Footwear Traction: How to Improve

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Footwear traction is important for indoor competition such as futsal, basketball and even volleyball. If you do not know what it is, it is the important part of your shoes. Usually, it is located right under the main part of footwear. That is why it is called as traction. Of course, you do not want to get slip during your game, right? It is necessary to improve your shoe traction in order to avoid the sliding or slippery area. As sportsman, have to move freely and change our direction quickly. Bad traction on your shoes will give you bad impact for sure. Today, we will help you to improve it properly.

Footwear Traction

Footwear Traction Caring Tips

There are several numbers of tips to improve or care your footwear traction efficiently. The most efficient way is cleaning your shoes’ grip. What we are talking about is a deep cleaning. In other words, you have to clean every line of your traction in details. Using soap is preferable. Of course, the result will be better than just clean water. Secondly, do not use your shoes outside. It means that you have to wear it only at indoor room. Outdoor games or matches are full of dust and dirt. They will make your shoe grip stuck with them. Thirdly, clean your shoe periodically. It is better than you clean the grip once in a month. We prefer you to clean it after each game. Last but not least, it is by using additional traction cleats. This is the best solution to make your shoes’ improved perfectly.

Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice

Do not confuse to choose the best non slip shoes, because we have this product for you. For your information, this footwear traction is designed for snow and ice areas. It means you will have no slip in ice after all. It is very good to keep your body healthy in this winter, right? This product has 360-degree of traction. The manufacturer also has patented the skid lock coil system. In other words, your movement and maneuver cannot be destroyed easily even for icy road. And thanks to the 1.4mm steel coils which resists any abrasion on your feet. Moreover, the heel tab is very easy to be installed. You can also remove it just in a second. To make it fit with your shoes, just manage the straps.

Footwear Traction

The price is very cheap and affordable. As we know, running is cheapest sport ever. So is this product. It is priced for $18.47. The only available color is black. It is fine since black is versatile color, right? You can fit it with any shoe you have. Click on this link if you want to see the details of this product for your non slip shoes.

Footwear Traction

If this traction works better above the ice, you can imagine how it works on normal ground or court. This is the best mate for your futsal shoes or other indoor sports. Without paying much to buy good shoes with good traction either, this footwear traction is your alternative solution obviously. See Others Review

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