Three Types of Fire Starter for Your Adventure

Three Types of Fire Starter for Your Adventure

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Fire is one of the most essential things in an outdoor activity. It keeps you warm. You can use it for cooking. The fire also illuminates the surrounding. It also prevents the animal from coming, which gives you more protection when you stay outdoors like camping or hiking. So, here is the question. How do you make a fire? You might use matches or lighter, right? However, we could choose the fire starter for that. Why?

Fire Starter is Better

When you use the matches, the wood stick type, there is a chance that it won’t light up because it was soaked in water or rain. Or, the high humidity in the wild also increases the moisture inside the wooden stick, which also prevents it from lightening up some fire. The lighter is also the same. Mostly, when you run out of the liquid gas in it, you can’t use it anymore. The fire starter is different.

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The fire starter uses a spark that comes out from two different materials attached in it. These materials aren’t affected by the weather or moisture, as in many products, it uses the rock or stone type material. Furthermore, it produces quite large sparks that can ignite the material you want to burn, like wood, paper, or anything for making fire. And, you do that much easier and faster than matches or lighter.

In short, using a fire starter is not only better than the other two sources of fire. It is also very convenient. More importantly, its durability is also much higher than the other two. Now, you already know that a fire starter is the best option. Next, we are going to show you some of the fire starter types that you can find and buy from the store.

Magnesium Fire Starter

Themagnesium fire starter maybe is the best fire-starter type you can find in the store. First of all, from its name, you can easily guess what this item is made of. Yes, it uses magnesium material to build the rod or bar, depending on the shape that it uses. And, this material is one of the best you can use for a fire starter.

One of its essential properties is anti-water. It still works even if you submerge it in the water. Therefore, many people love to use it when they are adventuring in the wild. Military also use this fire starter as one of the tools they carry when they are on a mission. Its high durability makes it the best option for an extreme situation.

More importantly, this fire starter also produces a very hot spark. It can easily produce 4,000 degrees F to start the fire. As long as the medium you use to start the fire is burnable, you can do it in a matter of seconds. If you bring it to your camping or other outdoor activities, you won’t have any problem starting a fire.

Flint Fire Starter

The flint fire starter usually comes in two parts. You will get the flintstone stick and the striker, which is made of steel. To start a fire or create a spark to burn the wood or paper you use to make fire, you just need to strike the flintstone with the striker part close to the material you want to burn. It will create the spark and start the fire on that material.

One of the many benefits you can get from this fire starter type is its longevity. As long as you do not lose it, you can use it forever. However, it only applies to the striker part. The flintstone has a limited amount of usage, as it will degrade when you keep using it. Generally, the flint and steel fire starter can last for 3,000 strikes. That is a lot. You can use it for years.

As you also can see, it is made of stone and steel. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about water, rain, or weather. It works in any condition and situation. However, if you want to buy this product, make sure you get the best one. Find a review and testimonial to know which product you should choose.

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Fire Starter Sticks

The magnesium and flint & steel fire starter are available in the stick form. However, the fire starter sticks here are different from those two. It is made of a compressed wood chip. It also uses paraffin wax to stimulate a much stronger burning process. In short, we call it the huge version of wooden stick matches because it has a similar design/shape. It has the wood part and the head where you rub it against the striking surface. You also use this fire starter that way.

However, you have to understand that the wooden pressed part will act as kindling. It easily starts the fire and makes it bigger with just one piece of fire starter stick. As long as it doesn’t get wet, it will work fantastically. Rub it on its strike surface, and then put it on the material you want to burn. It will produce a fine result.

More importantly, this fire starter is also made of natural material. Therefore, it is much environmentally safer than the first two fire starters. If you want to join the effort to save our Earth by living a green lifestyle, you can use this product as your partner on your camping trip.


Choose any types of fire starter that you want. Each of them has pros and cons, which are relatable to many situations in your outdoor activity. Match the product with your outdoor activity type, and you will get the best advantages of them. One more thing, most of those products are also available in many online stores today. However, you should choose the store that can properly packaging and sendi the product to your place. Otherwise, if the package is damaged, it won’t work as long as you wanted it to be. So, have a great trip and enjoy the best adventure in your life.

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