4 Positive Impacts of Joining a Hiking club

4 Positive Impacts of Joining a Hiking club

Hiking Club

Hiking is not an easy and inexpensive hobby. Why not easy? Not only physical must be strong, but also someone who wants to join a Hiking Club and go up the mountain must prepare their mental endurance, whether they can survive with the fatigue that rained down or surrender and go down the mountain. That’s why this hiking often called as an expensive hobby. But for those of you who wants to be a part of a Hiking Club, here are 4 positive impacts that you can get!

1. Dealing with the extraordinary measurement

Join a Hiking Club is Extraordinary expensive. Not yet the equipment, starting from the bag for example, then the shoes, thar would be a long way prepared.

If you are tired, you do feel it, but again you just want to continue to become addicted. Members of the Hiking Club claim that the hobby of hiking is indeed tiring, but their fatigue will immediatelypay off if it is already at the top and see the beautiful view presented.

2. Lots of experience

Another advantage of joining Hiking Club is the timeless experiences. Much can be obtained from becoming a member of Hiking Club. You can gain new friends, and also have new experiences. You can get more information about hiking and another nature based activity. The biggest benefit for Hiking Club members is finding a new family.

Hiking Club
Hiking Club

3. Have better mental endurance

The first stage that must be prepared properly for joining a Hiking Club is a mental condition. When you have set your feet to go up the mountain, your life is already in your own hands. So you have to survive to achieve the top. It’s hard to give up, because everyone on your Hiking Club is relying on you too. So if your mental state is not strong enough, it would be so bad for everyone on that club.

4. Have a healthy lifestyle

A week or two before hiking, you must exercise regularly. Even those who have often climbed mountains must exercise first, because if the don’t, then they might paint. This gives the member of a Hiking Club, become healthier. The lifestyle as a hikerr requires you to exercise regularly, in addition to maintain your stamina. Therefore, this lifestyle will become the part of your daily life, and make your body healthier than before.

That’s the 4 benefits of joining a Hiking Club. For those of you who have an interest in natural activities and so on, this is worth your try.

Various Tips When You Want to Do Solo Hiking

Hiking is a fun activity, especially with friends after being tired in the city with various urban problems. But what if you want to hike and be alone or usually called solo hiking? certainly not a problem. Solo Hiking can be defined as mountain climbing which is done alone by someone without being accompanied by other climbers he knows.

When traveling solo, you are the only person you can depend on. This makes solo hiking can indirectly train a climber’s confident ability while living in the real world. A climber who goes on a solo hiking trip will also increasingly know how much he knows his true identity. Then what preparations or tips can we do to do solo hiking?

Tell yout Family and Close Friends

All parents would worry if their children walk in the middle of the forest alone. But don’t let you lie in order to make your solo hiking wishes come true. Convince them if you are able to do it. Also tell your closest friends about your plans; what you really want from your trip, when you leave and when you will go home. Of course, all this is done to ensure your luggage and preparation is completely complete. They will also try to do something if your itinerary turns out to be out of plan.

Hiking Trails Near Me That You Must Visit

Define Well the Mountain to be Absected

Keep in mind that you will be solo hiking without a friend, so it is necessary to consider carefully which hiking trails and hiking trails are according to your physical abilities. In addition, you also need to determine the time and estimated time to climb so that you can manage logistics and time well.

Prepare Physical Excellence

Because in solo hiking you only rely on yourself, so prepare your physical well so that the physical is able to be compromised during the climb, given the position you are hiking alone. So, the physical condition must be fit and maximum.

The Right Supplies

This supply includes equipment and food brought. Adjust the provisions with the circumstances and the duration of the climb. Strive to bring standard equipment that can support the safety and security of climbing. Do not bring supplies that will not be used because they will only become a burden. Good and proper supplies are supplies that you can use to the maximum. Ask others on hiking club about the right supplies you should take, this Survival Fire Starter could be nice to have

Learn and Recognize the Weather

Before climbing, you must know the weather conditions of the mountain to be climbed, at least the weather 5 days back. Prepare mentally and supporting equipment to deal with sudden weather changes. But if just before climbing the weather is not friendly, you are very obliged to postpone your solo hiking because it is very risky to safety

Recommended Hiking Stores to Visit in the US

Are you looking for the best hiking store? For the lovers of adventure, tools like the tent, hiking shoes, compass, and others are very important. Of course, it is much better if you can get them all in one place. Well, you can now open your Smartphone and buy them online. However, it looks like buying the tools directly in the store is safer, isn’t it? Make sure to choose the best stores for not being disappointed later. What are the stores? maybe you not get this info from your hiking club, Here are the recommendations.

Must Bring Outdoor Supplies
Must Bring Outdoor Supplies

Eastern Mountain Sports

This store is located in Princeton, New Jersey. While you can go there and directly choose the tools needed, this store also provides its official website. This way, it is possible to buy them online. it provides gears and tools for hiking and other outdoor activities. More than that, apparels are also available here. Easter Mountain Sports makes sure that it only makes available qualified and original products. Interestingly, the prices are really friendly.


For you the New Yorkers, stores for hiking should be easier to find around. However, it is probably quite difficult to determine which is the best one. Orvis is one of the most recommended stores to get qualified gears, tools, and apparel for outdoor activities. The services are satisfying and you can even order them online. Orvis is located in the area of Lake George and it opens every day at 10 am.

L.L Bean

Orvis is not the only hiking outlet you can get in New York. There is also L.L. Bean with many loyal customers from the realm of professional hikers. Currently, it even gains a higher rating anyway. The store is really comfortable, making you may want to stay there longer. Besides, anything you need regarding outdoor activities, all of them can be found in this store. L. L. Bean is located not too far from Orvis. It is in Lake George.


For you who are living in the area of New Jersey, there is one more recommended hiking store to visit. It is REI in Lawrence Township. Many outdoor gears from various brands are available there. Sure, the products are original and qualified. The store opens everyday starting from 10 am. You can enjoy great services while being here also. If you don’t have enough time to visit REI, you should not worry. Use online services available. It can be accessed on the official website of this hiking store.

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