Hiking Trails USA: Long-Distance Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails USA: Long-Distance Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails USA: Zion National Park

Zion National Park has a couple of options and a lot of landscapes which make it paradise for hikers and climbers from all over the world. The park is located in Utah which is very well organized. You can find a shuttle system which passes a couple of trail heads and also there are a couple of backpacking options for those of you who are looking for a more serious adventure at night.

For those of you who want to experience Zion, you have to consider exploring both a couple of cliffs which feature the park and also the depths of the canyon. You have to make sure that you do a couple of planning and homework before you hike Zion, especially if you are hiker with a lot of experience.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of the best hiking trails USA that you have to mention if you talk about hike in United States. A lot of tourists from all over the world come to the Grand Canyon every year. It is amazing to experience the Grand Canyon from above.

It is even more amazing to experience the power of the Canyon from the bottom. But you have to make sure that you have to planning. If you want to experience the Grand Canyon from unique perspective, you have to hike to the bottom and you have to build your camp.

Yosemite National Park

This huge park has all the things that you want to see as a hiker and climber. This is one of the best hiking trails USA which has 200 foot waterfalls, mountains, meadows, hundred lakes, prehistoric looking tress and even a couple of beaches.

There are a couple of options that you can take if you want to experience this unique and beautiful park on foot. For those of you who want to experience a nice and relaxing walk, you can start from the easy paved trails.

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At this article, you will find a couple of the best and long-distance hiking trails USA that you have to visit if you like long time period hiking. These places are very beautiful and worth it to hike because they offer a lot of incredible scenery and you will experience the best hike like you never before. 

United States of America is a big country which have a couple of variety, so if you want to take a couple of amazing views, it is the perfect time for to know a couple of best hiking trails USA that you have to visit.

Top Colorado Hiking Trail Ideas

Top Colorado Hiking Trail Ideas

There are a couple of hiking spots which offer a couple of beautiful views if you do Colorado hiking trail. From the pretty red sunsets of Needle Mountains Loop to the crimson bluffs of the Vermillion Basin in Dinosaur, Colorado hiking trail offers a feast for your soul and of course for your eyes. There a couple of hiking trails which are very special because of the effort in order to deliver the wildness of the surrounding place. This article will give you a couple of Colorado hiking trail ideas that you can choose for your next trip in Colorado.

Vermillion Basin

Vermillion Basin is one of the wildest places in the intermountain west which has been left untouched completely by man. This beautiful place is just a couple of hours from the Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This secret treasure is near Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge and Dinosaur National Monument. If you visit this Vermillion Basin you will see a place that has been protected by supporting the Wilderness Society something that you cannot find in Hollywood hiking trail. Vermillion Basin features a couple of views of deep canyons and crimson bluffs and offers great opportunities for off-trail hiking. This basin is very beautiful at sunrise and sunset. In addition, Vermillion Basin offers wilderness experience that can be enjoyed by visitors. They also can enjoy white water rafting and fishing around Green Rivers or Yampa.

Colorado hiking trail

Sangre De Cristo

Sangre De Cristo is located in Rio Grande and San Isabel National Forests in Colorado. Unlike California hiking trails, this trail is one of the longest chains of mountains that you ever seen in the world from Canon city to Taos. This place offers a couple of hardest climbs which have been offer by Colorado known as four fourteeners. The vertical rock is beautiful and the deep red sunset and the long-range view make your hike worth it. This trail allows hikers on horseback and foot in order to go to Rio Grande Wilderness Area.

Needle Mountains Loop

Needle Mountains Loop is located in Weminuche Wilderness Area in Colorado just southeast of Silverton. This is the wild place in the Chicago Basin which is suitable for rugged mountaineers and backpackers that you will not find in the entire world even in California hiking trails. The last point of the trail is Eldorado Lake which is the perfect place in order to set up your fish and tent. You have to take a couple of plans if you want to take this trip with exclusive access from Chicago Basin.

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

When you wear these waterproof boots, you will make sure that you have a great outdoor experience when you do Colorado hiking trail. These boots are very comfortable, great looking and durable. These boots are very ideal for adventures and hikes because these boots are constructed from full-grain waterproof leather for complete protection from water and raindrops crossings. You can find breathable foot bed and rubber lugs which will help you brake, climb and accelerate.


All About Hiking For Beginners

All About Hiking For Beginners

When you have a gut to go hiking, you have to know all about hiking because you have to realize that you have to walk slower. You need more care in a natural trail where you step because you cannot race walk it. There are a couple of guidebooks of all about hiking to give a measurement of how long that you have to take in order to complete a trail level, and they are very long. So it is better for you to plan the right timing for that. Even if you are in the full speed, you have to take extra time in order to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that you will find. Or you may be to take a picture of a bird, squirrels and deer.

All About Hiking: Hills

You have to require care if you want to go hiking up and down the hills, especially when you are using slopes which have been covered with loose dirt or loose gravel. You have to keep your knees best and then side-stepping maneuvers should be used on the steepest parts. You will get an extra stability if you use a hiking stick or a pair of hiking poles. You have to take your time to breath and the turnaround in order to enjoy the scenery while catching your breath. You have to keep in mind that altitude will be gained where you have less oxygen and the air is thinner.

hiking essentials

Black Hill Trail in Morro Bay State Park

Stream Crossings

You will have to cross the area where you will not find bridges or the bridges have not been changed after flood damaged them. Many people hate to do this thing when they have to cross some areas. Debris and rocks that you can find in the river may look like stepping stones, but it can be hazards. In most of a couple of areas, water running over rocks is very dangerous. If you want to drink out of springs or streams, you have to carry a water purification tablets or water filter.

When something bad happens, you have to remove yourself from the trail and then you have to stay away from running water. It is better for you to dig a trench at least 6 inches.

When you take your family with you to go hiking, you have to teach them all about hiking so they will know what hiking meaning is. This activity is a wonderful thing to do and you will make a memory with them. You can use this opportunity to teach them how to deal with nature.

Weather Rite LED Outdoor Traditional Look Lantern With Efficient LED Lighting

The LED lighting is made of wire-guarded glass globe. It is more than 48 hours that you can get to continue illumination. This LED lighting is one of hiking essentials that you have to consider using when you go hiking. It comes with reflector in order to distribute light. This LED lighting also feature light output which can be adjusted.

efficient LED lighting

Hiking Trails Near Me : Guides & Tips

Hiking Trails Near Me : Guides & Tips

I am a big time hiking guy, so this time I will give you a couple of tips and guides about hiking trails near me that will help you to get a great experience of hiking.  Before I do hiking trails near me, I usually prepare a couple of items that are very important for me. At this article you will find some tips so you can get a big time hiking experience.

refreshing natural landscape with a waterfall that looks beautiful in a city in Indonesia

Hiking Trails Near Me Tips

I usually hike in a team or group because it is safety for me. I have to at least accompany by one other person if I decide to go on low-traffic hiking near me because there are a lot of hiking places near me. It is important because I can avoid the risk that I take if no one can help me if something happen to me. There are a couple of benefits of hiking trails near me in a group. I can learn a lot of hiking from more experienced guys. And then if I got injured, my partner always there to help me. Besides that, it is easy to distribute the load if there are a lot of people in your group. And the most important thing is that you will meet a couple of new guys from many backgrounds.

Drink is crucial for me when I was hiking trails near me in order to prevent dehydrated. I usually carry enough water when I decided to go hiking. To keep energy stays high, small snacks are the better option instead of waiting for big meal. Keeping a surplus food is also crucial for the hikers. The important thing that I usually do when hiking trails near me is I leave the plan with my mom or dad and you can call them when you lose the track. To prevent sunburn, it is better to bring and use sunscreen. You have to plan a hike which is fit for all of the people in your group and you have to allow the slower guy to set the trail. I always keep my pack organized, so I can find the items when I need them. Repackage is another crucial plan in order to reduce the weight of your pack. Do not bring cotton clothes while you hiking. I also check the first aid kit before hiking trails near me. Before taking a long hike, it is better to minimize the weight of your body.

KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

For those of you who like hiking or other outdoor activities from mountains to beaches to city streets, KEEN is the perfect option that will make you stay up high on your hiking. This product comes with draw elastic cord lacing system that can be adjusted to get a secure and comfortable fit. The polyester is easy to clean which features Aegis Microbe Shield that is perfect to reduce odor. The dimensions of the product are 12 inches x 8 inches x 4 inches. This sandal is very comfortable while on the go.

Hiking Trails Near Me 1


Popular Hiking Trails In Southeast Asia

Popular Hiking Trails In Southeast Asia

There are a couple of popular hiking trails in Southeast Asia from luscious rain forests and rice paddies to volcanic peaks. Hiking and trekking is Southeast Asia is one of the best activities which make a lot of people from all over the world come back again. Some of these popular hiking trails not only let you see a couple of beautiful wildlife closely but you also can experience the native culture. For those of you who are looking for a more experience hiking activity that you can take for a couple of weeks, this post will guide you to hike a couple of popular hiking trails in Southeast Asia.

Popular Hiking Trails: Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is gaining its popularity by international hikers all over the world. This mountain is the second highest volcano that you will find in Indonesia. The landscape of Lombok Island is dominated by this mountain. Mount Rinjani provides beautiful views for the hikers and it comes with a couple of tropical species. You can find a new small cone of volcano which has created by the eruptions in the caldera which is called Gunung Baru. This mountain is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia which have been experienced three eruptions in the year of 2010.

popular hiking trails

100 Waterfalls Trek

This is the hidden treasure that you can find in Northern Laos. 100 Waterfalls trail is an exclusive adventure even though it has been showed on a couple of international travel publications. You can start the trip by using boat for an hour on the scenic Nam Ou River. After that you can find the exciting trek through the waterfalls. You will experience the village life during your trip on the luscious jungle and waterfall which is never-ending.


Fansipan is standing at 3143 meter which is the highest mountain in Vietnam. You can get to this mountain only 9 kilometers from the town of Sapa. This mountain is the place that you have to visit if you are the backpackers and adventure seekers. Like Hollywood hiking trail or even California hiking trails, Fansipan comes with a basic climb but you have to spend at least three days in order to get to the peak. You have to prepare your strength and endurance during the trip.

Mount Ophir

The Malay name of the Mount Ophir is Gunung Ledang which has folklore behind it. The shocking fact is that this mountain is one of the popular hiking trails which stand at 1276 meters. This mountain is the most popular hiking trails amongst a couple of amateur climbers.

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Hiking Boot Reviews : How To Choose The Perfect One

Hiking Boot Reviews : How To Choose The Perfect One

At this hiking boot reviews, you will find a couple of important things on how to choose the right boot for your hiking. Boot is the most important gear that you have to take on the trip. You will get a comfortable feeling when you wear the right boots that fit your feet. If it does not fit your feet, you will get the trouble during your trail. For those of you who need tips what type of boot that will fit your needs, you just have to stay on the hiking boot reviews. These hiking boot reviews will help you to choose what boot meets your needs. You also will be helped to find your size that will fit for your feet.

Hiking boot reviews

Hiking Boot Reviews: Types Of Boots

There are a couple of products that you can choose which are designed for certain uses. There are three types of boots according to their ankle stability, their weight and foot support that they offer.

Lightweight Hikers

Lightweight hikers are the perfect option for those of you who like to hike on smooth trials. These boots are also great options for backpackers who have a lot of experiences with strong ankles and feet. These boots come with minimalist detail that will make you comfortable to keep the weight low. Unlike traditional boots, these boots have ankle collars which have been cut lower and provide minimal ankle support. These boots are perfect for you if you do not carry a lot of stuff more than water, jacket and snacks.

Midweight Hikers

These boots come with more substantial details such as all leather, more durable uppers, burlier midsoles, higher ankle collars and many more. The boots are more like traditional backpacking boot which provides ankle stability and foot support which have been increased if you want to carry a lot of stuffs.

Heavyweight Hikers

These boots are much more durable, much heavier and waterproof. You will find leather upper with full grain which is paired with TPU midsoles which can be applied to support instead of lightweight cushioning. TPU midsoles will be great in order to handle the roughest terrain.

Comfort is the important thing when you choose boot for hiking. At these hiking boot reviews, you will know the trend of hiking boots. The trend of the boots is no lighter and lighter, but there are a few of them which offer comfortable.

Danner Men’s Crater Rim GTX Hiking Boot

At these hiking boot reviews you also will get one of the best hiking boots in the market nowadays. By wearing this crater rim hiking boot which is produced by Danner, you can reach to the summit by conquering the path that you will face from trailhead. This boot comes with waterproof GORE-TEX membrane which is also breathable. This boot also features deep and multi-directional lug pattern. Danner pays attention to the construction. They build boot with high quality and quantity. The dimensions of the boot are 14 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches.

Hiking Boot