Buying high durable waterproof shoes is an investment. It is perfect for the outdoors and also for sport. Here are some options for waterproof shoes for you. 

Lightweight waterproof hiking shoes

When you go hiking, it is important to choose proper footwear. The footwear not only provides comfort but also supports your ankle when you carry a heavy bag or track on rocky trails. The waterproof hiking shoes below are worthy of buying. 

  • Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX. The top hiking shoes from Salomon combine the feather feel and impressive performance on trail wear. The impressive grip capability and stable cushion interior are great for you who plan for long trail days. 
  • Salomon X Raise GTX. These are perfect hiking shoes and trail runner shoes at once. The flexible package and excellent cushion technology are added to the shoes to provide a smooth walk. This can be a good option for short day hikes and backpacking tracks. 
  • The North Face Ultra 111 WP. This is the trail running shoe but also good for hiking. The shoes provide great stability and traction when you track rough trails. This shoe provides more stability in technical terrain. 
  • Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator. If you have a tight budget but still want to buy high-quality hiking shoes, then these hiking shoes can be a good option. The lightweight becomes a good point, but for waterproof, you may need additional care. However, it is durable and gives a great cushion for the footbed. 
  • Asolo Agent Evo GV. This is a comfortable hiking shoe that is waterproof and provides good protection for toes and side feet. The suede upper is the characteristic of this hiking shoe. This is an expensive hiking shoe that is priced higher than $210 but it does not doubt durability and longer use.  
  • Arcteryx Aerios FL GTX. The next waterproof hike/ trail running shoes that are extremely built and lightweight but still tough to handle the heavy track. The price is a little bit higher than others but it has a nice design with GORE-TEX membrane breathable technology. It is lighter for a day hike and trail running shoes. 
  • Vasque Breeze LT Low GTX. The fun styling design with light and grips design on this hiking/trail running shoe is a quiet thing. It comes with a multi-color look. 

Best waterproof running shoes

  1. ASICS running shoes. ASICS waterproof running shoes have become the leading brand for waterproof shoes for men. This brand is known well for the innovation of technology in its design that supports the health of orthopedic for every runner outside. ASICS gives you what you need on waterproof running shoes, whether it is less or more cushion, high or low heel, or over or under pronation. The EVA Midsole provides better cushioning when running which makes these shoes best for rough trail running. 
  2. Inov8 waterproof Trail shoes. If you are looking for high-end waterproof men’s shoes, then this can be an option for you. GORE-TEX synthetic technology protects your trail as safe and efficient. 
  3. ADIDAS waterproof trail running shoes. ADIDAS is one of the top shoe brands in the world. They have high fashion shoes for activewear and sportswear. The brand always ensures their product lead in technology and design. Adidas Terrex Agravic men waterproof trail running shoes are perfect for trail running. The breathable membrane provides a resistant and sturdy toe cap. 
  4. Salomon waterproof trail running shoes. The Speedcross 4 GTX is designed with unique lace. The sensifit technology ensures your foot is in a stable position while wearing the shoes. This will prevent injuries when you run. 
  5. New Balance Men’s Summit KOM Gore-Tex trail running shoes. New Balance is a prestigious shoe that makes innovation for running shoes. The New Balance Running shoes are the best waterproof shoes for all terrain types. 
  6. Merrel women trail running shoes. The eye-catchy Merell shoes are awesome. The invisible foot technology binds the Gore-Tex membrane in the shoe and makes it a good protective running shoe. 
  7. Mizuno women waterproof trail shoes. The elegance with technology applied in this shoe makes it a trail shoe that is hard to beat. The added cushion, stronger grip, and neutral pronation are the exclusive things from Mizuno. The features make the shoes suitable for any trail surfaces. 

Maintenance waterproof shoes

Investing in waterproof shoes is a good thing. You need to maintain your waterproof appropriately to ensure your waterproof shoes last long-lasting. 

  • Clean your waterproof shoes. It is critical to keep your footwear clean from mud and debris. Especially for hikers and long runners, it is important not to let them sit in shoes for more than a day. You may need a special cleaner to clean waterproof shoes. 
  • Drying. Although waterproof shoes come with a breathable feature, you still can sweat inside of your shoes. Remove the insole and dry it quickly. Dry with room temperature and avoid direct heat. Strong heat can damage the leather and the glue that is used to assemble the sole and upper part. 
  • Treatment. Although your shoes have been designed with waterproof technology, it still needs appropriate treatment. You need to spray waterproof spray. Follow the guidance to make your shoes long-lasting. 
  • Storage. Ensure your shoe has been dry well before you store it. Store in a place that is ventilated and dry well. Avoid the shoe in place near the exposed direct sunlight. If you do not use the shoe for a longer time, keep it with a newspaper to keep it in good shape. 

Stylish Casual Waterproof Shoes for Men 

Need stylish waterproof shoes for men that are able to handle any weather levels? Waterproof shoes that design in a casual or stylish look to fit in a suit still available to find. A sneaker can do it best for outdoor style. 

  • Vans’s MTE. Vans’s MTE is waterproof shoes that are perfect for serious walking in any weather. The super-insulating and elegant design makes this shoe not feel like wearing something that is designed for heavy weather. 
  • NIKE. The famous brand of NIKE presents you with waterproof shoes that provide a disguise shield design. Nike Odyssey React Shield is a shoe with a waterproof upper that is perfect to wear in any weather. It is as sporty and stylish as other exclusive NIKE brand designs. 
  • Cole Haan boots waterproof. The exclusive premium leather shoe that looks elegant and shiny. 
  • Sketcher. Everything you need for a stylish outdoor sneaker comes from Sketcher. This is a 100 % waterproof design with full-grain leather. 

When you buy waterproof shoes, it is important to consider the occasion and your style. 

Do you need waterproof boots that go with all-weather and fit with any occasion? A pair of boots is good to match with any outfit. The boot also aged beautifully although it can be a rude awakening. You can wear boots into casual wear, work even into fashionable shopping and traveling. Boots are also perfect for outdoor wear such as hiking. 

Why Need Waterproof Hiking Boots?

The waterproof boot is designed with breathable technology. The breathable term is a great technology that presents versatility to you. The breathability in the waterproof hiking boots means the boot can let the water from your sweat escape while it works the main job to prevent the external elements to get inside of the boot. It is designed for all weather conditions.  

  1. Timberland Mt.Maddsen Mid. The boot design with an eco-friendly boot that is affordable but still strong enough. It keeps your feet dry in any weather. The full-grain waterproof leather keeps the debris out. The anti-fatigue technology comfort for all-day wear. 
  2. Scarpa Maverick Mid GTX. The sturdy and versatile hiking boot from Scarpa is the next option for your hiking track. The boot is designed with durability and balance. The midsole provides support and enough cushions. 
  3. La Sportiva Pyramid GTX. If you need a hiking boot that is featherweight but stable on a heavy track, then this boot is the best option. This boot is perfect for moderate and warm weather. It keeps your leg warm with a high-cut boot style. 
  4. La Sportiva Spire GTX. This is the backpacking waterproof hiking shoe that is well-made and comfortable. It is sturdy and protects your feet from rocks and rough trails. This low-cut hiking shoe boot presents excellent protection and is able to grip over all terrain. 
  5. Danner Trail 2650 GTX Mild. This boot design with a lacing lock that will keep your heel in place when hiking. The boot is a mid hiker made from suede and textile leather in the upper that is still lightweight and durable. 

High-Quality Waterproof Work Boots 

You may consider buying waterproof work boots, especially when you work in a heavy-duty environment. Buy waterproof work boots that deliver you comfort, safety, and durability. Here are the benefits of wearing a high durable work boot. 

  • Ability to handle heavy-duty use. One of the main benefits of wearing a work boot is the ability in bad weather and heavy duty work. 
  • Highly economical. A durable work boot is designed to wear for a long period. This will avoid you from buying a new one at a certain time. A durable work boot is sometimes higher priced than others. However, the high durable work boot is good for your investment in the long term. 
  • It is safer. It is no doubt that a durable work boot is safer. This footwear protects you from slips, fall, cut, and others. 
  • Easy to maintain. Generally, a boot is made from rugged material. The material guarantees that this footwear withstands to handle all conditions. 
  • It is a high value for second-hand boots. Buying a durable work boot means you can earn extra cash when you sell it. There are demands for a used durable boot brand that is well known for its quality. 

Stylish Waterproof Boots 

The benefit of wearing waterproof boots is not only the durability to handle heavy environment wear but also as a fashion style. You can buy stylish waterproof boots for women for winter travel or any time in wet condition. 

  • Blondo Villa waterproof. The blonde waterproof boot has 6 different sexy colors that deliver comfort in wear. 
  • Ugg Simmens. This is a nice waterproof boot available in four colors. The high upper style and two straps design make it perfect for your stylish fashion. 
  • Ugg Bonham. When you go outside in heavy rain, this is a perfect boot for you. 
  • Sorel Lolla Ankle Boot. The other stylish option is ankle boots that are comfortable and stylish. 

When it comes to men’s waterproof boots, which one do you want to buy? Many brands present their men with waterproof boots with a stylish design that is able to wear for any purpose and condition. The colors of the boots are not limited to classic colors such as brown but you also can find them in blue, denim, or even navy. You can find the one that fits the occasion. There are fashionable and stylish men waterproof boots that you can buy. 

  • Converse. The stylish white low-key high top boot sneaker from Converse is a good disguise for all-weather footwear. The other inspiration for waterproof boots from Converse, you can take a look at Chuck Taylor All Star Counter Climate sneaker. These are all black boots that are versatile to wear. 
  • Timberland. The classic boot from Timberland is perfect for rain and snow with its 6-inch height design. Timberland has been well known for its durable high-quality boot. 
  • Aquatalia Heath Waterproof plain- toe boot. This boot is too stylish. You may end up wearing this boot when it is shiny and bright weather. 
  • Ugg Butte waterproof boot. This is the perfect boot for everything in winter condition that is able to handle ice, snow, and sleet. The design is slip-proof and ornament with a feather on the top. 
  • Tretorn. Gus Rain Boot from Tretorn can be a choice for you who want to look stylish in black classic boot style. The rubber material makes it send a proper strong impression for your urban warrior look. 
  • Hunter. The sturdy leather boot that will be a great power waterproof boot when you face bad weather day. It has a long height and a simple design. 
  • Mr.P Jacques Leather Boot. If you need investment in your wardrobe, then this waterproof boot is footwear that works as a functional boot for bad weather and piece to match with your fashion start from a casual look into suit formal wear. 
  • L.L Bean Boot. The stylish leather boot comes with versatility and quality. For your casual look. It is perfect to match with corduroy jeans or chinos. You even can match with a suit as it has an elegant brown leather design. 

A waterproof boot is a great investment for your footwear collection. It is not only a statement of style but also to fit with any occasion. You can find a perfect waterproof boot and mix and match it with your fashion style. 

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fire starter adventure

Fire is one of the most essential things in an outdoor activity. It keeps you warm. You can use it for cooking. The fire also illuminates the surrounding. It also prevents the animal from coming, which gives you more protection when you stay outdoors like camping or hiking. So, here is the question. How do you make a fire? You might use matches or lighter, right? However, we could choose the fire starter for that. Why?

Fire Starter is Better

When you use the matches, the wood stick type, there is a chance that it won’t light up because it was soaked in water or rain. Or, the high humidity in the wild also increases the moisture inside the wooden stick, which also prevents it from lightening up some fire. The lighter is also the same. Mostly, when you run out of the liquid gas in it, you can’t use it anymore. The fire starter is different.

fire starter camp

The fire starter uses a spark that comes out from two different materials attached in it. These materials aren’t affected by the weather or moisture, as in many products, it uses the rock or stone type material. Furthermore, it produces quite large sparks that can ignite the material you want to burn, like wood, paper, or anything for making fire. And, you do that much easier and faster than matches or lighter.

In short, using a fire starter is not only better than the other two sources of fire. It is also very convenient. More importantly, its durability is also much higher than the other two. Now, you already know that a fire starter is the best option. Next, we are going to show you some of the fire starter types that you can find and buy from the store.

Magnesium Fire Starter

Themagnesium fire starter maybe is the best fire-starter type you can find in the store. First of all, from its name, you can easily guess what this item is made of. Yes, it uses magnesium material to build the rod or bar, depending on the shape that it uses. And, this material is one of the best you can use for a fire starter.

One of its essential properties is anti-water. It still works even if you submerge it in the water. Therefore, many people love to use it when they are adventuring in the wild. Military also use this fire starter as one of the tools they carry when they are on a mission. Its high durability makes it the best option for an extreme situation.

More importantly, this fire starter also produces a very hot spark. It can easily produce 4,000 degrees F to start the fire. As long as the medium you use to start the fire is burnable, you can do it in a matter of seconds. If you bring it to your camping or other outdoor activities, you won’t have any problem starting a fire.

Flint Fire Starter

The flint fire starter usually comes in two parts. You will get the flintstone stick and the striker, which is made of steel. To start a fire or create a spark to burn the wood or paper you use to make fire, you just need to strike the flintstone with the striker part close to the material you want to burn. It will create the spark and start the fire on that material.

One of the many benefits you can get from this fire starter type is its longevity. As long as you do not lose it, you can use it forever. However, it only applies to the striker part. The flintstone has a limited amount of usage, as it will degrade when you keep using it. Generally, the flint and steel fire starter can last for 3,000 strikes. That is a lot. You can use it for years.

As you also can see, it is made of stone and steel. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about water, rain, or weather. It works in any condition and situation. However, if you want to buy this product, make sure you get the best one. Find a review and testimonial to know which product you should choose.

Fire starter

Fire Starter Sticks

The magnesium and flint & steel fire starter are available in the stick form. However, the fire starter sticks here are different from those two. It is made of a compressed wood chip. It also uses paraffin wax to stimulate a much stronger burning process. In short, we call it the huge version of wooden stick matches because it has a similar design/shape. It has the wood part and the head where you rub it against the striking surface. You also use this fire starter that way.

However, you have to understand that the wooden pressed part will act as kindling. It easily starts the fire and makes it bigger with just one piece of fire starter stick. As long as it doesn’t get wet, it will work fantastically. Rub it on its strike surface, and then put it on the material you want to burn. It will produce a fine result.

More importantly, this fire starter is also made of natural material. Therefore, it is much environmentally safer than the first two fire starters. If you want to join the effort to save our Earth by living a green lifestyle, you can use this product as your partner on your camping trip.


Choose any types of fire starter that you want. Each of them has pros and cons, which are relatable to many situations in your outdoor activity. Match the product with your outdoor activity type, and you will get the best advantages of them. One more thing, most of those products are also available in many online stores today. However, you should choose the store that can properly packaging and sendi the product to your place. Otherwise, if the package is damaged, it won’t work as long as you wanted it to be. So, have a great trip and enjoy the best adventure in your life.

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Holiday Nights in Caravan Parks

Whether you are an outdoor person or looking for an adventure to spend your day off, camping is always the best option out there. Camping is all about you and nature. You will be freed from the stressful and suffocating environment in the city where you live. Are you interested to try it? Why don’t you try a car camping activity? It is a little bit different than the ordinary camping activity.

What is Car Camping?

Simply put, car camping is using a car for your camping activity. So, you drive your car to a camping area or site. Park it and stay there. Some people use their car as the place where they sleep. Others, which are the common practice in this activity, use their car as the supporting equipment, such as electricity source or storage. And they still carry and build a tent on the location for sleeping and experiencing the real camping moments.

The Advantages of Car Camping

It is way cheaper than the standard camping activity. You don’t need to buy or carry various tools like what you normally do for camping. What you need is a tent, car, and of course, some of the supplies you will use while staying at the camping area. You also find it much cheaper, if you compare it with renting an RV and parking on best sport for RV. In short, car camping is the simplest form of camping with a vehicle. You can feel the convenience as well as the real adventure within it.

Car Camping Essentials

Even though it is much easier, cheaper, and more convenient, you still need several gears and equipment for safety and support your activity while staying in the camping area. Here are several car camping essentials you must bring on your car camping trip.

–        Tent

A tent is the most essential part of your car camping. Bring the best one, the one that can protect you from the weather and other things. If you can find one, get the one that is easy to build. Find a good-quality tent first before other items.

–        Sleeping Bag and Pillow

You will sleep in a tent. But, if you sleep it without any preparation, like using only a mattress, that will give you problems. It is uncomfortable, cold, and you might get a fever the next morning. So, bring one or two sleeping bags and pillows, for you and your partner. You also can bring a blanket, but that’s optional. Sleeping bag and pillow is the most essential thing here. Those two will be enough to give you a comfortable sleep.

–        Camping Stove and Fire Starter

You will need these two to cook your meal. Bring the easy-to-carry stove specially made for camping. You can choose the gas burner type or the electric type, which is a good choice as you can charge it on your car. As for the fire starter, matches won’t be enough. Use the camping fire starter that has waterproof property.

–        Water

You need water, a lot of it. So, bring a big water jug to carry clean water on your car camping activity. It will be easier because you ride your car. Plus, you can keep the jug inside your car for safety. You will need it for drinking, cooking, and other things. As for showers and such, you can find other sources of water.

–        A Set of Tool

Pliers, screwdrivers, and such are also essential. You use it when you build your tent or make some stuff in the camping area. Furthermore, if your car has some problem, you can fix it using this toolset as well. One more important thing, do not forget to carry lighting. It could be a flashlight, headlamp, or outdoor camping lights.

–        First Aid Kit

It is the standard equipment everyone must carry during their camping activity. You won’t know what will happen. A prepared first aid kit will help you a lot during that unthinkable moment.

–        Clothes

Bring and wear proper clothes. Make sure it is comfortable and able to protect you from the weather and cold.

–        Cooler

Bring a cooler. You can even use the big one if you want to. You have your car that will power it up while you are there. With a cooler, you can keep your ingredients fresh and the beverages more delicious to drink.

Car Camping Checklist

Make a car camping checklist for everything that you bring there. It helps you a lot when you want to search for the tool that you need. You can find it faster. Make sure the checklist also includes the location where you keep those items. That will save more time to get it whenever you need it.

You can write the checklist on paper or book. However, it has a risk that it can be damaged because of the weather or water. So, make a backup on your gadget. As for the gadget, you also need the outdoor-designed gadget for durability and protection.

Best Car Camping Tent

As we said before, a tent is the most essential item in a car camping activity. Here, we have several recommendations for the best car camping tent you can buy.

–        Klymit Cross Canyon 2 – It uses breathable material that makes it comfortable. It is also lightweight. It fits two people, so you can have a great time with your partner.

–        Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel 3 – It has a double wall for safety and more protection against the weather. It also has plenty of space for storage, which is perfect for you who want to stay a bit longer.

–        MSR Habitude 4 – It has very high durability. It is a perfect choice for you who plan to have car camping in a little bit of an extreme location.


Now, you understand what you should do to spend your day off. Take your car and have a great car camping adventure. Guaranteed, you will have the best experience in your life.

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toe shoes

Toe shoes become a popular topic to talk since last year. The appearance of these shoes is started by the action of Vogue’s Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson, posted several photos of toe shoes on his Instagram account. Do you know what toe shoes are? Basically, these shoes are shoes that have special gaps where users can insert their toes. Some people find these shoes creepy because of the design where the front part resembles humans’ toes.

However, like it or not, there are several houses of fashion that launch toe shoes, such as Celine, Maison Margiela, and Balenciaga. This is why these shoes are getting more popular. These shoes come in various models. And each model has its own benefits. Here are the benefits of different types of toe shoes.

Benefits of Steel Toe Shoes

Steel toe shoes are especially beneficial for working men. Here are the benefits.

Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot Shoes

Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot Shoes (Check detail on amazon)

·        Be Safe Without Sacrificing Comfort

By wearing steel-toed shoes, you can be safe without sacrificing comfort when you are working. Make sure you choose the right shoe size. Moreover, it will be better if the shoes are long enough that they cover your ankle. You are suggested to also wear socks that are designed for steel-toed shoes. Some socks are ergonomically manufactured in order to provide the optimum comfort while you are wearing the safety shoes.

As you know, foot injuries commonly happen in a workplace. Foot injuries come in various possibilities, including sprains, punctures, crushing, falls, and lacerations. Wearing steel-toed shoes will protect your feet from such injuries.

·        Protecting Your Feet from Falling Objects

Many steel-toed shoes are strong enough to withstand up to 75 pounds of falling objects dropped from up to 3 yards. Moreover, these safety shoes have also been tested and proven to be able to withstand several hundred pounds from dropped objects. Not only falling objects, but steel-toed shoes can also protect feet from other foot injuries, such as burns, punctures, cuts, and other injuries due to falls or slips.

·        Relieve Discomfort

Not only protect feet from foot injuries, but steel-toed shoes can also relieve discomfort due to prolonged standing. These safety shoes often provide extra comfort and support that can enhance overall comfort levels. So, you can still feel comfortable though you are standing on hard floors for a long time. Moreover, many steel-toed shoes are designed for specific areas of work.

Benefits of Composite Toe Shoes

·        Support, Durability, and A Lightweight Design

The main benefit of composite toe shoes is they offer more protection as well as being lightweight. Compared to steel-toed shoes, composite toe boots are more lighweight. It is especially beneficial if you work for a long period of time. With these safety shoes, you do not have to use a lot of energy. It becomes an ideal choice if you prioritize comfort and weight.

If you are able to choose the ones that fit your feet perfectly, composite toe boots are extremely comfortable to wear. It will protect your feet as well as your toes.

ESDY Steel Toe Shoes Men Safety Work Shoes Industrial Construction Sneakers Lightweight Comfortable Composite Toe Shoes

ESDY Steel Toe Shoes Men Safety Work Shoes Industrial Construction Sneakers Lightweight Comfortable Composite Toe Shoes (Check detail on Amazon)

·        A Poor Conductor of Heat and Electricity

If your workplace involves electricity, wearing composite toe boots will protect you. Moreover, these safety shoes are also a poor conductor of heat. If you work outdoors in wet, cold conditions, composite toe boots will not get cold and freeze your feet. Moreover, these shoes are also a better option if your work involve metal detectors. Because the shoes will not blow the metal detectors off.

Benefits of Wide Toe Box Shoes

·        Toes Can Spread Out for Comfort

You surely want your toes to be able to spread outwards as far as possible. Believe it or not, your toes can provide strong grips when necessary. The more bound your toes to your shoes, the more useless and the weaker they will be. This will not happen if you opt for wearing wide toe box shoes.

·        Helps to Relieve and Avoid Hammetoes, Bunions

Bunions and hammertoes are formed when toes are forced to be too close to each other for a long time. Bunions and hammertoes are painful and difficult to get rid of once they are there. The big toe joint will get swollen and harden. Wearing wide toe box shoes will help to avoid such a pain. These safety shoes can also help people who suffer from bunions and hammertoes to relieve the pain.

·        Improves Agility and Balance

If your toes can spread out more, they can cover more surfaces when you are moving. This will result in improved strength, balance, and agility. So, wearing wide toe box shoes can provide an improvement in athletic performance. This is why these safety shoes are also suitable to wear for hiking.

·        Lower Risks of Injury

Wide toe box shoes will allow your feet to get stronger and also maintain the flexibility, especially if you pair it with a zero-drop sole. This means that common foot injuries, such as sprains and ankle rolling can be lowered. Joint issues can also be handled and avoided when you wear these safety shoes. Again, this is why these shoes are ideal for outdoor activities, such as hiking.

Benefits of Steel Toe Tennis Shoes

·        Ensure Your Safety While Working and Doing Sports Activities

Steel toe tennis shoes can ensure your safety at work while performing sports activities. These shoes can also protect your feet at any places with rough terrains or anywhere where your feet are at risk. If you want to play sports with safety and comfort, you are suggested to wear these safety shoes.

·        Fashionable and Stylish

Back then, manufacturers focused only on the protective and safety features of the steel-toed tennis shoes. But today, they also focus on the appearance and design. Most of these shoes are fashionable and stylish now. So, you will be able to play spots with style. It is reasonable because certain standards need to be reached. Sometimes, additional features are also added.

Those are the advantages of different types of toe shoes. check more detail on