Guide to Your Portable Camping Toilet

What you need when you go camping after a tent is a proper camping toilet when you need versatility and comfort when doing natural things outdoors. A portable toilet is used just the same as a regular toilet. The portability design and easy setup provide comfort when you are outdoors. 

Types of portable camping toilet 

Before you go further about buying a portable camp toilet, there are 5 types of portable camping toilet available in the market. Each of them has an advantage and presents a different level of comfort and privacy. 

  • Bucket. It is the most affordable type of portable toilet. The problem with this type is that the urine and poop collected in the same pail can lead to a nasty smell. The bucket toilet does not need any electricity or water for function. 
  • Flushable. It is the advanced technology of portable that offers a look-alike complete toilet system for the outdoor experience to flush away. This toilet usually comes with a toilet paper dispenser, water flushes, and toilet seat. 
  • Portable outhouse. It is the portable camp toilet that offers the most privacy and comfort in your outdoor experience. Most of this type includes a toilet inside of a tall tent. 
  • Trowel and hole. It is the traditional ancient way of doing toilet business outdoors. You will dig a soil hole using a trowel and then cover it again with soil after you are done. 
  • Seat and bag/hole. For those who have a problem with mobility, defecating in the ground can be problematic. The portable toilet offers seats over a trowel hole or bag on the rest of the ground. 

Guide to buy portable camping toilet 

There are many brands of portable camping toilets that you can choose from when you go shopping. Choose which one matches you depending on your personal preferences and how often you used it. 

  • Waste tank camping toilet size. The price of a camping toilet will relatively depend on the size of the waste tank. A compact toilet camp will be ideal for a small family in a short weekend camp. For a bigger group, it will need a bigger waste tank capacity too. 
  • Chemical toilet. Some of the toilet camps are equipped with chemicals but others not and you need to buy separately. Usually, the pink bowl cleaner will go for flush toilet camp and the blue one will go into the waste tank. These chemical liquids will eliminate nasty smells from toilet camp. 
  • Chemical toilet disposal point access. Not all campgrounds have chemical loo disposal points. Therefore, if you need to empty your loo and there are no chemical disposal points, this will be trouble. Make sure your waste tank has enough capacity to pass the whole trip or check the route where you meet the disposal point. 
  • Design. Last but not least is considering the design of the toilet. A good camp toilet should detach well and seal off well too. You need to ensure that the unit will be easy to move or take the disposal point or transported to home. 

Best toilet camping paper 

Camping toilet paper is another important thing for your camp. When you buy toilet paper, try choosing one that is claimed as biodegradable toilet paper. The biodegradable toilet paper means that the paper will break down easily after use in an outdoor environment. It will be a good solution for keeping the environment. 

Emergency camping toilet paper
Emergency camping toilet paper
  • Coleman camp toilet paper. This is the biodegradable toilet paper that comes as the best toilet paper in the market. It is lightweight and compact that will save space. 
  • Coleman Biowipes. It is not pure camping toilet paper but it is worthy of toilet paper. These Coleman bio wipes add extra moisture into your “outdoor” toilet activity. You can combine this with Coleman camping toilet paper. 
  • Coghlan’s outdoor toilet tissue. As the name, it is recognized as well as outdoor tissue paper. It is packaged in bulky cardboard but still best to go camping. 
  • Cotton Buds toilet tissue camping. This toilet paper is the ultra-light packaging tissue toilet paper camp. It is 100% biodegradable. It is eco-friendly for the environment. 

Portable Camping Toilet Recommendation 

  1. Stansport easy go portable toilet. Made from heavy-duty plastic and full-size toilet seat and lid for your comfort when you do your business. 
  2. Thetford Porta Potti. Elegant design in white and grey color available. It is sleek and compact and works well with vans, trucks, and RV for camping, boating, and other outdoor activity. It has hidden storage to keep toilet paper. 
  3. Green Elephant folding commode. This is an eco-friendly option as it allows you to go without worrying about waste. It is a foldable camping toilet seat design and you can decide to dig a hole or grab a bag under the toilet chair. The folding seat is lightweight and neat when not in use. 
  4. Reliance Fold to go portable toilet is a lightweight and compact portable camping toilet. This foldable toilet can be used with a waste plastic bag or trowel hole. 
  5. Trips tips foldable toilet. The simple round design makes this portable camp toilet perfect for any outdoor activity. 

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Tips when using portable camping toilet 

  • In just any case, use as infrequently as you can. When you are in a rural area, it is better to stop and dig a hole or use a bush. You may find groceries and use the toilet there. The public restroom is also a good idea. Using a public area is good to prevent you from disposing of the waste tank too often. 
toilet paper that runs out that says don't panic
toilet paper that runs out that says don’t panic
  • Avoid peeing on it. The liquids will fill the waste tank fast. The liquid also influences the small waste tank. Avoid pee on it and always use the camp toilet as urgent is pretty much to help you in using the toilet. 
  • Never put toilet paper on the toilet. The toilet paper jam is a nightmare for the portable waste tank. It is better to bury it in an appropriate location. 

Preparing all you need to include a portable camping toilet is critically important. This proper camp toilet will lead your travel to the campsite into a comfortable experience.

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