Great Falls Hiking: Things to Know about the Billy Goat Trail

Great Falls Hiking: Things to Know about the Billy Goat Trail

Great Falls Hiking is one of the best hiking locations in the area of Virginia, the USA. You can enjoy many spots with incredible sceneries there. Sure, it is a good place if you just want to escape for a while from the crowd of the city.

Maybe, the most confusing thing about hiking in Great Falls is the trail to choose. Yes, there are at least 9 trails available to reach the peak. But if you want to have a great experience with the most beautiful as well as challenging trail in Great Falls, the Billy Goat Trail is the best choice. It provides a spectacular view along the Potomac River. Indeed, the area is quite dangerous also as it fills with rocky cliff areas. So, do you want to know more about The Billy Goat Trail of hiking near Boston? Here are further explanations.

3 Parts of the Billy Goat Trail

The Billy Goat Trail is managed by the National Park Service. Meanwhile, it is also a part of Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park located in Montgomery County. The trail itself is divided into 3 paths with a total of 8 miles. Those paths are known as the A, B, and C parts. You can pass through the three of them at once if you want and have enough time. But sure, if you want to get the destination faster, it is better to only choose one of the parts. 

Each of the parts has its own characteristics, pros, and cons. The Billy Goat Trail A is not too long. it is a good choice if you prefer a short path when hiking. However, it is probably the most challenging part. The terrain is coarse and rocky. To make sure you are passing through the part more comfortably, you need to step on the big rocks. Part A starts from the lower area of Great Falls near Stop Gate. Then, it finishes in Townpath near Park’s Angler.

The next part is the Part B of the Billy Goat Trail. The length is around 1.4 miles, which is long and tiring enough. Although the terrain may not be as difficult as part A, the area is still challenging particularly if you are still a beginner. What makes the part difficult enough to pass through is the forest area. it is quite bushy and muddy. But you should not worry; the area also consists of a small sandy beach with tiny gravels. This area is not only easier and more comfortable. You can take a rest for a while here to enjoy the stunning landscape.

The last part of the Billy Goat Trail of Great Falls is the part C. It is surprisingly longer than part B, only 1.7 miles. However, it may feel shorter since the area is friendlier than the two parts mentioned above. Indeed, there are some challenges. But after conquering part A and part B, challenges in part C must not be a big deal. Moreover, this part is where the Potomac River is seen. On the river, there is a small waterfall surrounded by colorful tiny flowers. The best time to enjoy the view of Potomac during Great Falls Hiking is in the spring anyway.

Activities in the Billy Goat Trail

Okay, all of us know that you will go hiking in Great Falls. But by choosing the Billy Goat Trail, you can enjoy some other activities. For kayaking lovers, visiting the trail is a really good chance to practice it. Yes, Potomac River is one of the best and the most ideal rivers for this water sport. The stream is likely designed for kayak. However, you must know also that the strong stream here can be really dangerous also. There are some spots with strong streams that are not recommended for beginners without trainers.  While Potomac River is one of the best rivers for kayaking, it is not recommended to swim.

camping ground
camping ground

The next activity to conduct during your hiking time in Great Falls is camping. Well, if it is your purpose, The Billy Goat Trail is the best choice. Some spots are indeed highly recommended to build up tents and even spend the night. One of them is the beach located in the part B. However, the area can be full of campers during the holiday. So, having a small survey when you go hiking is important particularly if you want to enjoy the fresh air and quiet place for camping. 

Although the Potomac River is a great place to watch, the area around is not recommended for camping. Sure, the terrain is not smooth so that it is impossible to build up a tent here. Sure, you can still do some other activities here. Sitting down for a while and watching them who do kayaking is fun enough.

Before you could certainly proceed on your future adventure for holiday or vacation to the famous outdoors you ought to ensure that you have all the suitable camping gear to make the special occasion remarkable and memorable.

Important Things to Do When Hiking

Hiking is not an easy thing no matter how interesting it is. Therefore, make sure to prepare yourself as well as possible to make sure that it is done smoothly and safely. Particularly to do Great Falls Hiking via the Billy Goat Trail, you must wear strong hiking boots. The boots must also be waterproof by remembering that there are many areas in the trail. It is also still very important to avoid stepping on slippery rocks. Yes, they can be very dangerous mainly if you cannot manage your body well on it.

Hiking during the holiday is a great choice for sure. But you must know that the trail is very popular. Therefore, there must be very crowded at that time. So, if you still choose the weekend and holiday for hiking, it is better to arrive in the starting spot earlier. As information, particularly in the part A, it is better if the situation is not too crowded.

Do you want to have your pet go along with you? Well, it is impossible to do so mainly in part A. Meanwhile, you can let the pet walk with you on the part B and C but it must be on the leash for the safety of the Great Falls hiking. 

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