Flashing Safety Light Importance for Night Runner

Flashing Safety Light Importance for Night Runner

Don’t let your run activity ruined without flashing safety light especially in the night.  Daily activities force people to do night sports such as jogging, running, walking, riding bike, etc. Of course, it will be dangerous if you have no safety light after all. Other people won’t see clearly in the dark without this light. Meanwhile, you have to do sports in order to give your body healthier life, right? That is why you need to read this article because we will discuss about the importance of safety light for night runner. Moreover, we gravelstuff.com will also give you the best product on the store in the end of the post.

Flashing Safety Light Benefits

What if you do not use flashing safety lights while doing night sports? The first possibility is people who are using cars without see you clearly on the road. It makes you to have bigger possibilities to get crashed by the car. Secondly, the possibility of people getting surprised with your appearance is also higher because they cannot see you from a distance. That is why it is called as safety light because it will make you safe during running in the dark. We have to give safety first for ourselves in order not to ruin our sport activities.

Flashing Safety Light

LED Sports Armband Flashing Safety Light for Running, Cycling or Walking At Night Set of 2

Here are the best flashing safety light which we have talked about earlier. With this thing, your night sports will be safer and easier without any worries about the bad possibilities above. For your information, this light has been featured with modern features. For example, you can use three modes to fit your situation and condition during your sport activities. The modes are bright light, fast and slow flashing. All modes can be adjusted just by your finger. You can touch the button under its body and let them working automatically. People around you will notice you easily with those modes. Let us take a look the other modes through this link.

Flashing Safety Light

The component of this emergency light is made from tough nylon band. We have no worries about the durability of nylon, right? Moreover, the entire nylon is covered by LED core. It means that the body will also work with the lights. It won’t disturb you when running with this band. It makes you be seen by other cars and people surrounding your area. If you have a friend who loves to run, this band is a perfect gift for him or her. You need to know that the LED light cannot make you feel hot because the nylon band will keep the temperature stabile.

With only $6.00 to $10.99 USD, you will have one of these hazard lights. Once you have it, our running activity at the dawn or night will be safer than before. Many people have tried this band now and they gave positive comments wholeheartedly in our site. They have also proven that their night sports are enjoyable now. Next, it is your time to proof this flashing safety light now. Read others reviews

Flashing Safety Light Flashing Safety Light

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Tent for Camping: Tips to Get Convenient Night

Tent for Camping: Tips to Get Convenient Night

Everyone needs tent for camping. Without tent, it is not a camping actually. We cannot separate between tent and camp for sure. Tent is the place or your area to sleep. Tent is also called as the camp which we really need to take a rest in the night. The design of tent is very common. It has just some poles to stand the roof. Modern tent does need peg anymore because it can stand with other poles each other. Usually, modern tent tends to its materials. Some people just need to cover themselves from the rain and breeze in the night. Here are some tips from gravelstuff which you can use to get convenient night on your camping activity.

Tips to Have Better Night inside the Tent for Camping

When it comes to find the right tent for camping and camping equipment, you need to keep your night as comfort as possible. Some beginner campers usually do not notice the simple things like these tips. First of all, you have to manage your bedding position. Inside the tent, you can fill it with two adults only. It won’t be efficient when you sleep with three other people inside your tent. Secondly, you need to control the noise. Snoring of course will ruin your sleeping especially with your friends. It will be better if snoring people sleep inside other tent lonely to make your camping night conveniently. Last but not least, the temperature of your tent should be managed. Close the zipper if you think the night temperature is too cold.

Coleman Sundome Tent

Here is the best example for family tent. As you can see, the design of this tent is very convenient with large space capacity. For your information, the dimensions reach 7x5 feet. With this dimension, the tent is able to carry 2 adult campers inside. The door is also coming with large size. You can easily come in and exit this ten without worrying it cannot provide your body. When you get rainy day, you are able to use the ventilation to see around you. Do not worry with the ventilation because it has hooded design to avoid the water coming inside your tent.

Inside the tent for camping, you will feel like a bathtub. Yes, this tent has special design on the floor with high-quality materials. You need to know the material which is called as 1000D polyethylene. This floor is able to avoid leaky or broken part because of sharp stone or something. Meanwhile, the roof is made in polyester fabrics. Of course, it covers you from any weather and low-temperature in the night. The tent is very durable. You can use it repeatedly for years, thanks to the welded seams of this tent which is very tough and sturdy. Click here if you want to see the design.

Although the price is around $44.96, it is completely nothing to lose. Yeah, you will have the best tent ever in your life. If you are a lonely camper, this tent is worthy because you can carry, assembly and sleep it by yourself. This is the best tent for camping these days.

  • Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet
  • Imported
  • Dome structure; 1 door
  • Sleeps two people
  • Easy two-pole design for quick set up; 7’X5’x48″

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BioLite wood burning campstove

BioLite wood burning campstove

BioLite wood burning campstove will help your camping more versatile and easier than normal camping. There are many reasons why we need this thing in our camping activity. Of course, we gravelstuff will make this post easier to be understood by our reader for sure. The use of camp stove cannot be avoided in this modern era. We cannot just rely on the firewood and its fire while camping in jungle or mountain. For your information, camp stove can help you to heat your food, water and other supply without making big fire near your camp. It will be more efficient and safe either.

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove Developments

We are now in modern era. Of course, the development of BioLite wood burning campstove is also improved following the time. Now, this traditional camping thing has modern features. We have to say thanks for high-technology which makes our life easier. To make the fire, we just need fuel or fire wood. Meanwhile, you can charge your phone via the camp stove either. This is a big development if we compared with traditional stove in the past several years ago. So, we can update our status via our phone during the camping or waiting your food is ready to eat in the night.

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

BioLite wood burning campstove is one of modern and outdoor camp stove these days. This product meets our expectation which we elaborated in the previous paragraph. We are impressed with the USB-chargeable for all modern devices. In other words, you can also charge you smartphone through this camp stove. Based on our experience, this stove has capability to charge your phone for twenty minutes and your phone will be available for an hour. Another amazing part is when you charging it via strong fire. It means that you do not need any fuel and electricity to charge your devices. This product converts the fire into the power.

The next feature is boiling the water. For your information, full burn of fire can boil a liter of water just less than 5 minutes. It makes your hot water easier to be obtained, right? For its reliability, you can carry this stove with lightweight. We found the weight of this stove less than 2 pounds. When you carry this, it is the same way when you are carrying a liter of water bottle. If you cannot make the fire, there are the starter batteries which will do a kick-start for this camping cooking equipment. Please follow this link if you want to see the details.

So, what we got here is just simple and lightweight backpacking for your camping. We will also stay on go-green by using this stove because it has no fuel and been harming our camp location. You can carry this until you found the best place for your camping as far as possible from your home. The fast boiling system makes your exhausted moment being refilled faster either. When your smartphone battery is down, you can charge it by using firewood and fire power. It is an amazing BioLite wood burning campstove so far with only $179.98 USD.

  • Powers most USB-chargeable devices including smartphones
  • For 20 min. of charging with a strong fire gives you about 60 min. of talk time on most smartphones.
  • During a full burn, the CampStove can boil 1 liter of water in as little as 4 min. 30 sec.
  • CampStove weighs about 2 lbs. and is about the same size as a 1-liter Nalgene water bottle
  • An internal starter battery helps kick-start the fire before the stove begins generating its own power

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Hammock with Mosquito Net Tent: Why We Need It?

Hammock with Mosquito Net Tent: Why We Need It?

Having a hammock with mosquito net tent could be a good solution if you want to trek or camp on your holiday. We know that mosquito can be our worst enemy since we have no protection after all. Doing trekking and camping is going to be fun, but it won’t if there is small problem like mosquito. Moreover, resident area and jungle or mountain is two different locations for them. In our house, mosquito may be not our threat. But, everything changes when we come into jungle because their proliferation is twice in this place. So, we need to protect ourselves with anti-mosquito tent obviously. Here at gravelstuff.com we will give you some tips about hammock

Hammock with Mosquito Net Tent Tips

Although we have hammock with mosquito net tent, we think that it is not enough. You need extra details and features to make sure your hammock is really protecting you while you are sleeping in outdoor area. The first detail is about the material of your hammock. Of course, it should be more than a net or cloth. The best material should be derived by strong stitches. Secondly, it is about its practicality. It means that you will have nothing when you cannot carry your hammock or save it on your backpack. So, it must be as practical as possible. That is all of our tips for your trekking’s hammock.

Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest Hammock

Introducing the best hammock ever made which is named as JungleNest. This is a special hammock which provides all benefits that we have discussed before. It has all-in-one features and your trekking will be as safest as possible especially from biters and skeeters like insects such as bugs and mosquitos. For your information, this hammock is derived from modern Nylon named as 210D Taffeta Ripstop. It means you can hang itwherever you want with strong and sturdy stance for your sleeping area. Moreover, it has side zipper that covers your body from hypothermia and breeze inside this hammock with mosquito net tent.

Here are the specifications of this mosquito net. First of all, it derives from Aluminum WiregateCarabiners which is well-known as strong wire these days. Secondly, this hammock is able to carry more than 400 pounds of weight. But, we prefer you to use it for one person only for better convenient. Furthermore, the net is almost invisible. In other words, you cannot even see it from a distance. In the end, we got strong and full-length zipper on its main body. It means you can use it for full-body size.

The price of this product starts from $99.95 USD. This is inexpensive cost as we compared with other hammock. You can fold the entire hammock into a backpack. This is very practical if you want to do trekking in a jungle or mountain. You just carry it on your back and assembly it as soon as possible on the location. This is the best hammock tent ever with a cheap price. If you want to consider about this tent, you can see it in details in this link. Last but not least, this hammock with mosquito net tent is your solution for the safest camping in your life.

  • luminum Wiregate Carabiners
  • 400lb Capacity
  • Heavy Duty Triple Stitched Seams
  • Super-Fine No-see-um netting
  • Strong, Nylon Taffeta Ripstop
  • Full length zipper
  • Attached Compression Stuff Sack
  • Weight: 27 oz.
  • Material: Nylon Taffeta Ripstop and No-See-Um-Netting
  • Dimensions (L x W): 9’4’’ x 4’9’’
  • Best use: Jungle camping & backpacking

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Firewood Log Rack With Cover Top Designs for 2016

Firewood Log Rack With Cover Top Designs for 2016

The Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Firewood log rack with cover is one of the best ways to carry over your wood stock. Traditional or classic houses are still relying on fire or fireplace as their heating. It means that the owners of the houses must place firewood log rack inside or outside their home. The use of this thing is also important to make your fireplace becomes functional and works perfectly. Today, we have lived in modern era. In other words, there are many new designs or forms of firewood log rack these days. We have collected the best designs for today in this post.

Firewood Log Rack with Cover 2016 Designs

We have some firewood log rack with cover designs especially for 2016. We know that it is quite hard to find the best log rack for our firewood in this modern era, right? Hopefully, those designs will inspire you who still use fireplace in your home.

The first form is called curve design firewood rack. This is the suitable form of fireplace obviously. For your information, curvy things become popular nowadays, right? So does the log rack. Unfortunately, you have a weakness with this design. Yes, we cannot save the firewood as much as we want. We mean that the curve form will limit our expectation to carry all long firewood. We have to start from the little wood firstly and then put the longer one upside. The second form is common form. It can be rectangular or square. We believe that you can easily imagine how the form is. You can carry as much as you want inside this log rack.

The Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Now, we begin to introduce you the best firewood log rack with cover. This product represents how modern log rack is in this modern era. It has many beneficial features for your fireplace. With only $99, you can bring it home and free shipping after all. Its black color makes this rectangular rock log more sophisticated rather than others. For your information, the size of the cover reached 12 inches. It means that the cover almost protect the entire body of the rack. This is good news since we usually place this rack outside of our home. The rack’s cover will prevent any moisture and weather perfectly. It suits for you who need outdoor log rack. To get the real one, you can easily click this link for sure.

Many reviewers have impressed with the strong stance of this firewood storage. Although it looks so tough and strong, it does not mean you have to install it in a heavy way. You just need your both hand to assembly this product. In the end, you have a sturdy log rack ever in your home. Moreover, it can stands for many years, thanks to the arc welder of this product. For the size, it is classified as large space. We can guarantee that the cover will keep the top firewood in dry condition even it is rainy day out there. Its 18-inch spaces will carry up to 18-inch woods either. This firewood log rack with cover is ready and steady for you now.

  • Simple assembly!
  • Black, baked on powder coat finish, the best finish and environmentally friendly.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. (cover imported)
  • Our own cover design, covers the top 12″ of the wood, and automatically adjusts for the amount of wood in the rack.
  • Arc welded end sections, try finding another rack this strong!

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Nice Women Mountain jacket Waterproof and Windproof Mountain Jacket

Nice Women Mountain jacket Waterproof and Windproof Mountain Jacket

Considering the kinds of the mountain jacket Waterproof is one of useful thing, especially when you want to buy this kind of jacket. Yes, this one of the mountain clothing can be a nice equipment, especially when you want to climb the mountain with your friends. In the market, some kinds of it are available but here, I have one of the special choice for you: WantDo Women’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket. Are you curious with it? Please read the detail of it below.

Overview of WantDo Women’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket

Before talking about the detail of this mountain equipment jacket, let us see the overview of this jacket. It is one of the special choice of the mountain jacket Waterproof by the combination of the nice design and the high-class material. The design leads you to have the modern look in your appearance and the material give the comfortable sense when you are wearing it. Some colors of the jacket are available and you can see the catalog to get your favorite.

Details of the material and look mountain jacket Waterproof

In this section, let us talk about the detail of this mountain jacket Waterproof. The detail will lead you to know the pros and cons of this jacket. In outer of the jacket, the manufacture uses the windproof soft shell. It is one of the nice material for the waterproof jacket, which will give a nice protection for you. As its name, the material will give the protection for the wind and the cold. It is one of the thick material and I am sure it will be useful in your climbing.

Then, inside the jacket, you will find the different material. When the manufacture of the mountain jacket Waterproof uses the thick material outside the jacket, they use the micro-fleece liner inside the jacket. It is also kind of a nice material, which will give the best sense for you. The micro-fleece liner insider this weatherproof jacket will be nice to give you the comfortable sense. You do not need to feel the hot of the weather because of the material.

After talking about the material of the jacket, let us see the appearance of this mountain jacket Waterproof. As I have said before, there are several kinds of the colors, you can choose such as the navy, pink, blue, red, and others. The kinds of color are combined with the black to increase the elegance of this mountain equipment jacket. In other hand, the look of the jacket is also nice with the simple design there. For you who like the simple thing, it will be a nice choice.


Something else that you need to know here is the size of the jacket. The size of the jacket also will influence the comfortable of the jacket, besides the material. How about the size of this mountain jacket Waterproof? The manufacture provides some kinds of the sizes there. In this kind of the outdoor jacket, the fit size can be your nice choice. However, to find the fittest size as your body, it will be nice for you to see the chart of size there.

Well, based on the explanation above, we all know that the mountain jacket Waterproof can be a nice choice when you want to have the outdoor jacket. Actually, this jacket is not only useful for the mountain jacket but it is also available for some others agenda. In this side, the manufacture says that it can be suitable for the hiking, traveling, skiing, or becoming the rain jackets. See, how great it is!. read reviews from other buyers

  • Outer:Waterproof, breathable, seam-sealed,windproof soft shell.Inner:Microfleece liner.
  • Front-zip jacket featuring detachable storm hood and concealed placket.
  • Relaxed-fit in quick-dry fabric with warm.Suitable for skiing, hiking, climbing, traveling, camping.
  • According to the reviews, we have revise the size.Please choose by US size,could reference size chart on the left or in the description.
  • Package Content: 1 x Fashion Ski Jacket.