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The Beauty of Lone Star Hiking Trail

For a hiking lover, Lone Star Hiking Trail must be a bucket list to experience. This Lone Star hiking trail is famous for its long trail that is so serene. However, you have to know that this trail is extremely long and that it will take you days to experience the nature around the Lone Star hiking trail. The length of this trail is about 96 miles that has an additional 32 miles.   

There will be markers along the trail that you can follow to ensure that you are on the right track. This trail is quite busy as people will hike on this trail every year. It is the longest hiking trail in Texas that you can experience. If you are searching for intense hiking with a wonderful nature to experience in Texas, then you should consider this Lone Star Hiking.

Three Major Sections of Lone Star Hiking Trails

  • The 40 miles Lake Conroe section 

This Lake Conroe Section is about 64 km long that begins close by the intersection of FS 219 and FM 149 east of Richards up to the north end of Lake Conroe. It connects four loops that are also a part of the trail. You will be able to pass through the Little Lake Creek Wilderness

  • The 60 miles Central Area

If you want the longer trail, you can check this out. This Central area is about 97km long that will lead you to the north of Hunstville State Park. It will start from the northeast of the Stubblefield Recreation area. You will go through the Four Notch area and turn to the southeast part of Evergreen town. In the middle of this area, you can find the Four Notch loop for about 9.2 miles. 

  • The Winters Bayou or Tarkington Creek Area

If you take this section, you will start from the Stubblefield Recreation Area and you will finish at the Northwest of Cleveland. You will go through the Big Creek Scenic area and further you will reach the southwest area through the Winters Bayou Scenic area. It is about 43 km long and this section has the status of National Recreation Trail.

In total it has eleven hike sections that you can discover. Each section will give you an abundance of rich experience that you will love to have. This Lone Star Hiking Trail is perfect for those hikers that are keen on intense, long, and continuous hiking. It is the longest trail to hike in Texas that you can enjoy without leaving Texas. 

There are so many things you need to prepare before you decided to go on a hike on this trail. It will be a single track along the trail, unlike the hiking trails in Austin. However, there will be some hiking at the small county roads. At some point, you will also find the state highways. Thus, it is important to understand the map very well. There will be only a few water stations for a long trail like the Lone Star hiking trail. So, it is important to get enough water for the whole hike. You have to be wise in consuming your water as well. Ensure that you contacted the local authorities about the water condition during your adventure.

Along the trail, you will be able to witness the beauty of nature and wildlife. You will go through the Sam Houston National Forest. This trail offers the opportunity for you to experience the wildlife and also to explore the local area. You will not see the steep terrain or scenic view but this trail can really become the trail that will impress you the long way.

Best Time to Hike

If you are interested in hiking at this Lone Star hiking trail, it is better to go when the weather is not too hot. Summer will not be good to go because the summer in Texas can be unbearable for you to do the long hike. Thus, it is good for you to do in Autumn or Spring when the weather is less hot than the summertime. It is not only an hour hike, it will be days to finish this hike.

hiking compas
Hiking compas

What to Prepare

As the trail is hundreds of kilometers long, you will need to prepare everything properly. The first thing is to have the proper hiking gear. Layering will be a good choice because the temperature can be challenging. Ensure that you have a comfortable and proper hiking gear so you can stay comfortable. 

Besides the hiking gears, you also need some tools that can help you to ease your journey. This is a wildlife area which means you have to be very careful along the journey. Snakes are the common wildlife that can be dangerous throughout the hike. Thus, you need to have the tools to protect you from any threat. 

The most important thing to prepare hike is water. You have to keep in mind that you will need at least a week to complete this hike, thus you need enough supply of water as the water source in this area is very few. You need to ensure that you have enough water for a week to survive. If you are not confident to hike alone, it is better to go on the hike with your buddy or any companion that has the same passion for hiking and enjoy the wilderness. This trail is very intense and requires patience and willingness to finish the whole journey. A week of continuous hiking is a tough decision to make. Thus, you have to prepare your mind and body so that you will have the best experience without any silly mistakes that can cost you huge difficulties in the wilderness. Do some training and stretching to get your physic ready for an intense hike. Once you have enough preparation and training, you will be ready for the challenges that nature will provide. This Lone Star Hiking Trail will give you the unforgettable experience of doing a long and intense hike.

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