Firewood Log Rack With Cover Top Designs for 2016

Firewood Log Rack With Cover Top Designs for 2016

The Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Firewood log rack with cover is one of the best ways to carry over your wood stock. Traditional or classic houses are still relying on fire or fireplace as their heating. It means that the owners of the houses must place firewood log rack inside or outside their home. The use of this thing is also important to make your fireplace becomes functional and works perfectly. Today, we have lived in modern era. In other words, there are many new designs or forms of firewood log rack these days. We have collected the best designs for today in this post.

Firewood Log Rack with Cover 2016 Designs

We have some firewood log rack with cover designs especially for 2016. We know that it is quite hard to find the best log rack for our firewood in this modern era, right? Hopefully, those designs will inspire you who still use fireplace in your home.

The first form is called curve design firewood rack. This is the suitable form of fireplace obviously. For your information, curvy things become popular nowadays, right? So does the log rack. Unfortunately, you have a weakness with this design. Yes, we cannot save the firewood as much as we want. We mean that the curve form will limit our expectation to carry all long firewood. We have to start from the little wood firstly and then put the longer one upside. The second form is common form. It can be rectangular or square. We believe that you can easily imagine how the form is. You can carry as much as you want inside this log rack.

The Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Now, we begin to introduce you the best firewood log rack with cover. This product represents how modern log rack is in this modern era. It has many beneficial features for your fireplace. With only $99, you can bring it home and free shipping after all. Its black color makes this rectangular rock log more sophisticated rather than others. For your information, the size of the cover reached 12 inches. It means that the cover almost protect the entire body of the rack. This is good news since we usually place this rack outside of our home. The rack’s cover will prevent any moisture and weather perfectly. It suits for you who need outdoor log rack. To get the real one, you can easily click this link for sure.

Many reviewers have impressed with the strong stance of this firewood storage. Although it looks so tough and strong, it does not mean you have to install it in a heavy way. You just need your both hand to assembly this product. In the end, you have a sturdy log rack ever in your home. Moreover, it can stands for many years, thanks to the arc welder of this product. For the size, it is classified as large space. We can guarantee that the cover will keep the top firewood in dry condition even it is rainy day out there. Its 18-inch spaces will carry up to 18-inch woods either. This firewood log rack with cover is ready and steady for you now.

  • Simple assembly!
  • Black, baked on powder coat finish, the best finish and environmentally friendly.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. (cover imported)
  • Our own cover design, covers the top 12″ of the wood, and automatically adjusts for the amount of wood in the rack.
  • Arc welded end sections, try finding another rack this strong!

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Nice Women Mountain jacket Waterproof and Windproof Mountain Jacket

Nice Women Mountain jacket Waterproof and Windproof Mountain Jacket

Considering the kinds of the mountain jacket Waterproof is one of useful thing, especially when you want to buy this kind of jacket. Yes, this one of the mountain clothing can be a nice equipment, especially when you want to climb the mountain with your friends. In the market, some kinds of it are available but here, I have one of the special choice for you: WantDo Women’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket. Are you curious with it? Please read the detail of it below.

Overview of WantDo Women’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket

Before talking about the detail of this mountain equipment jacket, let us see the overview of this jacket. It is one of the special choice of the mountain jacket Waterproof by the combination of the nice design and the high-class material. The design leads you to have the modern look in your appearance and the material give the comfortable sense when you are wearing it. Some colors of the jacket are available and you can see the catalog to get your favorite.

Details of the material and look mountain jacket Waterproof

In this section, let us talk about the detail of this mountain jacket Waterproof. The detail will lead you to know the pros and cons of this jacket. In outer of the jacket, the manufacture uses the windproof soft shell. It is one of the nice material for the waterproof jacket, which will give a nice protection for you. As its name, the material will give the protection for the wind and the cold. It is one of the thick material and I am sure it will be useful in your climbing.

Then, inside the jacket, you will find the different material. When the manufacture of the mountain jacket Waterproof uses the thick material outside the jacket, they use the micro-fleece liner inside the jacket. It is also kind of a nice material, which will give the best sense for you. The micro-fleece liner insider this weatherproof jacket will be nice to give you the comfortable sense. You do not need to feel the hot of the weather because of the material.

After talking about the material of the jacket, let us see the appearance of this mountain jacket Waterproof. As I have said before, there are several kinds of the colors, you can choose such as the navy, pink, blue, red, and others. The kinds of color are combined with the black to increase the elegance of this mountain equipment jacket. In other hand, the look of the jacket is also nice with the simple design there. For you who like the simple thing, it will be a nice choice.


Something else that you need to know here is the size of the jacket. The size of the jacket also will influence the comfortable of the jacket, besides the material. How about the size of this mountain jacket Waterproof? The manufacture provides some kinds of the sizes there. In this kind of the outdoor jacket, the fit size can be your nice choice. However, to find the fittest size as your body, it will be nice for you to see the chart of size there.

Well, based on the explanation above, we all know that the mountain jacket Waterproof can be a nice choice when you want to have the outdoor jacket. Actually, this jacket is not only useful for the mountain jacket but it is also available for some others agenda. In this side, the manufacture says that it can be suitable for the hiking, traveling, skiing, or becoming the rain jackets. See, how great it is!. read reviews from other buyers

  • Outer:Waterproof, breathable, seam-sealed,windproof soft shell.Inner:Microfleece liner.
  • Front-zip jacket featuring detachable storm hood and concealed placket.
  • Relaxed-fit in quick-dry fabric with warm.Suitable for skiing, hiking, climbing, traveling, camping.
  • According to the reviews, we have revise the size.Please choose by US size,could reference size chart on the left or in the description.
  • Package Content: 1 x Fashion Ski Jacket.

Best Mountain Climbing Shoes for the Challenging Adventure

Best Mountain Climbing Shoes for the Challenging Adventure

Climbing is one of the great ideas to ease the stress and pain because of your busy activity. In fact, climbing becomes one of the most challenging hobby of the people. In this case, we will talk about the kinds of mountain climbing shoes as the one of equipment you need to know. Really, wearing the certain shoes is important to protect you. There are many kinds of the best climbing shoes, but I choose the La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX Boot – Men’s as the best one and gravelstuff will review it ,See the detail of it below.

Overview of La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX Boot – Men’s

It is one of the nice choice when you want to have the mountain climbing shoes to assist your hobby. This one of the hiking shoes has a nice combination in appearance and detail. With the nice shape, it will be nice to protect the safe of your leg. In other hand, it also has the high quality with the best material in all parts of the shoes. Some colors are available here but people in common choose the combination of yellow and black as their favorite. You can see the list of catalogue to know the detail of colors choices.

Details For best Mountain climbing shoes

Now, we move to talk about the details of the climbing shoes here. Knowing the detail of it is important, especially when you want to buy it. This shoe uses the synthetic as the main material. Synthetic is one of the best material for mountain climbing shoes because of its strength. Yes, the shoe with the synthetic material will provide the excellent power, especially to climb the difficult track. In other hand, this shoe also uses the soft material inside to higher the comfortable sense.

Still talking about its detail, the manufacture claims that this shoe uses the innovative 3D flex ankle. Kinds of mountain climbing shoes, which using the 3D flex ankle will give the more comfortable and safe sense when it is used by the people. By this technology inside the rock climbing shoes, you will have the high flexibility shoe. In other hand, you also will have the longitudinal lockout there to give you excellent support in any occasion.

Move to the other technology, here to assist your mountain climbing, this shoe uses the Gore-Tex technology. What is the Gore-Tex technology? Well, it is one of a nice technology applying in the high-class of mountain climbing shoes. This technology is useful to give the waterproof matter of the shoe. In other hand, it also gives the breathable lining to help you keeping the dry and high comfortable sense in the long climbing.

Then, in the sole of the mountain climbing shoes, the manufacture applies the SBR aircushion midsole. It is one of the great sole to protect you from slipping. This kind of sole will increase the safe sense although you climb the difficult trek. The comfortable of this climbing equipment is also influenced with its style. In this shoe, the manufacture applies the variable kind of fit tongue. This variable will provides the perfect dialed-in fit. You will face the nice comfortable sense by it!

Based on the explanation above, we all know that this shoe can be the nice choice when you want to have the one of best climbing shoes. In this case, when you buy this shoe in the official agent, you will have some special offers. Yes, it is not only discount you will get but also warranty. The manufacture of the mountain climbing shoes gives the one-year warranty to help you in maintenance it. How great it is! read reviews from other buyers

  • Outer:Windproof soft shell.
  • Inner:Microfleece liner.
  • Relaxed-fit in quick-dry fabric with warm.
  • Suitable for skiing, hiking, climbing, traveling, camping.
  • Sizes:According to the reviews, we have revise the size.Please choose by US size,could reference size chart on the left.

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Log Kayak Rack Buying Benefits for Beginner Kayakers

Log Kayak Rack Buying Benefits for Beginner Kayakers

Log Kayak Rack is a necessary thing for kayakers. Without this thing, you will be confusing to choose the best place to save your kayak. Kayaking can be your hobby. But, it does not mean you do not need its rack to make it safe and durable. If you are beginner kayakers, this is your chance to maintain or care your kayak from the beginning. We have some advantages by having kayak rack since you are trying to do this extreme hobby. Moreover, things are going to be better if you care your hobby like kayaking, right? Check them out here, at

Log Kayak Rack Provides More than 4 Kayaks

The first benefit of Log kayak rack is able to carry up more than 4 kayaks. In other words, it will save the space and you will have no worry where did you place them. Perhaps, this is the most beneficial feature by having kayak rack. If you just park your kayak on the river or water’s surface, it will give bad impact for your kayak especially in its covers. It does not mean you can place them on the water for twenty four hours in a week. Based on our experience, kayak which is well-saved and maintained stands for more than ten years. Of course, you do not have to buy the new one each two or three years with this benefit, right?

Log Kayak Rack Durability

Not only the kayak, the log kayak rack has also durability against times and weathers. It needs durable materials either such as metal or woods. We prefer the wood because it is more practical and easy-to-move from one into another place. The durability of wood is also good for kayak rack. For example, we have cedar logs which have longevity more than ten years. Moreover, the weight is not too heavy for adults. So, we can place it whenever we want. You have to put this criterion when you want to buy kayak rack on the store. DO not worry because we have one of the best kayak racks which meet your expectation in this link.

Log Kayak Rack 6-place

This is the product that we have talked about earlier. All benefits which we have showed before are already belonging to this kayak storage. For your information, it can carry 6 kayaks at once. Thanks to the designer of this kayak rack because it has provided many spaces for our kayaks. In its detail, this log carries a boat which has 100 pounds of weight. In other words, it provides 600 pounds overall. We just amazed once knowing these stats by the way.

We have no reason anymore to refute our negative statement for this product. People usually become skeptical when they are asking about the warranty. The developer of this kayak rack does not make a joke because they bravely give their customers with one year of warranty if they got some problems with this product. Before you are going to be more skeptics, you need to know that the material derives from white cedar logs which give more than a decade of durability. It needs manual assembly by the way. All of this information is required to make you be able to purchase this log kayak rack without any doubt later. read reviews from other buyers


Digital Watch for Outdoor Matching with Your Wardrobe Tips

Digital Watch for Outdoor Matching with Your Wardrobe Tips

Digital watch for outdoor is a watch which has LCD display on its main body. This watch is categorized as modern watch these days. Unlike analog watch, digital watch is very sophisticated and modern. It is not suitable for you who love traditional and classical watches for sure. Of course, there are some rules when you consider using digital watch on your hand. The most important one is about matching it with your current wardrobe. Once again, it is unlike analog watch which is preferable for formal wardrobe or outfit, this watch should be paired with casual outfits.

Digital Watch for Outdoor with Sporty Outfit

The first mate of our digital watch for outdoor is sporty outfit. Both of them cannot be separated because it will fill your fashion each other. Most digital watches have stopwatch feature inside. It means you can set the time how long you should running, working out, yoga and other sport activities. Sporty outfits have many variants either. You can use something cheerful in order to motivate you to do harder with your work out for example. Sport and digital watch is united. You should support your hand with digital watch when doing some exercises. Do not worry with the color because almost all colors are matching with your digital watches.

Casio Men’s GR8900A-1 G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Black Resin Sport Watch

Luckily, we have one of the best digital watches for men today. It has very special features and functions especially to support your daily sport activities. The name of the digital watch for outdoor is Casio G-Shock. If you have familiar with digital watch, you must be known with this name, right? Yeah, G-Shock has been existed since 25 years ago until now. We believe it is enough to represent how tough this digital watch in the watches’ market scene. Now, this watch has modern features which are very functional for our sports. Check out those features below and you can go to this link if you want to see more.


This special watch has featured with waterproof and shock resistant which will make you feel comfortable during your climbing, running and any activity. The best part is that you can use solar power to run this watch. It means that you do not have to change the battery in the future anymore. Moreover, it will cut the cost, right? Talking about the cost, this watch is priced for $792. Although it is quite expensive, you will have very high-quality digital watch which will fit with your casual and sporty wardrobe.

Moreover, its stylish design is very timeless. You can use this watch for ten years and even more than it. The LED illumination is the next feature which makes you want to buy this watch. It will glow in the dark or afterglow in other term. You have no worry while you are working in the night with this digital watch. Since it is waterproof, rainy days cannot stop you anymore now. This watch has also generous features like other digital watch such as stopwatch, world time and many more. With that price, it is comparable with what you take with this digital watch for outdoor. read reviews from other buyers (Casio Men’s GR8900A-1 G-Shock Tough Solar Digital Black Resin Sport Watch)


Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Tips for Campers

Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Tips for Campers

Choosing camping sleeping bag with pillow won’t make your camping day ruined. There are many advantages which you can do with this sleeping. So, it is important for you to carry sleeping bag especially for outdoor camping. Camping will make us back to nature. Meanwhile, low temperature in the night can be our enemy while doing camping. That is why the comfortable sleeping bag is a must for you as beginner campers. We have some tips to choose the best sleeping bag especially with additional pillow. Those tips can be your consideration before camping with your friends or family.

Temperature Rating of Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow

Many campers do not know the temperature rating of their camping sleeping bag with pillow. IN other words, we cannot just take a sleeping bag and then carry it to our camping. We should know our sleeping bag whether is appropriate or not. If you want to conduct a camping on the top of mountain in summer day, make sure you carry summer bag which has description as 35-degree bag. It means that you will get the best temperature for your boy above 35 degrees of Fahrenheit. If you got lower than this temperature, we believe your sleeping won’t be comfortable. Commonly, there are three types of temperature rating as follows: winter sleeping bag, summer and 3-Season.

Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Best Shape

For your information, all hiking sleeping bags have systematical shape which works with any temperature. It means that the warm or heat while you are wearing the sleeping is collected by the dead layer. If there is low space for the air, your sleeping bag is completely warm or hot. Common campers underestimate the use of sleeping bag. They keep their sleeping bag on the opened position. The warm or heat could not be happened while they are sleeping in this position. So, make sure your camping sleeping bag is in good shape or condition. It is not fun when you got hypothermia in the night.Here are some types of camping sleeping bag.

Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Common Types

The first type of camping sleeping bag with pillow is rectangular. This shape does not mean lack of function. The designer of this bag wants to give maximum comfort for the users and it also brings roomier feel. The second shape is barrel-shaped. This shape is more versatile because you can use it as sleeping bag or backpack. Last but not least, it is mummy shape. This bag is designed with narrower hips and shoulder. All shapes or types can be used with additional pillow.


Aircee 20 Degree F Flannel Liner 4 Season Cold Weather Traveling Camping Hooded Sleeping Bag With Pillow

Luckily, we have one review of sleeping bag today. This sleeping bag is very useful especially for winter season like today. It provides warm temperature as long as possible. But, the heat won’t make you feel sweaty or gross all night long. The length is around 74 inches for adult size. Although it is quite long, the weight is not as heavy as you imagined before. Moreover, the flannel lining will keep your skin in soft condition. To use it, you do not need any help from your friends or do-it-yourself. For additional information, this camping sleeping bag with pillow has rubber materials and soft reviews from other buyers

About the Product
  • Portable, foldable and flexible, easy to pack. Great for traveling and camping,come with a inflatable pillow.
  • Fits alduts, Size:(74.8”+11.8”)X31.5” , Size:(190+30)X80cm Weight:2.2kg (77.6oz)
  • Good fabric stands up to years. Shell:210T 100% nylon, Lining:100% cotton flannel, Filler:450g/m2 cotton fiber.
  • Designed for cold weather.Extreme Temperature: -10 C/ 14 F. Comfortable Temperature: -5~10 C/ 23~50 F
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tips: Two sleeping bags (the left zipper one and the right zipper one) can be connected as a DOUBLE PERSON sleeping bag 🙂

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