to make a call. 

It is an important tool that you need, in case you got an injury or a member of your hiking group has an accident. You can call for help with your phone. Or, you also can update your status and share the photo you just freshly taken. And, for more safety, you also need to bring two-way radio for better communication features.

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Look Up for the Weather Forecast before Hiking Upward

Weather is difficult to predict. Even the weather forecast is not an exact science. But, it is still a good reference you can use to find out the weather on the location where you are going to hike. You know at least the probability of the weather you will face later. So, you can prepare the proper equipment or outfit that match with that weather.

Prepare the First Treatment for Allergic Effect

When you climb a mountain, you will find many types of poisonous plants. It gives you an allergic effect when you touch it. Unfortunately, in many cases, the climber doesn’t realize that they have been in contact with those plants. Therefore, the effect occurs after a while at the time and place where it is difficult to provide proper treatment. Therefore, bringing the first treatment kit for this condition is necessary for hiking. If you need something you can check for outdoor suply  

Inform Someone before Hiking

At least, you need to inform someone where and when you are going to hike. It would be better if you also give them your hiking schedule. It helps you to get help when you have a problem to contact the outside world.


Following the tips by hiking upward above will give you at least a peaceful mind when you start climbing. Then, you can enjoy the hiking experience more leisurely. We can even say that with those tips, you will get the best hiking in your life.

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