Firewood Log Rack With Cover Top Designs for 2016

Firewood Log Rack With Cover Top Designs for 2016

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Firewood log rack with cover is one of the best ways to carry over your wood stock. Traditional or classic houses are still relying on fire or fireplace as their heating. It means that the owners of the houses must place firewood log rack inside or outside their home. The use of this thing is also important to make your fireplace becomes functional and works perfectly. Today, we have lived in modern era. In other words, there are many new designs or forms of firewood log rack these days. We have collected the best designs for today in this post.

Firewood Log Rack with Cover 2016 Designs

We have some firewood log rack with cover designs especially for 2016. We know that it is quite hard to find the best log rack for our firewood in this modern era, right? Hopefully, those designs will inspire you who still use fireplace in your home.

The first form is called curve design firewood rack. This is the suitable form of fireplace obviously. For your information, curvy things become popular nowadays, right? So does the log rack. Unfortunately, you have a weakness with this design. Yes, we cannot save the firewood as much as we want. We mean that the curve form will limit our expectation to carry all long firewood. We have to start from the little wood firstly and then put the longer one upside. The second form is common form. It can be rectangular or square. We believe that you can easily imagine how the form is. You can carry as much as you want inside this log rack.

The Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Now, we begin to introduce you the best firewood log rack with cover. This product represents how modern log rack is in this modern era. It has many beneficial features for your fireplace. With only $99, you can bring it home and free shipping after all. Its black color makes this rectangular rock log more sophisticated rather than others. For your information, the size of the cover reached 12 inches. It means that the cover almost protect the entire body of the rack. This is good news since we usually place this rack outside of our home. The rack’s cover will prevent any moisture and weather perfectly. It suits for you who need outdoor log rack. To get the real one, you can easily click this link for sure.

Many reviewers have impressed with the strong stance of this firewood storage. Although it looks so tough and strong, it does not mean you have to install it in a heavy way. You just need your both hand to assembly this product. In the end, you have a sturdy log rack ever in your home. Moreover, it can stands for many years, thanks to the arc welder of this product. For the size, it is classified as large space. We can guarantee that the cover will keep the top firewood in dry condition even it is rainy day out there. Its 18-inch spaces will carry up to 18-inch woods either. This firewood log rack with cover is ready and steady for you now.

  • Simple assembly!
  • Black, baked on powder coat finish, the best finish and environmentally friendly.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. (cover imported)
  • Our own cover design, covers the top 12″ of the wood, and automatically adjusts for the amount of wood in the rack.
  • Arc welded end sections, try finding another rack this strong!

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