Easy Fishing Trick and Tips for Amateur Fishers

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These fishing trick and tips could make your fishing activity more fun and enjoyable. Not all fishers know these tricks by the way. Like other sports, fishing requires some skills and knowledge for the sportsmen. In other words, you have to know the good spot or the type of the fish which you want to catch and many more. The fishing equipment is actually consisting two items only. They are the line plus the hook and the bait. The others are just the accessories which will make your fishing easier such as tackle box to carry out your fish. For your information, each fish has different characteristics. In other words, they are unique. Even old techniques cannot catch them anymore in this modern era. So, please make sure you have learned these tips and tricks properly.

Know Your Enemy

The enemy here refers to you fish like a battlefield. So, it becomes our first one of fishing trick and tips today. This term is also used to catch your fish for sure. It means that you have to know the characteristics of your target fish. Many amateur fishers ignore about this. They just go fishing with nothing. In the end, they never catch the fish on the pole. Learn their habitat and habits through internet. We know internet is the first destination for everyone these days. Secondly, you need play with the time. Some fish often become aggressive in the morning. It is the best time for you to catch theme. Others are starving in the afternoon. Last but not least, you have to learn the temperature of the water whether it is cold or warm.


This is the nature of fishing. Without patience, all fishing trick and tips today are nothing. Patience contains keeping the noise down and dealing with your own self. Every fisher must have a good patience inside their mind and body. Do not too harsh to pull your line when your bait is eaten by the fish. Keep looking their movement until you got their attention. Be patient guys.

Baitcast Reels

Another important thing is having proper baitcast reels. If you do not know what it is, reels are the part of your fishing rod to release or cast the bait. Some fishermen have their own style and technique to cast their reels. Find your style by casting it repeatedly. The best baitcast reels should have full metal body instead of plastic or steel. It gives sturdy and tough casting for amateur fishers.

baitcast reels

Smart Fish Finder

This is the secret to find fish easier without much effort. Smart Fish finder is sonar to detect the fish’s movement underwater. In this modern era, we can integrate our smartphone with the finder. Thus, your phone is treated like a monitor when the finder on the water. For your information, the best finder must have long sonar’s distance. Since you know how to use it with your fishing rod, we believe that you have good information about the water temperature and condition of your fish. That is all of our fishing trick and tips today.

Smart Fish Finder


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