Good Places To Go Hiking In Europe

Good Places To Go Hiking In Europe

If you are one of those people who think that Europe is just about history and cities, you are wrong because there are a couple of good places to go hiking that you have to visit if you love spending time outdoors. It is difficult to find a couple of remote mountain ranges like you will find them in South America or Asia.  But there are a lot of world class good places to go hiking in Europe. You can find all of the things in this compact and small continent from multi-day camping to hiking adventures. It is worth both your energy and time to hike some of the best hikes in Europe.

good places to go hiking

Good Places To Go Hiking: Tour Du Mont Blanc

Tour Du Mount Blanc is called the TMB which is one of the good places to go hiking in Europe. You have to go 170 km in order to pass through a couple of countries such as Italy, France and Switzerland if you want to experience the entire Mount Blanc Massif which is located in Western Alps. This is an extraordinary trip for those of you who want to explore one of the best places to go hiking in Europe.

Alta Via 1

The Alta Via Uno is a perfect hiking journey through the Eastern Dolomites of Italy which is connecting the towns of Belluno in the South and Dobbiaco in the North. This trail covers 120 km and the highest point of this trip is at 2,752 mt.

Usually, you have to take around 10 days in order to complete the whole route where you can experience the beauty of a couple of popular peaks such as Lagazuoi, Tofana, Pelmo and the mighty Civetta.

The Kings Trail

The Kings Trail or is also called Kungsleden is a 440 km route which passes through the Nature Reserve of Vindelfjallens in Sweden this is the biggest areas which have been protected in Europe.

The trip is a ski trail in winter and a hiking trail in summer, and there are a couple of mountain huts that you can find along the way in order to make your journey unforgettable.

Westweg Trail

The Westweg is a part of the European Long Distance trail E1 which crosses the Black Forest which is located in South-West Germany that is connecting the towns of Pforzheim and Basel. The journey is about 285 km or 177 mi and passes a couple of small villages which is making it easy to find food and accommodation while you hike. There are also a couple of services which are available that will deliver your luggage to the next accommodation.

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