Hiking preparations for women? Here goes the list!

Hiking preparations for women? Here goes the list!

Hiking is traveling as well as a very pleasant sport that many people enjoy.

Gender differences, also different things that need to be prepared and needs that need to be met before going up the mountain. For girls who want to be elegant climbers, do the following tips to make it more fun and avoid the bad things that might happen.

1. Begin physical training

Mild exercise needs to be done so that the muscles and body are not sprained when hiking. Especially girls who rarely or never exercise before. Start doing light sports such as jogging, gymnastics, swimming, and other light sports.

In addition to training the muscles of the body, exercise also serves to train breathing that is needed because of the lack of oxygen at altitude and also so that later when hiking breathing is trained so as not to over-breath. The body will get used so that it does not get tiring and weak when hiking.

Starting a sport may be difficult and make you lazy. But if you really want to do the climb, then you should start doing this routine. Because the risk will be dangerous, if you experience sprains or muscle cramps during hiking.

2. Make sure not to climb during your menstrual schedule

Menstruation is something that is experienced by girls, it is very important to prepare a bandage if you are going to climb a mountain near your menstrual date. Or if you need to cancel the climb if you are menstruating, because the menstrual symptoms of each girl are different there is very, very painful, but there are also ordinary ones.

If you are sure menstruation will not interfere with the journey, then what must be done is to prepare pain medication. Besides, prepare a small plastic bag that is useful for wrapping used pads to be stored back in a backpack.

Never throw the pads randomly. Do not be lazy to replace pads regularly, so you avoid other dangerous things.

3. Don’t forget to bring medicine and make sure your health condition

Another thing you must always prepare for hiking is medicine and some supplement. This is important to maintain your stamina and as first aid above later. For those of you who have some serious illnesses, make sure you are in top condition before deciding to take part in hiking. Climb in a state that is less fit will harm oneself and members of your group. The result will be negative, no longer useful hiking. 

The medicines that you need to bring are like pain relievers, then body warmers, then also bring equipment to treat wounds or for dislocated legs and hands. For those of you who have specificity of medication or other complaints, make sure you have consulted with your doctor beforehand about the right medication and treatment when in the climb.

4. Choose the items needed, don’t overdo it

Eliminate the habit of carrying goods that are not needed when going up the mountain, remember the more that is carried the heavier the burden will be borne. Bring items as needed, to climb a mountain all you need to wear is a tracksuit and comfortable shoes.

Sports clothes are the most comfortable clothes because, in addition to absorbing sweat, it also protects from the cold mountains. Wear long tops and subordinate long-sleeved sportswear so that the branches do not get scratched when hiking.

Don’t forget to bring a raincoat, or hiking navigation because we don’t know what weather you will face when hiking.

5. If you feel tired, rest, don’t force it

Every person has a different energy, but what is certain is that male and female energy is different. Do not be afraid and prestige to ask for a break if you start to feel tired. They certainly understand and don’t think that you are burdening them by asking for a break, because if you end up tired and sick it will be more troublesome.

When resting, restore your energy by drinking and eating sweet snacks, like chocolate and honey. Don’t forget to set with your legs straight out. When you are ready to continue the journey, don’t forget to bring the trash you left behind.

6. Hike with your girl partner

When hiking, make sure you are not the only girl climber in the group. Bringing one gender friend is very important. Your girl partner can accompany you when you want to defecate because in the mountains there is no such thing as a toilet. It would be very dangerous if you have to relieve yourself without anyone watching.

Hike with your girl partner

In addition to having a girlfriend, you will also have a friend to set up a tent apart from the boys. Or if forced to have to match with the boys, attach the separator who can maintain privacy between boys and girls.

7. Make sure to consume enough food, as energy intake

When hiking, eating is a very necessary thing. Because hiking requires energy to maintain food intake is a very important thing to do. Do not let you faint just because it limits the food that enters your body. It will harm yourself and others.

Don’t want to get tired of hiking, you suddenly faint from lack of energy intake? You can not enjoy the beautiful scenery seen from the top of the mountain.

8. Rest in dry clothes

When you climb your clothes get wet, whether it’s sweat or by the sudden rain. What to do, especially when going to bed is to change clothes with new clothes that are still dry. This serves to prevent you from hypothermia. Separate wet clothes from other clothes using plastic.

The night is the right time to take care of yourself after a day of dust and dirt.

Now that’s some special tips for women who want to try hiking. Don’t forget to start training your physics and prepare all the items to be used. Ohiya, try hiking with a comfortable group so that you will be more excited and not difficult when later in the process.

To Find These Best Hiking Trails Near Me

You might be wondering about the best hiking trails near me. Well, you need to wonder no more because we might be able to give you a solution for that. Who does not love hiking? You get to enjoy the spectacular views of nature while allowing your body to exercise. There are a lot of places where you can go hiking. There are also a lot of hiking trails that can give you the most amazing hiking experience ever. That is why we are going to tell you some of the best hiking trails that you definitely need to visit.

Lost Coast Trail in California

Lost Coast Trail is located in Northern California and is probably one of the best hiking trails that you can try. Even though it is somewhat forgotten, you cannot deny that it has one of the best views that you can get. You will be able to hike along 24.6 miles of beaches and forests. Since this place is kind of remote, it is perfect if you are looking for a getaway from the busy and crowded life in the city. Before you plan on going here, you should definitely consider the tide situation since this trail involves the beach.

Tonto Trail in Arizona

Who has not heard of Grand Canyon National Park? Aside from being one of the most popular tourist destinations, this park also offers one of the best hiking trails near me. The Tonto Trail is perfect for those of you who are interested in hiking in Grand Canyon. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful views of the wilderness and red rock canyons and have the best hiking experience in your lifetime.

Trans-Catalina Trail in California

If you are looking for longer trails, the Trans-Catalina Trail that is located in Southern California might be the perfect hiking trail for you. The length of this trail is approximately 38.7 miles, allowing you to hike for about three to five days. You can also hike in this trail during any season of the year. However, it is going to be very hot during the summer so you need to watch out for the heat. You are also going to see a lot of buffalos since they live along this trail.

The Best Hiking Parks Near Me in the USA

Perhaps you got here because you typed “ Hiking parks near me ” in your web browser. Well, lucky for you to ended up here, then! Of course, we all know that hiking is one of those outdoor activities that would take a lot of our energies, and time as well, but we do it anyway since the effort we made is just so worth it, right? There are many choices of places to take a hike in the United States, and you might get confused about which one will be your destination. Well, you better not worry about it at all, because here, we gravelstuff have made a list of the best hiking parks that you can find in the United States, and of course, we will gladly share it with you. 

Baxter State Park, Maine

If there is a question “The best hiking parks near me ?”, then Baxter State Park would be one of the best answers for you. Baxter State Park has been established since 3rd March 1931. This place, I can assure you, is a huge, unspoiled, preserved state park that is located in Northeast Piscataquis. If you have no idea, Piscataquis is a county in Maine, United States. If you love outdoor living that much, then this place would be a great destination to go to. Baxter State Park offers you so many things, such as tent sites, lean-to, bunkhouses, camping cabins, etc. Moreover, you can enjoy skiing, snow skating, and snowshoeing if you visit here in winter season. On the other hand, if you visit Baxter State Park in warmer seasons, you can rent a kayak, ride a bike, or go for a hike in Dwelley Pond Trail. 

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas

In case you didn’t know yet, Palo Duro Canyon State Park is the second-largest canyon in the United States. Over 14.000 years ago, people began to settle down to this area. There, you would be seeing a lot of coyotes, mule deer, bobcats, as well as wild turkeys. Sounds like a wild area, huh? Well, it really is a wild area, but if in any case you want to bring your pet, especially dogs, with you, be rest assured that you are allowed to do so. We also have some tips for hiking for woman, that maybe need you check

Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin

The lake is situated in Baraboo Range which is in the eastern part of Sauk County, Wisconsin. The Devil’s Lake State Park is 9000 acres big. Well, as the name goes by the devil, it is actually not a scary place. Not at all, definitely. Instead, you would find so many fun outdoor activities if you decide to go to this state park. There, you would be able to see a 500 ft. Quartzite Bluffs, which is the main attraction of the state park. Afterward, you can go down to the lake and enjoy riding a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard. It sounds like an enjoyable trip it would be, wouldn’t you agree? Well, there is so much more to find the answer to the question “The best hiking parks near me ”, but these three places that I mentioned would be a great destination.

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