How to Manage Your Hiking Clothes

How to Manage Your Hiking Clothes

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Properly choosing and managing hiking clothes are essential. For you who love doing fun, challenging, and adrenaline-pumping outside activities, you should try hiking. However, hiking is included as a heavy activity so it requires good preparation. You may face some challenges when you are hiking, such as cold weather, strong wind, sudden raining, and so on. Though hiking can be a fun activity to relieve your stress, you need to be well-prepared, especially when it comes to hiking outfits. Below are some tips to manage and choose the proper and comfy ones.

Tips to Manage Hiking Outfits

  • Be Selective in Choosing the Materials

There are so many materials used to make hiking outfits today. The models and designs are various as well. So, you should be selective in choosing the hiking outfits’ materials. Make sure the clothes are made from comfortable materials since you will be on a long walk. Fleece and wool are indeed warm and able to absorb sweat well. But, both of these materials are difficult to evaporate the absorbed sweat. They will be heavy when they are wet. Some of the recommended materials are polyesters, acrylics, and ripstop.

  • Know the Right Time to Wear It

Each material of hiking outfits has its own advantages and disadvantages. Just like fleece and wool that have been mentioned above. But, you can still bring one of them for an additional layer when the weather gets colder. If you are hiking when the sun shines brightly, thin base layers, such as a jersey will be enough. Check what hiking preparations for women you should know

  • Efficiently Packing

There are a lot of ways to pack clothes. You can easily browse for them on the internet. However, when it comes to hiking, the efficiency of the place and time becomes crucial. Folding your hiking outfits as usual may help to make them neat. But when you pack your hiking outfits with other items in your carrier, they will be tangled. Moreover, it will be hard for you to take one of them out.

The most recommended way is by rolling your hiking outfits like a sleeping bag. It will be better if you put them into a dry bag or plastic bag to protect your hiking outfits from unexpected rain.

How to Dress for Hiking

  • Wear Clothes that Quickly Dry

Wear a hiking cloth that can warm your body as well as protect it from the wind and rain. Choose clothes materials that can absorb sweat, easily and quickly dry, and also warm. Cotton is good to absorb sweat, but it cannot warm you when your body is wet. When it comes to hiking jackets, choose the waterproof ones or windbreaker ones. These kinds of hiking jackets are warm and able to protect you from the cold weather and wind. Make sure the jacket fits your body well.

  • Pay Attention to Layering

Pay attention to the layering system on clothes that have the main function of adapting to weather changes and climate changes that can occur while you are hiking. It is needed so that you do not have to bring a big, thick jacket. The layering system allows you to regulate your body temperature and adjust it to the layer used. There are 3 layers that you should know.

The first is the base layer that directly touches your skin. The second layer is the insulating layer that protects you from the cold weather. The last is the shell layer that can protect you from the weather in the wild.

  • Complete it With A Hiking Jacket

A hiking jacket is essentially needed, especially if you hike during the winter or cold weather. Pay attention to the materials of the hiking jacket so that you can comfortably wear it while you are hiking. Down jackets are generally made from goose and duck feathers. his jacket is especially useful in freezing areas only in dry conditions. Besides, materials from synthetic fibers like polyesters and acrylics are not really good at absorbing sweat but they dry quickly.

Choose a windbreaker hiking jacket that is waterproof. This kind of jacket is warm yet able to protect you from water and wind.

If you want to be stylish and warm at the same time, a parka jacket can be your option. A parka jacket is made from a thick material and it has quite many pockets. So that you can bring small essential items you need for your hiking activities. You can combine this parka jacket with a scarf if the weather gets extremely cold.

  • Do not Forget the Pants

In order to complete your hiking outfit, you should also pay attention to the materials of your hiking pants. You are suggested to wear long pants made from Polyester materials. This material is light and easy to dry. This kind of hiking pants can protect your legs from drastic temperature changes. Moreover, it can also protect you from leeches.

Another feature that you should be concerned in choosing hiking pants is the number of pockets, belt loops, and zipper. Since the weather in the wild is unpredictable, it will be better if you bring waterproof hiking pants. Avoid wearing camouflage-colored hiking pants. Instead, wear bright-colored hiking pants. So that people can easily find you in case you are lost.

You can also complete your hiking outfit with a hiking merit badge. Moreover, do not forget to choose the proper and comfy hiking shoes as well. Trekking shoes are recommended for hiking. Trekking shoes are high so that it can cover your ankles. Its sole is anti-slip and it is waterproof as well. Make sure you choose waterproof hiking shoes so that your feet keep warm during the rainy season. You can also add waterproof gaiters to protect your foot when it is raining.

By being selective in choosing and wearing hiking outfits, you can optimally enjoy your hiking experience. You will be comfortable and safe until you get home. So, are you ready to choose the right hiking clothes?

Best Hiking Shorts for A Proper Hiking

Do we need the best hiking shorts to go on a hike? If you have that question in mind, the answer is yes. You will need the proper hiking short because it will give you the best feeling while you are tackling the trail and the weather. Hiking can be quick and easy. It can be steep and there are a lot of obstacles. You can wear your casual clothes for a casual stroll. However, if you are going on a hike, you will need a decent short to ease your movement. You will need the support of comfort from the shorts. 

A proper short will not only protect your skin against the weather as it will also help you to get better flexibility while you are moving. You will not only go through an easy path with a flat paver road. You will also need to climb sometimes, thus, proper hiking shorts will benefit you better. When searching for hiking shorts, there are some of the essential elements that you need to pay attention to. Here are the things you need to consider in getting hiking shorts.

1 Ventilation

Ventilation is an essential part of hiking shorts, especially during summer. The heat can be unbearable so you will need a material that can let your skin breathe easily. Pushing yourself to the mountain is a tough exercise, thus, you need a material that can release the excess heat. Overheating is not a decent experience during a hike. So, nobody wants to get the extra heat from the hike for sure. It will cause you nausea and you will slow down. Those are not a comfortable feeling at all.

2 Versatility

Another important thing you need to know about a decent short is the versatility. If you are hiking, you will expect different kinds of variable conditions. The weather can be a little bit chilly and windy. It also can be suddenly too sunny and hot. If you started in the early morning, you can pair your shorts with long socks. It will become the best combination to protect your legs from the heat. As soon as the weather gets hotter, you can roll down your socks. Versatility, in this case, is a great trick that is also called a simple layering system. 

3 Comfort

Comfort is another important element that you have to consider. Ensure that you like the material and the material can protect your skin from the heat. You have to try it on and stretch with it because you will have the climbing as well. Your body will need a decent stretchy short that will keep you moving so easily without any friction. It is great to feel comfortable during intense hiking. You can tackle any challenges and still feel comfortable with that.

4 Light Weight

The weight of your best hiking shorts is important to consider. You will need 10 ounces or less because you do not want to put too much weight on your body. Hiking is not just about the long trail or extreme path. It is also about the changing weather that can make it tougher than you expected. The light shorts with build quality will give you the best experience of hiking.

5 Dry Fit

A hiking short should have the ability to get dry fast so that it will not add any weight to your body. It is important to keep your shorts dry even if you have rain. Besides it is going to be light, you will also become comfortable because you do not have to be in a soaked short for the rest of your hike. It will be amazing to enjoy a hike at the trails that you love so much.

Those are the five main essential elements that you need to consider when searching for shorts to hike. No matter about the brands or models, you have to ensure that each of those elements is the best that you can get. By finding hiking shorts based on those five main elements, you will be able to find the one that fits you the best. You will spend your time to wear those shorts for years. So, it is just the same as finding hiking shoes. You have to be curious and patient to keep finding the right one for you. 

Hiking some special trails such as the lone star trail will need to have your good physical condition and also the proper gear to support your hike. believe us that physical condition is not enough when you are going to do a long hike. You need decent gear and you also need proper preparation for what to bring during the hike. It will help you to achieve the best hiking experience without making any silly mistakes. Being prepared is what you can do best to survive and also to truly enjoy hiking. Each moment is blissful and wonderful to experience. 

Some decent brands produce high-quality hiking shorts and hiking equipment. For sure a hiking short with decent quality is going to cost you a little bit of money. However, it is built to last as the materials and design are durable. It will give you the best comfort that you expect from shorts. 

One brand to another will come with a different price tag. You do not need to get the most expensive one for sure if you have a budget. Expensive does not guarantee the fit feeling. Each model has a different feeling for different people. So, try it on and choose the one that fits you the best. Try to walk, jump, and bend so that you can feel that you will be comfortable with it at any movement. It is also good for you to find the reviews. You can join a hiking group or simply ask your buddies who have experience with hiking and hiking gear. A little bit of research will lead you to find the best hiking shorts that you are searching for.

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