Hiking in the Rain – Best Tips to Stay Comfortable

Hiking in the Rain – Best Tips to Stay Comfortable

If you want to know how to handle yourself when Hiking in the Rain, then you can check this article. Finding out how to stay comfortable and dry in bad weather is one of the necessary trail skills. You do not know when you will get caught in the storm, and if you live in the rainy climate, then having the confidence to hike in the rain can avoid you get serious fever in the wet season. You should know that the right mindset and hiking gear, then hiking in the rain can be so fun as well. 

In this article, there are several tips on how to hike in the rain that help you to enjoy your outdoor experience, no matter what the climate is. You will surprise by choosing the right rain gear, helpful information, and a positive attitude, then you can get outside and have fun even in the wettest days as well. 

You should choose the right trail 

Choosing a location where to hike in the rain is the first step to get a successful hike.  During rainy days, you will see an extensive view, so the summit hike is not your best choice, Instead, exploring the trail through the forest, alongside a lake, river, and waterfall. These trails are the best option for wet days because they usually do not have an extensive viewpoint, so you will never feel missing out. You can consider what you expect on that day to narrow down your choice. For example, whether you are looking for relaxation or exercise? Whether you are solo hiking or with friends? So, what you are looking for will help you to decide where to go. 

If you are looking for exercise and it is very wet outside, it is better to choose a trail that is not steep so you can exercise without any risk of slipping. If you want to relax, it is better to choose a trail that meanders through the forest so you can enjoy the rain sound that is so relaxing.

No matter what you choose, deciding a shorter trail that can be done in a few hours or a half-day. Therefore, if the weather turns south, then you are not too far away from the trailhead. So, it is better to read the rail first before you head out. It is necessary if the view is skewed, you need to make sure your bearings, so you never get lost. If it is very steep, or there are creeks to ford, then the best time is to wait for the dry day. This same thing goes for thunderstorms. 

For an added safety measure, you can consider bringing a satellite communicator as a handy device with SOS, texting, and tracking capabilities. If you have a plan to hike in the area with the spotty cell service, it can be your life-saving device when you are in an emergency. 

What to wear when you hiking in the rain 

You can choose the right gear that needs a balance to keep you warm and dry, but it is cool enough, so you never get sweaty. It means that you can wear a breathable, waterproof rain jacket and some lightweight waterproof hiking pants as well. 

Choosing the right raining jacket 

You can invest in a high-quality, and a durable rain jacket and hiking clothes that can withstand harsh conditions means that you will be likely to go out during these rainy days. The technology of rain jackets has advanced over the years, and understanding all bells and whistles can make you a bit overwhelming as well.

It’s all depending on what type of hiking you want to do, not all technical features should get in your gear, but some features will enhance your experience. So, it is better to highlight several things that you have to pay attention to. 

You can consider rain jackets with armpit zips – these jackets will make a significant difference in your comfort level and allow you to hike during the rain without getting you too sweaty. Another thing that you have to know is that you do not need a too tight or too loose rain jacket. You may need to wear layers, so you need a space for it. 

Hiking jacket

Choosing waterproof hiking shoes 

This is a big letdown if you need to turn around because your feet get wet. One of the keys to getting a successful hike in the rain is the waterproof footwear. Waterproof hiking shoes are the game changer if you hike in the heavy rain. Although you may feel comfortable wearing lighter and lower ankle shoes, when you are hiking in the rain, then it is better to choose a higher ankle boot. It gives you ankle support during slippery trails and keeps water out better as well. 

If you already have hiking boots, mostly your shoes are waterproof, but you need to check before running out to buy new shoes for hiking in the rain. You need to pack an extra pair of wool just in case your feet get wet. 

Waterproof hiking pants 

When it comes to choosing rain hiking pants, then you can choose breathable, comfortable, and waterproof hiking pants. It is also better to select rain pants with a zipper at the bottom so you can wear or take it off without needing to remove your shoes. One thing to know is that waterproof hiking pants can be noisy when the material rubs together. They are not the most stylish pants, but it will make you feel comfortable and dry.

You can wear a thing legging underneath for extra warmth or in the case when the rain stops, you can take it off. People will choose not to wear waterproof pants when hiking in the rain, but if it is a really wet day, then you may experience some inner thigh chafing. So there are some tips for hiking in the rain. You can watch the best hiking movies for a recommendation.

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