Hiking in Austin and Find The Best Trails

Hiking in Austin and Find The Best Trails

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If you are searching for the trails hiking in Austin, there are plenty to choose from anyway. Austin offers the beauty of nature in Texas that you will love to experience. Hiking is one of the most popular activities to do for you who like to visit Austin. Austin is the largest city of Travis County that is very fast growing. 

You will find an abundance of rivers, lakes, waterways, and hiking trails. You will be blown away by nature’s beauty in Austin. Besides the natural beauty that is breathtaking in Austin, this city also becomes the center of the economy and education of the US government. There are plenty of giant corporates that have their offices in Austin. 

Those are the reasons why Austin is very popular that many people like to visit Austin. If you are a fan of hiking, you should find some information about the trails in Austin. Some trails are very recommended for different kinds of hikers. Some people like an easy trail while some others love the extreme trails. Here are the famous trails in Austin that you should consider before you go to Austin.

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1 River Place Nature Trail

If you are a moderate kind of hiker that likes a medium level of difficulty in hiking, the River Place Nature Trail is going to be a good choice. This trail is about 5 miles long and will take about one hour and a half to finish the hike. It is good if you like to stroll nature and head to the River Place. Even though it is not so long, there will be challenges that you will be waiting for you. It is good to become the replacement of your squat regime. You also can go with your pets if you want as it is allowed to bring pets to hike here.

The surrounding nature is going to bring you happiness. You will see the interesting rock formations and also the Canyon Trail that is very exciting. It is going to be good for your legs workout because there will be some obstacles to tackle along the trail. This River Place Nature Trail can be the perfect place to get your calories burned hiking. This trail is open from 6 am until 9 pm. You can park downhill to get an extra opportunity to work out.

2 Mount Bonnell

For you who are searching for an intense hiking experience, we suggest you visit Mount Bonnel. The length of the hike is only one and a half-mile. However, the intensity of the hike is really high. If you think about a high-intensity interval training for one hour, then it will be more or less like that. This place is perfect for a picnic and a workout. If you are thinking about detaching yourself and your significant other from the crowd, it is going to be the best pick. 

Pack your picnic basket and you can start the hiking. It is going to be a healthy kind of picnic. You will also get a reward from nature. The view that you experience once you are at the peak is breathtaking. You will see a scenic view from the top. It is going to be a nice picnic and you can just lay down, read books, and enjoy the view. Bringing pets is also allowed here at Mt. Bonnell. The hike will take about an hour and a half.

3 McKinney Falls State Park

If you are searching for different kinds of adventures from one place, you should consider McKinney Falls State Park. McKinney Falls State Park is really wonderful. It has three trail systems that will spoil you with different types of adventure. If you are going to try all of the three trails, you will take about 3 hours to finish them. In total it will be about 9 miles long. The nature surrounding is very beautiful. You will enjoy every second of it. Get your most comfortable hiking gear and let yourself enjoy nature for about 3 hours, away from the busy life you have been doing. 

If you search Dog Walking trail then dogs are allowed to bring, however, there are some places where you cannot bring your dog. Just ensure that you read the instructions and maps. To enter this McKinney Falls State Park, you will need to pay $6 for the entry fee while the parking lot is free to use. It is definitely a good place for hiking in Austin. You can go with your favorite person and enjoy the moment exploring nature.

4 Turkey Creek Trail

Turkey Creek Trail is also a nice trail to experience. It is suitable for you who are keen on intense hiking. You will experience a lot of great exercises and practices to go on this trail. Even though some places have pretty decent obstacles, the chance to get lost is pretty small. The signage and the trail are very good and clear. You can choose to follow the trail or you also can try the branches where you can have a little bit of climb. You can explore nature by going off-trail. Well, it is still a trail but just more natural and offers more natural beauty. 

This Turkey Creek Trail location is nearby The Emma Metropolitan Park. This trail is quite secluded that is suitable for hikers that do not like the crowded trail. Moderate elevation presents at some spots and you will love it because it gives the mostly flat trail a bit of challenge. This is definitely the best place to get connected with nature. Ensure that you take a bug spray with you to protect yourself from any insects.

Those are the four most popular trails in Austin that will deserve your visit. Hiking is a great way to get lost from the busy life. Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of calming nature. Hiking in Austin will certainly become a great opportunity to get you some exercises and refreshments.

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