Popular Hiking Trails In Southeast Asia

Popular Hiking Trails In Southeast Asia

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There are a couple of popular hiking trails in Southeast Asia from luscious rain forests and rice paddies to volcanic peaks. Hiking and trekking is Southeast Asia is one of the best activities which make a lot of people from all over the world come back again. Some of these popular hiking trails not only let you see a couple of beautiful wildlife closely but you also can experience the native culture. For those of you who are looking for a more experience hiking activity that you can take for a couple of weeks, this post will guide you to hike a couple of popular hiking trails in Southeast Asia.

Popular Hiking Trails: Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is gaining its popularity by international hikers all over the world. This mountain is the second highest volcano that you will find in Indonesia. The landscape of Lombok Island is dominated by this mountain. Mount Rinjani provides beautiful views for the hikers and it comes with a couple of tropical species. You can find a new small cone of volcano which has created by the eruptions in the caldera which is called Gunung Baru. This mountain is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia which have been experienced three eruptions in the year of 2010.

popular hiking trails

100 Waterfalls Trek

This is the hidden treasure that you can find in Northern Laos. 100 Waterfalls trail is an exclusive adventure even though it has been showed on a couple of international travel publications. You can start the trip by using boat for an hour on the scenic Nam Ou River. After that you can find the exciting trek through the waterfalls. You will experience the village life during your trip on the luscious jungle and waterfall which is never-ending.


Fansipan is standing at 3143 meter which is the highest mountain in Vietnam. You can get to this mountain only 9 kilometers from the town of Sapa. This mountain is the place that you have to visit if you are the backpackers and adventure seekers. Like Hollywood hiking trail or even California hiking trails, Fansipan comes with a basic climb but you have to spend at least three days in order to get to the peak. You have to prepare your strength and endurance during the trip.

Mount Ophir

The Malay name of the Mount Ophir is Gunung Ledang which has folklore behind it. The shocking fact is that this mountain is one of the popular hiking trails which stand at 1276 meters. This mountain is the most popular hiking trails amongst a couple of amateur climbers.

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