easy hiking trails near me

Easy hiking trails near me for a couple of weeks may look very annoying for the first time ever. There are no wine bars, cell phones, hospitals nearby or ice cold drinks. When I got easy hiking trails near me, I knew that I was far from town and connecting myself into the woods. You have to keep in mind that hiking does not feature reckless abandon. It is crucial for you to have a perfect plan, especially when you have to take a couple of weeks to head deep into the jungle.

easy hiking trails near me

Planning Is Crucial For Easy hiking trails near me

When I was taking easy hiking trails near me for two weeks, it would be a long time if I did not plan correctly. It is better for you to have a plan list at least a month before you hike, do not start planning a couple of days or week before you hike. And you it is important for you not to do a couple of minor planning a month before your hike.

Check Your Gear

It is an excellent idea for you to have a checklist for your backpacking even if you will take short trips. You have to check your items one by one. And you have to think that it is important factor that you have to consider when backpacking for a couple of days. For instance, you have to choose to abandon your supplements if you hike for three or four days, but you if you a long trip, you have to change your mind if you feel that your body is not strong enough. Take enough socks or you have a time to wash them in order to keep your feet clean and dry.

Capability And Distance

I have to consider what is appropriate and comfortable when easy hiking trails near me, because you will far from your home for a couple of days. You have to think about how many miles that you have to face when you are traveling. For instance, if you hike 10 miles a day, there will be 70 miles out halfway through your trip, but you also have to consider that there are another 70 miles that you have to face come back. You have to consider about your fitness and wellness.

Emergency Options

You have to know how to ask help when trouble comes. You can ask a ranger where to go and what to do. Sometimes, you will find remote ranger section that is close to you. There are a couple of satellite communication tools such as Satellite Messengers which can be used to send emergency messages.

KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot For Easy hiking trails near me

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trail hiking

There are two reasons that you have to consider preparing for trail hiking. Either you want to train for a big backpacking trail or you just want to start back into the trip and want to get going. Both reasons have similar guidelines. You have to prepare three important factors before you do trail hiking.

Hiking muscles – Your leg muscles we well as your core body support are the main important things. Upper body and arms are not crucial for trail hiking.

Gear – You have to be comfortable with your boots when you walk and also your hips and shoulder should be connected to take your pack.

Cardiopulmonary – In order to support your body, your heart and lungs have to be fit with the strong oxygen.

trail hiking

Trail Hiking  Preparation : Consult Your Doctor

Before I got trail hiking near me, I came to my doctor to get an advice. If you have been doing nothing for a couple of times, your doctor will give an advice that you have to do other programs or preventive measure.

You Have to Enjoy It

Hiking a joyful activity that means you have to be fun when you do it. You have to choose the place that is very clean and green so you can enjoy your trip.

Hiking In Group

It is better for you not to hike alone as long as you have experience of hiking in high traffic places that will feel safe and enjoy. But, you have to make sure that you have to accompany by at least one person along. It will be a perfect idea if you bring your friends to do the same trail hiking schedule, but you have to make sure that your friends are capable to stay with your plan.


You have to carry a first aid kit and water. Do not take a heavy stuff when trail hiking in areas which have been populated. You have to bring a couple of safety items such as pepper spray, whistle or another items that will make you safe, but you have to make sure that you are in the good condition before carrying the backpack. You have to keep in mind that the first aid kit is for everybody in your group.


If you have a leisure time but you cannot get out, you can use stairmaster or treadmill for your exercise. Some people say that this activity is boring, but if you have a couple of entertainment in front of you, it will be a fun activity. Aerobic is also perfect in order to make your body stay fit.

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Trail Hiking Preparation

nature with a waterfall

For those of you who live in Seattle, Washington, and you are a big fan of an outdoor, you do not have to worry because there are a couple of hidden treasures that you can visit. It is not a restaurant, but Seattle hiking trail is the perfect thing to hike because it offers beautiful views, cool alpine lakes, mesmerizing waterfalls and many more. It is perfect that a lot of people love to do the outdoor activity, but when you do the hiking trail and you do not have room to park, it is the perfect time for you to find another place. Seattle hiking trail is the place that you have to visit and you will get a great experience that you never have.

nature with a waterfall
refreshing natural landscape with a waterfall that looks beautiful in a city in Indonesia

Seattle Hiking Trail: Rachel Lake

Rachel Lake trail comes with a couple of spectacular views that you can enjoy. You just have to take a couple of miles from Snoqualmie Pass to take you away from the most crowded hikes. Be careful you have to start slowly because the trails are flattened out before you are getting to the final stage. Please be careful about your step to get to the top. Once you get the final pitch, you will see a beautiful alpine lake which is the perfect for you and your family for a picnic. If you do not satisfy with this view, you can continue your hike to the Rampart Lake and many other places.

Franklin Falls

Unlike California hiking trails which are far from the city and you have to take a long time for a hike, this Franklin Falls is different. This is the perfect place for your family. The falls are very beautiful that are not basically isolated like a couple of further hikes.

Squires Lake Trail

You can get to this Seattle hiking trail by easy driving from the town. This place is more than a lakeside stroll even though there are a couple of other ways that you can take in order to continue on a longer trip. You can also find a couple of fruits that you can eat to bring your energy back such as berries, from the blackberries of the late summer to the salmon berries of spring.

Crystal Lakes

For those of you who like to hike to see a beautiful view, this Crystal Lakes is the perfect spot for you. You can start by seeing the beautiful Mt. Rainier along the switchbacks. And then you can go to wildflowers when you continue to lower Crystal Lake. Once you climb to the upper of this Crystal Lake, you will see mountain goats. Bring your camera when you hike this Seattle hiking trail.

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Seattle hiking trail
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mountain hiking

There are a couple of factors that you have to keep in mind if you want to get safe mountain hiking experience. There are a couple of problems that might be faced by hiker during their mountain hiking, such as snowstorm, lightning, thunderstorms, dangerous animals or rock at a cliff. You have to encounter all of those stuffs while you on the track. You have to prepare all of the proper gears. And then you have to make sure that you have a good condition of your body. You also have to pay attention to your environments and taking some judgment is all important if you want to get enjoyable and safe mountain hiking experience.

mountain hiking

Mountain Hiking Tips That You Have To Consider

It is important for you not to hike alone. Hiking will be a perfect experience if you bring your family and friends as a group of people. You have to consider about the level of ability of each person of you group before you do the hiking. If you bring your children to the trip, you have to keep an eye of them all the times. You have to give your hiking itinerary and exact time or return to your family member or your friends. Make sure that you check in with the same guy upon your return. And you have stay on the trail which has been designated. Hike slowly because you have to safe your energy for the home stretch.

You can start the trip early if you want to enjoy every step of it. This also will give you’re a lot of time to return early so you can get home before dark. It is better for you to check the forecast before you do mountain hiking. You should to prepare on any condition that will happen during the hike. You have to know what you are going to do if lightning strikes the area.

Prepare First aid kit for an emergency

To guide the group, you have to bring a map or guide book with you. You have to use the map in order to keep the track, so you will know where you stand at all times. Water or sport drinks are the perfect option for you. Do not drink alcohol or soda because it will dehydrate you. You can consume snacks that will provide you high energy such as bagels, fruit, peanut butter, granola, fruit bars, power bars, beef jerky, GORP or even candy.

Take the first aid kit and learn how to use it. It is important because you will never know when the problem comes. You have to know where to contact the medical care. And then, it is better for you know where the nearest clinic or hospital in case there is an emergency.

Sundome 4-Person Tent For Mountain Hiking

I used to bring the Coleman Sundome tent when I do mountain hiking near me. This tent comes with a large door, so you can enter and exit the tent easily. The door is also supported with a hooded fly in order to bring the ventilation even when it comes rainy day. see others reviews about this tent

Sundome 4 Person Tent
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good places to go hiking

If you are one of those people who think that Europe is just about history and cities, you are wrong because there are a couple of good places to go hiking that you have to visit if you love spending time outdoors. It is difficult to find a couple of remote mountain ranges like you will find them in South America or Asia.  But there are a lot of world class good places to go hiking in Europe. You can find all of the things in this compact and small continent from multi-day camping to hiking adventures. It is worth both your energy and time to hike some of the best hikes in Europe.

good places to go hiking

Good Places To Go Hiking: Tour Du Mont Blanc

Tour Du Mount Blanc is called the TMB which is one of the good places to go hiking in Europe. You have to go 170 km in order to pass through a couple of countries such as Italy, France and Switzerland if you want to experience the entire Mount Blanc Massif which is located in Western Alps. This is an extraordinary trip for those of you who want to explore one of the best places to go hiking in Europe.

Alta Via 1

The Alta Via Uno is a perfect hiking journey through the Eastern Dolomites of Italy which is connecting the towns of Belluno in the South and Dobbiaco in the North. This trail covers 120 km and the highest point of this trip is at 2,752 mt.

Usually, you have to take around 10 days in order to complete the whole route where you can experience the beauty of a couple of popular peaks such as Lagazuoi, Tofana, Pelmo and the mighty Civetta.

The Kings Trail

The Kings Trail or is also called Kungsleden is a 440 km route which passes through the Nature Reserve of Vindelfjallens in Sweden this is the biggest areas which have been protected in Europe.

The trip is a ski trail in winter and a hiking trail in summer, and there are a couple of mountain huts that you can find along the way in order to make your journey unforgettable.

Westweg Trail

The Westweg is a part of the European Long Distance trail E1 which crosses the Black Forest which is located in South-West Germany that is connecting the towns of Pforzheim and Basel. The journey is about 285 km or 177 mi and passes a couple of small villages which is making it easy to find food and accommodation while you hike. There are also a couple of services which are available that will deliver your luggage to the next accommodation.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

It comes with 4 large windows that will be suitable for maximum ventilation. Designed to set up easily so I can bring it to the best hiking trails near me.  In order to keep you dry, this tent has weathered system.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent
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