Easy and Scenic Hiking Trails in Austin

For a newbie or those who only like short and easy hiking, there are some nice hiking trails in Austin that can be the best choice. There are plenty of hiking trails with different difficulties that you can find here in Austin. If you love this type of easy and short hiking, you will love Austin as it has numerous hiking trails that will make you happy.

Austin is a special place for hiking lovers because it has the beauty of nature that every hiker like to experience. The terrain and landscape in Austin are quite rich so that hiking here will be unforgettable. The various options of easy to extreme hiking are for everyone. A casual or easy hike is not only suitable for an adult. You also can take your toddlers to go on a walk with you. It is going to be an enjoyable family stroll. Here are some easy hiking trails that will be suitable for anyone.

Great Hills Park

This trail is one of the nicest hiking trails in Austin. The location is close to the Arboretum Area. It is just a few minutes away. The trail here is mostly flat and you will follow the creek. It is not far from the residency so that you will still be able to see houses. It is also good for a walk with your dog as it has a nice route for them to sniff and explore. 

This area also has a great water feature that is spring-fed. There will be a fish pond as well where you can find some animals such as fish, frogs, and cool bugs. The reason why this Great Hills Park is great for kids is it also has a playground. You can find it at one end of the trail. Kids can play around before heading home. This trail is suitable to get your kids close with nature from an early age.

Westcave Preserve

This Westcave Preserve is a special trail to explore for about 2 hours of hike. You are required to have a guide to go on a hike here. It is all because of the safety reason for both hikers and nature itself. There will be a fee that you will need to pay too. It will be $7 per child from age 4 to 17 years old, while an adult is $15 per person.

The track in Westcave Preserve starts with a flat casual trail. You will see a similar experience from other trails too. However, it will get more challenging and intense as you reach the cave, pool, and grotto. The 2-hour hike is going to be adventurous. In this case, everyone has to stick with the group. It is not allowed to separate from the group.

The whole journey at the Westcave Preserve is a wonder that will experience the green lush forest, go through a canyon and an abundance of wildlife at this Preserve. This hike is quite intense for a short period. It is worth the effort to see the beauty of nature in Westcave Preserve. Nature is so rich that the view is scenic to experience.

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Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge – Warbler Vista

Unlike the other easy trails, this Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Refuge is a bit different. You will have to have more effort to hike here. Besides a hiking trail, this area is also a home for 245 species of birds that you can encounter while going on a hike here. There will be some endangered birds well. You will find a wide variety of terrain here at BCNWR. Thus, the hike will be more challenging yet fun to do. 

This trail is suitable for adults in a small group. You also can go with kids if they are into adventure. Pets are not allowed on this trail. This BCNWR also has a special trail that is dedicated for the handicap people. So the trail will be accessible for them at ease. It is a great park if you want to have an experience with your family or friends here.

Spicewood Valley Trail

This Spicewood Valley Trail is going to be a great destination if you like a nature that is rich in vegetation and surprise. The trail is quite nice as you can find just a flat trail and also some climbs that will become an adventure for you. You will be able to see the man-made dam that will sometimes have a waterfall. There will also be a pool that you can experience. The waterfall can be refreshing to see. Although it is not as impressive as the great falls hiking, the waterfall is still a pretty view to see during the hike.

You will find some cool relics as well on the trail. There will be a former ranchland that you can visit too. You can have a break nearby those spots to enjoy your drink and snacks if you want. This area is quite less crowded and serene. If you like a type of a quiet hike, this can be a good option.

Laguna Gloria

The last one that we will review is the Laguna Gloria. This trail is good for a family with kids. The path will follow the shore of Lake Austin. It is a flat and easy trail to follow. There will be some animals that the kids can see to spice up their adventure. They can see turtles, fish, ducks, swans, and peacocks.  

You can bring snacks and drinks so that you can stop by at the gazebo to have some rest with the kids. The kids will definitely like it because this place offers an abundance of fun outdoor adventure. It is also safe for kids because it will be far from extreme trails.  You can enjoy the workout with your kids and have fun at the same time.

Those are the trails that are easy and have a wonderful view to catch. You can take your little ones to enjoy the beauty of nature. These hiking trails in Austin will give you joy while exploring the wilderness.

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