Campgrounds near Me: 5 of the Best Places to Camp in Michigan

Campgrounds near Me: 5 of the Best Places to Camp in Michigan

Michigan is one of the states in the United States that is suitable for you if you are looking for campgrounds. As a state surrounded by many large lakes, namely Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Michigan, this state is suitable for relieving your fatigue with camping activities. These 5 campgrounds near me in Michigan are perfect for those of you who want to spend your vacation time with your spouse, family, and friends.

Camping happy
Camping happy

Porcupine Mountains State Park

Porcupine Mountains State Park is the largest state park in the state of Michigan. Porcupine Mountains State Park has an area of around 60.000 acres. In this national park there are lush forests, waterfalls, rivers, and even hiking trails with a length of 90 miles. Don’t forget to bring your camping gear for a long time because you might not want to go home because of the beautiful scenery. Porcupine Mountains State Park is in the Ontonagon region.

South Higgins Lake State Park

South Higgins Lake State Park is one of the campgrounds near me in Michigan that you should visit if you want to camp. South Higgins Lake State Park is in the Roscommon area. South Higgins Lake State Park has about 1.000 acres outside. Although it has the name South Higgins Lake State Park, it has 2 lakes, namely Higgins Lake to the north and Marl Lake to the south. However, the Higgins Lake section is the most developed part of campgrounds. You can also fish here.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Tahquamenon Falls State Park is in the Paradise area. Tahquamenon Falls State Park has an area of around 50.000 acres with a lengthways of up to 13 miles. The main attraction of this state park is, of course, the Tahquamenon River and its Tahquamenon Falls. From here, you can also see the Upper Falls in the state of Mississippi as an additional view. With so many beautiful views, Tahquamenon Falls State Park is suitable for campgrounds.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Another campgrounds near me in Michigan that can be made a recommendation is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is in the Munising area and very close to one of the largest lakes in Michigan, Lake Superior. This national lakeshore is famous for its many beautiful colorful sandstone cliffs, beaches, forests, even wildlife with breathtaking views from Lake Superior. Besides camping, you can also do hiking, fishing, kayaking, or just sightseeing. This place is a complete place for you when camping.

Holiday Nights in Caravan Parks
Holiday Nights in Caravan Parks

Wilderness State Park

Wilderness State Park is in the Carp Lake region. In this national park, you can see a wide and beautiful stretch of Lake Michigan because of its proximity. As the name implies, this state park has a wilderness nuance and has an area of around 10.000 acres. If you prefer a modern campsite or campgrounds, then this place is perfect for you.

That’s 5 campgrounds near me in Michigan. You can find various types of nuances of the environment and scenery to your liking while camping in Michigan.

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4 Tips to Conduct Wild Camping More Safely

4 Tips to Conduct Wild Camping More Safely

Wild camping is a camping activity that is conducted outside the campsite provided. Therefore, you choose another stop and then build your tent there. The rules about wild camping are different in many areas. Well, some countries or regions allow it with terms and conditions. Meanwhile, some others prohibit it due to safety reasons.

Hiking Trails Near Me That You Must Visit

Based on the fact above, if you are interested to do wild camping, make sure to do it in an area that legalizes it. When it is illegal, you may still go back home alive after camping. But you also need to deal with the law because of this. Aside from being legal or not, there are some tips you must follow in wild camping. Check them out.

Learning about the Spot

Before doing the trip and camping there, make sure to learn about the spot first. Although you really love challenge, your safety must be considered first. Avoid places where there are wild animals like bears or snakes. Besides, some areas are indeed not good for camping like they are too muddy. Sure, rather than choosing those areas, it is better to build up your tent on the more ideal ones.

Near the Water Source

If you read the history books, you must know that even the human civilization in the past was started from places near the water source. It is because water is very important to your life. Now, when you want to camp, make sure that the spot chosen is also near the water source. At least, you can do your toilet activities more easily this way.

Providing Enough Foods and Drinks

The spot you choose can be far from residences. It is mainly if you love exploring open nature like in the mountainous areas. Rather than feeling hungry or even sick while camping, it is much better to provide enough food and drinks since the beginning. Make sure that they are kept in safe containers to avoid animals or bacteria coming inside. You must estimate how many days to spend in wild camping.

Bringing Map and Compass

Hiking Club
Hiking Club

Today’s Smartphone is full of great features and apps. It is including them to help you to survive in the open nature. Unfortunately, they have lacks also. For example, it is when the battery is low or the area doesn’t give you signals at all. The manual tools are needed anyway in your wild camping. They are a map and compass.

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5 Benefits of Spending Holiday Nights in Caravan Parks

5 Benefits of Spending Holiday Nights in Caravan Parks

Caravan parks are an alternative if you need a place to spend the nights while doing trips or vacations. The park is commonly established by local people to support their income. For you who don’t have any experience with it, a caravan park refers to a field or area with rows of caravans on it. There are facilities just like you are staying in hotels including beds and tables. Interestingly, you can cook your foods also outside. There are also some other benefits offered by caravan parks. What are they?

Complete Facilities

It has been mentioned above. The main reason why people choose to stay in the caravan is due to its complete facilities. There are things like beds, tables, bathroom, and many more. Sure, the caravan itself tends to be warm so that you can sleep at night comfortably.

Just like Camping

People also choose caravan for feeling like camping. The difference is that they don’t need to carry a tent and others. Moreover, the caravans are indeed parked in the open air. While you can enjoy facilities like in a hotel, the surrounding feels like camping. Make sure to cook your foods or do a barbecue party to have fun more.

More Affordable

The cost of caravan parks is much more affordable than staying at the hotel. In other words, you can simply save your money more for this. In one caravan, it is available for 4 people. Sure, it is recommended if you want to spend your holiday with family and friends without thinking more about the accommodation costs.

Near Tourist Spots

Caravan parks are located not far from tourist spots. Some spots can even be reached only by walking. Even the fields where the caravans are parked, they are mostly surrounded by stunning landscapes. So, if you just want to relax your mind, you can go outside and simply sitting in front of your caravan.

It is a trend currently

Initially, caravans as tourist accommodation are only provided in certain areas. But after knowing that it is really beneficial for all parties, it is getting more popular. Nowadays, almost all places with tourist attractions provide caravan parks anyway. In the US, some areas or cities are known for their qualified caravan parks. They are including Atlantic City, Seattle, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale, and more. Vacations and trips with caravan parks as the feature are even supported by some brands like Hot Wheels. So, are you interested to spend your holiday nights in caravan parks?

Holiday Nights in Caravan Parks
Outdoor Caravan Parks

Rv Parks Near Me in San Diego

Are you confused about finding RV parks near me in San Diego? This problem often happens, because it is not easy to find a park near me, starting again in the San Diego area. How to find RV parks near me with complete facilities, a comfortable atmosphere, and a fairly spacious location? This article will discuss some of the best recommendations for parks in the San Diego area.

1. San Diego RV Resort

For those of you who are looking for RV parks near me in San Diego, this is one of the recommendations that you can go to. San Diego RV Resort is located in La Mesa, which is one of the areas in this part of San Diego. This location has a large enough place for activities, even to stay overnight. Another thing that makes this location much in demand is also because the atmosphere is very comfortable, the facilities are complete, and many trees surround it, making the air around this location so fresh and suitable for finding a place to relax and play. Many people responded about this location. One of them is about the convenience of the place, which is very nice.

2. Santa Fe Park RV Resort

Compared to the San Diego RV Resort, this RV parks near me location has a larger area. But of course, that is not a problem, because this location is very easy to reach. You can go by interstate 5. Facilities offered are also quite complete, for example, like a swimming pool, with good privacy. This is because you can find a swimming pool recommended by a guardrail. Besides that, the positive thing about this location is that the environment is very conducive. Starting from a clean place, comfortable atmosphere, well-maintained spots. But with all these facilities you can still easily access downtown San Diego.

3. Marina Marina & Fiddler RV Park

Ever heard of this RV parks near me location? If so, you would already know Marina Marina & Fiddler RV Park is an RV park location that is usually used for the activities of military members and fishing relatives. At this location you can do various outdoor activities, for example like sunbathing, then camps are made, making campfires, doing BBQ activities together. This place is very suitable, with a warm and very spacious place. Many people like this location, because it says the atmosphere is very pleasant. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of the marina, the Coronado Bridge, to the hills. And don’t worry about spending facilities in this place, because you will be able to think without having to bother.

Those are some RV parks near me in San Diego recommendations that you can try.

3 Recommended Hiking Groups in the US That Can Help With Your Hiking Problems

Hiking is one of the activities that can be a tired release of various work activities or your lecture. You can hike individually or join hiking groups that have the same hiking destination. You can hike individually if the place you are going to is not too heavy or you are an expert and very familiar with the destination. However, if you are still a beginner or the place you are going to is very heavy and difficult that makes you doubt, then join a hiking group. Even hiking groups also have a noble mission to care for various trails and hiking spots to have a sustainable function. Here are 3 hiking groups in the US that can help you explore and develop your favorite hiking spots.

Colorado hiking trail

American Hiking Society

When talking about hiking in the United States, it seems impossible not to mention this group. The American Hiking Society (AHS) was formed in 1976. The main purpose of the American Hiking Society is to focus more on the preservation of hiking spots. This group has an advocacy function, which is in collaboration with Congress in the US related to the policy of trails and hiking. Also, they have volunteer activities to treat various trails so they can still be used for hiking. They also provide a complete range of information about various trails and paths where it is possible to pass according to your conditions.

Women Who Hike

If you are a woman who has a hobby of hiking or wants to know more about hiking, then don’t hesitate to join Woman Who Hike. Woman Who Hike is hiking groups that have a mission to empower women who like hiking, both inside and outside the hiking trail. This group was first formed in 2015. Woman Who Hike has activities for hiking together to a place to strengthen feelings and become an activity to inspire each other through hiking activities or personal life. To get the latest information about hiking schedules together, you must be a member of this group. This group also has a Facebook group for you to find the closest people who have interests or have the same hiking destination.

American Alpine Club

For those of you who are hiking lovers, even climbing mountains? Then this group will be the right group for you. This group is not a travel agent that organizes your trips. American Alpine Club has a goal for the conservation of hiking and climbing environments. Also, this club can help you find friends or the closest community around you who have interests in the same field to do hiking and climbing as well as doing environmental preservation efforts. If you join this group, you will also get the latest knowledge about hiking and climbing. Also, you do not need to bring a lot of equipment if you join this group because it has been provided by the American Alpine Club.

That’s 3 hiking groups that can be used as a means to channel your hobbies or introduce you further by hiking. Don’t hesitate to join a hiking group because usually members of a hiking group have a strong sense of closeness and humanity that can help your problem.

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4 Positive Impacts of Joining a Hiking club

4 Positive Impacts of Joining a Hiking club

Hiking is not an easy and inexpensive hobby. Why not easy? Not only physical must be strong, but also someone who wants to join a Hiking Club and go up the mountain must prepare their mental endurance, whether they can survive with the fatigue that rained down or surrender and go down the mountain. That’s why this hiking often called as an expensive hobby. But for those of you who wants to be a part of a Hiking Club, here are 4 positive impacts that you can get!

1. Dealing with the extraordinary measurement

Join a Hiking Club is Extraordinary expensive. Not yet the equipment, starting from the bag for example, then the shoes, thar would be a long way prepared.

If you are tired, you do feel it, but again you just want to continue to become addicted. Members of the Hiking Club claim that the hobby of hiking is indeed tiring, but their fatigue will immediatelypay off if it is already at the top and see the beautiful view presented.

2. Lots of experience

Another advantage of joining Hiking Club is the timeless experiences. Much can be obtained from becoming a member of Hiking Club. You can gain new friends, and also have new experiences. You can get more information about hiking and another nature based activity. The biggest benefit for Hiking Club members is finding a new family.

Hiking Club
Hiking Club

3. Have better mental endurance

The first stage that must be prepared properly for joining a Hiking Club is a mental condition. When you have set your feet to go up the mountain, your life is already in your own hands. So you have to survive to achieve the top. It’s hard to give up, because everyone on your Hiking Club is relying on you too. So if your mental state is not strong enough, it would be so bad for everyone on that club.

4. Have a healthy lifestyle

A week or two before hiking, you must exercise regularly. Even those who have often climbed mountains must exercise first, because if the don’t, then they might paint. This gives the member of a Hiking Club, become healthier. The lifestyle as a hikerr requires you to exercise regularly, in addition to maintain your stamina. Therefore, this lifestyle will become the part of your daily life, and make your body healthier than before.

That’s the 4 benefits of joining a Hiking Club. For those of you who have an interest in natural activities and so on, this is worth your try.

Various Tips When You Want to Do Solo Hiking

Hiking is a fun activity, especially with friends after being tired in the city with various urban problems. But what if you want to hike and be alone or usually called solo hiking? certainly not a problem. Solo Hiking can be defined as mountain climbing which is done alone by someone without being accompanied by other climbers he knows.

When traveling solo, you are the only person you can depend on. This makes solo hiking can indirectly train a climber’s confident ability while living in the real world. A climber who goes on a solo hiking trip will also increasingly know how much he knows his true identity. Then what preparations or tips can we do to do solo hiking?

Tell yout Family and Close Friends

All parents would worry if their children walk in the middle of the forest alone. But don’t let you lie in order to make your solo hiking wishes come true. Convince them if you are able to do it. Also tell your closest friends about your plans; what you really want from your trip, when you leave and when you will go home. Of course, all this is done to ensure your luggage and preparation is completely complete. They will also try to do something if your itinerary turns out to be out of plan.

Hiking Trails Near Me That You Must Visit

Define Well the Mountain to be Absected

Keep in mind that you will be solo hiking without a friend, so it is necessary to consider carefully which hiking trails and hiking trails are according to your physical abilities. In addition, you also need to determine the time and estimated time to climb so that you can manage logistics and time well.

Prepare Physical Excellence

Because in solo hiking you only rely on yourself, so prepare your physical well so that the physical is able to be compromised during the climb, given the position you are hiking alone. So, the physical condition must be fit and maximum.

The Right Supplies

This supply includes equipment and food brought. Adjust the provisions with the circumstances and the duration of the climb. Strive to bring standard equipment that can support the safety and security of climbing. Do not bring supplies that will not be used because they will only become a burden. Good and proper supplies are supplies that you can use to the maximum. Ask others on hiking club about the right supplies you should take, this Survival Fire Starter could be nice to have

Learn and Recognize the Weather

Before climbing, you must know the weather conditions of the mountain to be climbed, at least the weather 5 days back. Prepare mentally and supporting equipment to deal with sudden weather changes. But if just before climbing the weather is not friendly, you are very obliged to postpone your solo hiking because it is very risky to safety

Recommended Hiking Stores to Visit in the US

Are you looking for the best hiking store? For the lovers of adventure, tools like the tent, hiking shoes, compass, and others are very important. Of course, it is much better if you can get them all in one place. Well, you can now open your Smartphone and buy them online. However, it looks like buying the tools directly in the store is safer, isn’t it? Make sure to choose the best stores for not being disappointed later. What are the stores? maybe you not get this info from your hiking club, Here are the recommendations.

Must Bring Outdoor Supplies
Must Bring Outdoor Supplies

Eastern Mountain Sports

This store is located in Princeton, New Jersey. While you can go there and directly choose the tools needed, this store also provides its official website. This way, it is possible to buy them online. it provides gears and tools for hiking and other outdoor activities. More than that, apparels are also available here. Easter Mountain Sports makes sure that it only makes available qualified and original products. Interestingly, the prices are really friendly.


For you the New Yorkers, stores for hiking should be easier to find around. However, it is probably quite difficult to determine which is the best one. Orvis is one of the most recommended stores to get qualified gears, tools, and apparel for outdoor activities. The services are satisfying and you can even order them online. Orvis is located in the area of Lake George and it opens every day at 10 am.

L.L Bean

Orvis is not the only hiking outlet you can get in New York. There is also L.L. Bean with many loyal customers from the realm of professional hikers. Currently, it even gains a higher rating anyway. The store is really comfortable, making you may want to stay there longer. Besides, anything you need regarding outdoor activities, all of them can be found in this store. L. L. Bean is located not too far from Orvis. It is in Lake George.


For you who are living in the area of New Jersey, there is one more recommended hiking store to visit. It is REI in Lawrence Township. Many outdoor gears from various brands are available there. Sure, the products are original and qualified. The store opens everyday starting from 10 am. You can enjoy great services while being here also. If you don’t have enough time to visit REI, you should not worry. Use online services available. It can be accessed on the official website of this hiking store.

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Best Trails Near Me For Cycling In Los Angeles

Best Trails Near Me For Cycling In Los Angeles

Best trails near me for cycling

Cycling is one of the fun activities, as well as healthy. This activity can be done alone, or in groups with family, friends, and colleagues. Los Angeles is known by the nickname car city. This is due to the way of life of the people who are indeed not far from transportation. It is very rare to find people using other transportation there. Though Los Angeles has many best trails near me for cycling, which can be tried. And guaranteed to be very exciting, because the sights and atmosphere are very riveting.

Here are best trails near me for cycling in Los Angeles that you can try.

Will Rogers State Beach

The first best trails near me is Will Rogers Beach is one of the best trails locations near me, which is usually called a piece of heaven. This beach is suitable as the best trails near me for cycling because it occupies a location far enough from the city center. So, you don’t have to worry about pollution, or the atmosphere is too crowded when you decide to ride here. You can go to this beach by bicycle, bypassing the Venice beach area. You will travel a distance of approximately 11 km. Along the way, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the waves and the fresh beach. Coupled with a quiet and peaceful dock area, it will be the best moment for you.

Dockweiler State Beach

From the Marina Del Rey area, best trails near me that you will be taken along the landscape against the dock, which is relaxed and fairly quiet. On the way to this beach, you will find views of many sailing ships and also a collection of superyachts that are very rarely found in urban areas. But make no mistake, this beach also includes a busy beach used as a camping location, and held a campfire event. For those of you who are looking for a suitable location as a place to escape, as well as a pleasant vacation, you can try cycling to this beach in the afternoon, and continue to stalk afterward.

Manhattan Beach Pier

Do you want best trails near me with a biking, relaxed location, but still able to enjoy lunch and body warmers? Yes, this is the best location. You can try your favorite bicycle ride on this beach, by starting the journey from the Venice Beach area for approximately 1.5 hours. After finishing cycling, you can also enliven the event playing beach volleyball, swimming, or just basking in the beach sun. This location is very suitable as a sports arena, ranging from biking, playing volleyball, swimming, to jogging activities.

Check the references for best trails near me in the Los Angeles area. Don’t forget to visit!

Trails Near Me: 3 of the Best Trails in California

Looking for trails is something that is done for those of you who like to explore or jog or love hiking. In the United States, California can be regarded as one of the paradises of trails. Trails in California have a variety of stunning views or landscapes. So, you not only satisfy your desires or hobbies but also can satisfy your eyes. Valleys, beaches, mountain areas, waterfalls, deserts are just a few examples of the various landscapes you will encounter in California. Here are 3 of the best trails near me, in California, that you must visit.

nature with a waterfall
refreshing natural landscape with a waterfall that looks beautiful in a city in Indonesia

Yosemite Falls Trail

It is impossible not to mention this place if you are in California, either for hiking or just traveling to this area. Yosemite Falls Trail is a trail that was built in the area of Yosemite National Park to accommodate hikers. Yosemite Falls itself is the highest waterfall in North America. Choosing the Yosemite Falls Trail will give you a bonus of the amazing view of this beautiful waterfall.

Yosemite Falls Trail, as part of the trails near me in California, has 2 sections related to its trails. The first part is called Columbia Rock and the second part is called Yosemite Falls itself. Columbia Rock has a track length of approximately 2 miles with changes in elevation of up to 1.000 feet. Make sure if you use this section to always stay within the path provided. Even though it seems to be a heavy route, many hikers come here because they will see much beautiful scenery such as Yosemite Falls, Merced River, and Half Dome and Sentinel Rock.

Yosemite Falls Trail difficulty

The second part, namely Yosemite Falls, is considered to be more difficult trails than Columbia Rock. This track has a length of 7 miles with a change in height increase to 2.425 feet. This path is considered more difficult because it has rough and heavy terrain, and there are many steep hillsides. Make sure you stay alert and stay on track.

Fern Canyon

If you’ve seen the film or maybe even a big fan of Jurassic Park, then you will love these trails. The Fern canyon is inside Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is part of the Redwood National and State Parks. This State Park has a function as a sanctuary for redwood trees. If you choose this place as your hiking spot, you will see a variety of tall redwood trees looming. With the condition of many trees and aloft, the feel of this park is very natural and shady.

Lost Palms Oasis and 49 Palms Trails

Other trails near me in California that you can visit are Lost Palms Oasis and 49 Palms Trails. Lost Palms Oasis and 49 Palms Trails are in Joshua Tree National Park. If the previous place has a mountain/waterfall and forest feel, then these trails have a desert feel. This trail has 2 parts of trails, as the name suggests. The Lost Palm Oasis is 7.2 miles long, while the 49 Palms Trail is 3 miles long. Make sure you are in top condition because the environmental conditions are quite hot.

That’s the best 3 of the trails near me in California. Tips for you are to stay on the path provided, bring enough drinking water, and your condition is healthy.

Best Hiking trail
Best Hiking trail

Important Things to Know about Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail is one of the longest and the most popular hiking trails in the world. The trail is located along the northern area of Maine to southern Georgia, the US. Sure, it is really challenging by remembering the trail has a length of about 3,500 km. Aside from this trail, there are 2 other longest trails in the US, they are Continental Divide and Pacific Crest.

It is reasonable if there are many people who are interested and challenged to pass through Appalachian Trail. Even though there are many big companies that promote hiking activities in this area like Hot Wheels. Well, if you are one of those people who want to taste Appalachian Trail, make sure to know more about it.


The Appalachian Trail establishment was started in 1921. There was an idea to build up the trail to ease people who want to explore the area. Then, it was completed in 1937. In other words, it spent more than a decade to finish the project. More improvements and developments are conducted continuously. Until now, the government still puts efforts to make the trail friendlier to the hikers.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Of course, the trail is more than just a path where you can simply work on it. There are areas like forests and wild lands that are beautiful but also quite difficult to pass through. More than that, the trail consists of portions of roads, farming areas, and towns. There are at least 14 states that are passed by the trail. They are North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

The conservancy area is managed by some organizations in the US. They are National Park Service, United States Forest Service, and non-profit organizations of Appalachian Trail.

A Trail for Thru-Hikers

With the long distance, location, and beautiful landscape around, Appalachian Trail is the perfect place for Thru-Hikers. Thru-Hikers are a term for people who attempt to conquer long-distance trails. They may take a long time to do this action even up to a year in groups. But mostly, those hikers still cannot pass through the trail entirely. Their trip is then divided into some parts while doing other activities.

There are also many books and documentaries who talk about this trail. They discuss tips, best spots, and tools to bring while hiking. Sure, it is better to read them all as a preparation to join the Appalachian Trail.

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Best Sites to Get Discount Camping Gear Online

Best Sites to Get Discount Camping Gear Online

There are a couple of awesome websites that you have to visit if you want to get discount camping gear online. This article will give you five best sites that you can choose for those of you who want to have discount camping gear online.

Get Discount Camping Gear Online At REI

REI is the leader of the outdoor websites as it the leader of the outdoor gear stores. You can find easily their catalog on the web to a website that will be moved into the online stores. It is a well-organized website that is very easy to navigate. This website offers a couple of options that you can search and you also can get a lot of advices from expert about how to use gear and how to buy it. This outlet is the perfect place for you to get discount camping gear online. An item can also be shipped to a store so that you can pick it up.


This store is located in the Spokane, Washington. In this site you can find a couple of outdoor gear, but the specialization is on the climbing. For those of you who need to buy rock shoes, this is the right place as they provide 90 different kinds of shoes. Dynamic single climbing rope is not a big deal for them as the offer forty nine of it. For those of you who want to buy crampon, this site offer 40 of them from the simple strap-on to full-on ice-climbing crampons.


This is the perfect site for those of you who find discount camping gear online. You can also find overstocks and selling seconds as this site maybe the biggest site in the world. This store also comes with a couple esoteric items including climbing harnesses. This site is very simple to navigate and the customer service is very incredible.

Get discount camping gear online : Campmor

This sit may have a lot of stuff than REI have. This store comes with all of the bases such as huge items for camping equipment sale. This site also comes with clearance and sale items. Compmor also provides great sunglasses.


For those of you who want to find perfect footwear, Zappos is the right place that you have to visit. There are about 47 different types of hiking, backpacking, and climbing boots. You have to consider that if you purchase boots online it is a tricky thing to do because you have to think about the size. But this site comes with perfect returns policy which is completed with free shipping.

The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome tent comes with a large door that will make you easy exit or entry. This tent also comes with a hooded fly in order to offer ventilation. Airflow is also provided by a large rear hooded window for cross ventilation. On the roof, the mesh vents offer additional ventilation and also the rugged 1000D polyethylene floor which is a bathtub style to have weather protection. This tent is very easy to set up.

The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent, discount camping gear online
The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent
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