High Durable Lightweight Waterproof Shoes for Hiking and Running

High Durable Lightweight Waterproof Shoes for Hiking and Running

Buying high durable waterproof shoes is an investment. It is perfect for the outdoors and also for sport. Here are some options for waterproof shoes for you. 

Lightweight waterproof hiking shoes

When you go hiking, it is important to choose proper footwear. The footwear not only provides comfort but also supports your ankle when you carry a heavy bag or track on rocky trails. The waterproof hiking shoes below are worthy of buying. 

  • Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX. The top hiking shoes from Salomon combine the feather feel and impressive performance on trail wear. The impressive grip capability and stable cushion interior are great for you who plan for long trail days. 
  • Salomon X Raise GTX. These are perfect hiking shoes and trail runner shoes at once. The flexible package and excellent cushion technology are added to the shoes to provide a smooth walk. This can be a good option for short day hikes and backpacking tracks. 
  • The North Face Ultra 111 WP. This is the trail running shoe but also good for hiking. The shoes provide great stability and traction when you track rough trails. This shoe provides more stability in technical terrain. 
  • Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator. If you have a tight budget but still want to buy high-quality hiking shoes, then these hiking shoes can be a good option. The lightweight becomes a good point, but for waterproof, you may need additional care. However, it is durable and gives a great cushion for the footbed. 
  • Asolo Agent Evo GV. This is a comfortable hiking shoe that is waterproof and provides good protection for toes and side feet. The suede upper is the characteristic of this hiking shoe. This is an expensive hiking shoe that is priced higher than $210 but it does not doubt durability and longer use.  
  • Arcteryx Aerios FL GTX. The next waterproof hike/ trail running shoes that are extremely built and lightweight but still tough to handle the heavy track. The price is a little bit higher than others but it has a nice design with GORE-TEX membrane breathable technology. It is lighter for a day hike and trail running shoes. 
  • Vasque Breeze LT Low GTX. The fun styling design with light and grips design on this hiking/trail running shoe is a quiet thing. It comes with a multi-color look. 

Best waterproof running shoes

  1. ASICS running shoes. ASICS waterproof running shoes have become the leading brand for waterproof shoes for men. This brand is known well for the innovation of technology in its design that supports the health of orthopedic for every runner outside. ASICS gives you what you need on waterproof running shoes, whether it is less or more cushion, high or low heel, or over or under pronation. The EVA Midsole provides better cushioning when running which makes these shoes best for rough trail running. 
  2. Inov8 waterproof Trail shoes. If you are looking for high-end waterproof men’s shoes, then this can be an option for you. GORE-TEX synthetic technology protects your trail as safe and efficient. 
  3. ADIDAS waterproof trail running shoes. ADIDAS is one of the top shoe brands in the world. They have high fashion shoes for activewear and sportswear. The brand always ensures their product lead in technology and design. Adidas Terrex Agravic men waterproof trail running shoes are perfect for trail running. The breathable membrane provides a resistant and sturdy toe cap. 
  4. Salomon waterproof trail running shoes. The Speedcross 4 GTX is designed with unique lace. The sensifit technology ensures your foot is in a stable position while wearing the shoes. This will prevent injuries when you run. 
  5. New Balance Men’s Summit KOM Gore-Tex trail running shoes. New Balance is a prestigious shoe that makes innovation for running shoes. The New Balance Running shoes are the best waterproof shoes for all terrain types. 
  6. Merrel women trail running shoes. The eye-catchy Merell shoes are awesome. The invisible foot technology binds the Gore-Tex membrane in the shoe and makes it a good protective running shoe. 
  7. Mizuno women waterproof trail shoes. The elegance with technology applied in this shoe makes it a trail shoe that is hard to beat. The added cushion, stronger grip, and neutral pronation are the exclusive things from Mizuno. The features make the shoes suitable for any trail surfaces. 

Maintenance waterproof shoes

Investing in waterproof shoes is a good thing. You need to maintain your waterproof appropriately to ensure your waterproof shoes last long-lasting. 

  • Clean your waterproof shoes. It is critical to keep your footwear clean from mud and debris. Especially for hikers and long runners, it is important not to let them sit in shoes for more than a day. You may need a special cleaner to clean waterproof shoes. 
  • Drying. Although waterproof shoes come with a breathable feature, you still can sweat inside of your shoes. Remove the insole and dry it quickly. Dry with room temperature and avoid direct heat. Strong heat can damage the leather and the glue that is used to assemble the sole and upper part. 
  • Treatment. Although your shoes have been designed with waterproof technology, it still needs appropriate treatment. You need to spray waterproof spray. Follow the guidance to make your shoes long-lasting. 
  • Storage. Ensure your shoe has been dry well before you store it. Store in a place that is ventilated and dry well. Avoid the shoe in place near the exposed direct sunlight. If you do not use the shoe for a longer time, keep it with a newspaper to keep it in good shape. 

Stylish Casual Waterproof Shoes for Men 

Need stylish waterproof shoes for men that are able to handle any weather levels? Waterproof shoes that design in a casual or stylish look to fit in a suit still available to find. A sneaker can do it best for outdoor style. 

  • Vans’s MTE. Vans’s MTE is waterproof shoes that are perfect for serious walking in any weather. The super-insulating and elegant design makes this shoe not feel like wearing something that is designed for heavy weather. 
  • NIKE. The famous brand of NIKE presents you with waterproof shoes that provide a disguise shield design. Nike Odyssey React Shield is a shoe with a waterproof upper that is perfect to wear in any weather. It is as sporty and stylish as other exclusive NIKE brand designs. 
  • Cole Haan boots waterproof. The exclusive premium leather shoe that looks elegant and shiny. 
  • Sketcher. Everything you need for a stylish outdoor sneaker comes from Sketcher. This is a 100 % waterproof design with full-grain leather. 

When you buy waterproof shoes, it is important to consider the occasion and your style. 

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