Experience Sedona Hiking While in Arizona

Experience Sedona Hiking While in Arizona

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If you are in Arizona and looking for a place to hike, well, Sedona hiking is going to give you the best experience. Sedona is one of the most popular areas to hike because of the landscape and its terrain. You will be able to find so many trails that will be suitable for your hiking type. Sedona’s location is in between Coconino and Yavapai counties. 

The array of red sandstone formation is one of the famous attractions in Sedona. The terrains and landscape are wonderful and it is suitable for mountain biking and hiking. For an adventure seeker, Sedona is the perfect destination to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

There are plenty of wonderful trails that you would love to explore. Hiking is not only about exercising and burning calories. It is also about getting in touch with the mother of nature. Spending time to hike and connect to nature will give you a refreshing feeling. You can forget for a while about your busy routine at work and enjoy the moment.

1 Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is a famous spot for hiking. Some so many hikers love to experience the beauty of Cathedral Rock. The trail in Cathedral Rock offers a fantastic view of the Courthouse, Bell Rock, and also the colorful Mogollon Rim. You will see the abundance of breathtaking scenery during your hike on that trail. Only from this peak, you can enjoy the Sedonia beautiful view.

Ensure that you wear the best hiking shorts to visit this Cathedral Rock because it is better to feel comfortable during the journey. The trail will start at an easy pace then it will get more intense as it requires climbing with your hands and knees. It is going to be a wonderful hike because you will tackle a lot of challenges. That is why even if it is just 1.4 miles long, this trail had a medium difficulty that you need to tackle. By wearing the right hiking shorts, you will be able to go on the hike without any friction. There will be a narrow ledge that you can check out, however, it is not recommended by the local government.

2 Fay Canyon

If you are looking for a hike that is refreshing and tucked away from the crowd, Fay Canyon is the best option. Fay Canyon is very scenic that has an easy 2.4 miles trail to go on. By hiking on this trail, you will be in the heart of the red rocks. You will experience the beauty and serenity by walking below the hanging gardens and cliff walls. Unlike the typical Sedona hiking trails, this Fay Canyon offers a more shady area that is refreshing during the hike.

It is good for you who is searching for serenity during the hike. Some people like extreme hikes, but sometimes a low key hike is also important to meditate. Easy walk and favorite music will be a good pair to enjoy. You can also bring snacks and water to keep you hydrated. You also can bring your pet to this trail. It will be an enjoyable stroll for you and your lovely fur baby.

Hiking Trails Near Me That You Must Visit

3 Devil’s Bridge Trail

Sedona hiking is going to give you a wide variety of hiking trails. It is a paradise for hiker lovers. The trail that you should try is Devil’s Bridge Trail. This trail is about 4.2 miles out and back that you can hike to enjoy the beautiful nature in Sedona. The beautiful natural sandstone arch will become a great reward on your hike. 

Because it is an easy trail, there will be some mountain bikes, jeeps, and ATVs. The first part of this trail is going to be easy then you will find more challenges before the finish line. The path will be a bit steeper and narrower. Another tip for you about the surrounding of this trail is that there is no shade along the trail. You have to ensure that you wear the most comfortable hiking outfit, water, and snacks. Plenty of water will be good because you will need it to stay hydrated and finish the whole hike.

The parking lot is free so you can easily leave your vehicle there. If you want a less crowded area, you can go to the Chuckwagon trailhead for a bit of a shorter trip. It is also important to get to know the route by using a map as it is not a short route to take. 

4 Soldier Pass

The last trail that you can enjoy in Sedona is the Soldier Pass Trail. This trail is unique that makes people like to come and enjoy the view. It is a place for those who are into social media as well. This Soldier Pass has the beautiful Seven Sacred Pools. It is a religious site for the locals. It is beautiful especially if it has quite a lot of water depending on the season. It is worth the energy to hike on this trail. 

It has a 4.1 miles loop trail that is not too crowded as the Devil’s Bridge Trail. The elevation gain is about 600 feet while street parking is over 600 feet. You can find a parking lot that would fit for about 10 cars. Street parking is prohibited because of the local resident’s complaints. It is absolutely a great place to hike and breathe fresh air. You will be happy to have the chance to enjoy the beauty of Seven Sacred Pools. Even if there are only a few waters, you will still be blown away by the magical out of it.

Those are the beauties that you need to check out if you want to hike while in Sedona. You will definitely enjoy every inch of the hike there. Each hiking trail gives you a different experience that will last in your memory. So, Sedona hiking is a great chance to work out and also to find yourself again.

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