Top 4 Nature Walks Near Me in America

Top 4 Nature Walks Near Me in America

Nature walks near me

Well, have you ever input ‘nature walks near me’ into your favorite search engine desperately searching for a good place to spend your spare time by going for a hike? Fear no more pals since you have come to the right place if you happen to seek for those things. The United States of America is probably one of the best countries in the world to visit or spend time if you are someone who is into nature walks. The country has so many different kinds of landscapes to explore. You can find mountains, forests, rivers, deserts, and many more reference here on gravelstuff. You should check our list of best nature walks in America since choosing one can be quite difficult and confusing for there are so many destinations. Check this out!

1. Lost Valley Trail, Arkansas

The first on our list of top four nature walks near me in America is Lost Valley Trail. The place is located in Lost Valley State Park, Ponca, Arkansas. Some people might not able to handle or consider Lost Valley Trail quite extreme. However, the place is very beautiful and perfect for those who love mountains, falls, or nature in general. You can find Eden Falls here if you take the path that leads into the Ozark Mountains. What is even greater is you will find a cave at the top. However, the path is quite rockier and steeper so it might not suit those who want casual nature walks.

2. Chicago Botanic Garden Hike, Illinois

The second place on our list is called Chicago Botanic Garden Hike. The garden is located in Northbrook, Illinois. There are so many wonderful plants to see in this garden. The trail on this garden is already paved making Chicago Botanic Garden Hike a perfect place to do nature walks for those who want to walk casually. Moreover, you can also enjoy the fresh air and refresh those lungs of yours here.

3. Battleship Rock Trail, Kentucky

Located in Slade, Kentucky, the Battleship Rock Trail is obviously not for everyone. Beginners might want to avoid going to this place. The path in the area is somewhat steep and a little bit uneven which can be troublesome for the inexperienced. All in all, the place offers a stunning and awesome view.

4. Beaver Dam Hiking Trail, Mississippi

The place is located in Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, Brooksville, Mississippi. This place is perfect for those who want to see plants, waters, and animals at the same time. You can find wildlife such as ducks, deer, and beavers in this fourth place on our list of top four nature walks near me in America.

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Combination of Nature and Modern for Walking Tracks in California

California is a state located on the west coast of the United States. California has a city landscape and beautiful natural scenery, which is visited by domestic and foreign tourists every year. Well, this article will inform you of the location of walking tracks near me or those in the California area or its surroundings, especially if you are an adventurous person, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. Uncle Sam’s country, known for its distinctive city life, turned out to be keeping secrets behind its multi-storey buildings. There is a very interesting natural landscape to explore. So, if you have the chance to stop by America whether it’s for a vacation or a business trip, don’t forget to try hiking in this country.

The hiking trip in Hawaii

John Muir Trail

If you have a long vacation in America, especially in the California area, then you should place yourself to stop by the John Muir Trail. The reason is, John Muir has a fairly long distance and became one of the walking tracks near me. Taking the name of famous naturalist John Muir, this exploration starts from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, through Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park and also Kings Canyon National Park. The highest point of this climb is Mount Whiney with a height of approximately 14,000 feet. You can hike, backpack, or even run about 210 miles on this path from July to September.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, located in Northern California, is one of the most beautiful and most visited national parks in the United States. Spectacular mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls have attracted tourists, artists and athletes here for decades. Most of the main sights and things to do in Yosemite National Park are in Yosemite Valley. Carved by glaciers during the last ice age, granite walls and large waterfalls are some of the most extraordinary features in the park.

Walking Track in Big Sur State Park Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is a place that I recommend right as walking tracks near me, great for hikers, sunbathing, and those looking for nature escape. The park has camping facilities and, for anyone who is looking for a bit of comfort, Big Sur Lodge offers a peaceful retreat in an amazing location. One of the highlights in the park is Pfeiffer Falls, which is reached by Valley View Trail. A branch of this path leads to the Overlook Valley with views that extend to the sea and the Big Sur River Valley.

4 Best Trails in the US for Backpacking Trips

Are you interested to conduct backpacking trips in the near future? Well, that’s good. Aside from refreshing your mind, it is also a chance for you to know and explore nature. Of course, there are many things to prepare to make sure that your trip is done well. Besides, you must determine what area to explore. In the US, there are some parks and walking tracks that are perfect for your backpacking trip. What are they?

Kesugi Ridge, Denali State Park, Alaska

Alaska is famous for giving magnificent panorama. Some mountains are there including Mount Denali, known also as Mount Mc. Kinley. The trail to reach the top is quite long for around 57.9 km. Sure, there are some points provided where you can take a rest and camp. Unfortunately, you cannot conduct your trip anytime. The perfect time to explore Kesugi Ridge is during the summer and fall.

Teton Crest Trail, Wyoming

The trail is longer than Kesugi Ridge mentioned above but it is still not difficult for professional hikers to pass through. Meanwhile, beginners can try this one also to challenge themselves. Yes, it is about 64.4 km. The landscapes are beautiful for sure although some areas are known to be very hot and dry. Some popular spots to see during the trip is Mount Meek Pass, Hurricane Pass, and High Alpine Meadows.

A Part of the Appalachian Trail, Maine

Appalachian Trail is very long as it even passes through 14 states. In the beginning, sure, you don’t need to explore it entirely. Choose only a part of them and the Maine area is definitely perfect. Your backpacking trip will start at Monson and ends at the northern terminus of Kahtadin Mountain. Meanwhile, some spots are known to be quite dangerous for beginners. For example, it is in the area of Wilderness. Many highlights are seen in this area. One of them is the beauty Lower Wilson Falls. If you want to join the trip, Hot Wheels annually conducts the event.

Pemi Wilderness Loop, New Hampshire

If you are looking for a quite-short trip, Pemi Wilderness Loop trail is the best answer. It takes only around 2 or 3 days. There are indeed coarse terrains on the trail. But other spectacular spots make your tiresome worthier. This trail is still friendly enough for beginners although you need to do intense hiking this is different with walking tracks. Make sure to provide all the tools mainly if you don’t have enough experiences in backpacking trips.

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