4 Important Things that should be on Hiking Equipments List

4 Important Things that should be on Hiking Equipments List

Making hiking equipments list is a must for you who want to conduct multiday hiking trip. Without the list, we believe that you will forget small but important things for your hiking. It is fine if you are experienced hiker. But, it is essential if you are just beginner hiker. If you do not know where to start the list, we have some important things which you have to write on the list. Those things are mostly useful to succeed your hiking activity. Moreover, we have also conducted some researches to decide those things with the help of professional hikers in the world. What you have to do is only one. It is preparing your pen and paper to write down your list.

Hiking Equipments List Backpack

The first hiking equipments list is the backpack. You must consider the size of you pack first before filling it with your hiking stuff. In other words, it depends on your hiking days either. If you plan two or three hiking days, you should prepare bigger backpack rather than only a day hiking. Talking about the backpack, the second criterion is the durability. So, the size is the number one consideration. But, it will be nothing if you have less-durable backpack. Your hiking days will be ruined when your backpack was broken or torn. Make sure the waterproof feature is also written on your backpack. Rainy day will make your backpack less-durable if there is no water-resistant.

Osprey Packs Atmos 50 Backpack

Hiking Equipments List Clothing

The next thing should be listed on your hiking eqipments list is your clothing. Without cloths, your body will be easily gotten bad impact from nature. Moreover, hiking is an outdoor activity which requires extra clothing for your body. The first cloth that you have to carry is rain jacket or pant. Both clothes are waterproof which will always make your body dry in rainy day. Extra sweaters are also necessary to avoid hypothermia. You have to know that nature is unpredictable.  You cannot just ignore this small stuff because they can be big mistakes when you are hiking.

Hiking Equipments List Modern Campstove

Multiday hiking means that you will go hiking for several days. A stove is the third thing of our hiking equipments list today. You can cook, make meals, heat your body and many things with campstove. Wood burning campstove is the best stove which you have to bring in your hiking. This stove is designed with modern technology, in this case woods. With wood, you can charge your phone or having light in the night. This is more than a normal stove by the way. Of course, it will make your hiking easier. Lastly, the dimension is lightweight.

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove 1

Hiking Equipments List Hammock With Mosquito Net

Last but not least, hammock or sleeping bag should be on your hiking list. Without this thing, your sleep won’t be in a good quality. Moreover, insects such as mosquito will ruin your night. It is better for you to buy hammock with mosquito net. It will protect your skin from mosquito’s bite effectively. These days, hammock also comes with that net. We prefer to use hammock rather than sleeping bag because it can be tied up between trees. That is why we put this on our hiking equipments list.

Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest Hammock 1

JungleNest Hammock

Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Tips for Campers

Easy Fishing Trick and Tips for Amateur Fishers

These fishing trick and tips could make your fishing activity more fun and enjoyable. Not all fishers know these tricks by the way. Like other sports, fishing requires some skills and knowledge for the sportsmen. In other words, you have to know the good spot or the type of the fish which you want to catch and many more. The fishing equipment is actually consisting two items only. They are the line plus the hook and the bait. The others are just the accessories which will make your fishing easier such as tackle box to carry out your fish. For your information, each fish has different characteristics. In other words, they are unique. Even old techniques cannot catch them anymore in this modern era. So, please make sure you have learned these tips and tricks properly.

Know Your Enemy

The enemy here refers to you fish like a battlefield. So, it becomes our first one of fishing trick and tips today. This term is also used to catch your fish for sure. It means that you have to know the characteristics of your target fish. Many amateur fishers ignore about this. They just go fishing with nothing. In the end, they never catch the fish on the pole. Learn their habitat and habits through internet. We know internet is the first destination for everyone these days. Secondly, you need play with the time. Some fish often become aggressive in the morning. It is the best time for you to catch theme. Others are starving in the afternoon. Last but not least, you have to learn the temperature of the water whether it is cold or warm.


This is the nature of fishing. Without patience, all fishing trick and tips today are nothing. Patience contains keeping the noise down and dealing with your own self. Every fisher must have a good patience inside their mind and body. Do not too harsh to pull your line when your bait is eaten by the fish. Keep looking their movement until you got their attention. Be patient guys.

Baitcast Reels

Another important thing is having proper baitcast reels. If you do not know what it is, reels are the part of your fishing rod to release or cast the bait. Some fishermen have their own style and technique to cast their reels. Find your style by casting it repeatedly. The best baitcast reels should have full metal body instead of plastic or steel. It gives sturdy and tough casting for amateur fishers.

baitcast reels

Smart Fish Finder

This is the secret to find fish easier without much effort. Smart Fish finder is sonar to detect the fish’s movement underwater. In this modern era, we can integrate our smartphone with the finder. Thus, your phone is treated like a monitor when the finder on the water. For your information, the best finder must have long sonar’s distance. Since you know how to use it with your fishing rod, we believe that you have good information about the water temperature and condition of your fish. That is all of our fishing trick and tips today.

Smart Fish Finder

Best Mountain Climbing Shoes for the Challenging Adventure

Best Mountain Climbing Shoes for the Challenging Adventure

Climbing is one of the great ideas to ease the stress and pain because of your busy activity. In fact, climbing becomes one of the most challenging hobby of the people. In this case, we will talk about the kinds of mountain climbing shoes as the one of equipment you need to know. Really, wearing the certain shoes is important to protect you. There are many kinds of the best climbing shoes, but I choose the La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX Boot – Men’s as the best one and gravelstuff will review it ,See the detail of it below.

Overview of La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX Boot – Men’s

It is one of the nice choice when you want to have the mountain climbing shoes to assist your hobby. This one of the hiking shoes has a nice combination in appearance and detail. With the nice shape, it will be nice to protect the safe of your leg. In other hand, it also has the high quality with the best material in all parts of the shoes. Some colors are available here but people in common choose the combination of yellow and black as their favorite. You can see the list of catalogue to know the detail of colors choices.

Details For best Mountain climbing shoes

Now, we move to talk about the details of the climbing shoes here. Knowing the detail of it is important, especially when you want to buy it. This shoe uses the synthetic as the main material. Synthetic is one of the best material for mountain climbing shoes because of its strength. Yes, the shoe with the synthetic material will provide the excellent power, especially to climb the difficult track. In other hand, this shoe also uses the soft material inside to higher the comfortable sense.

Still talking about its detail, the manufacture claims that this shoe uses the innovative 3D flex ankle. Kinds of mountain climbing shoes, which using the 3D flex ankle will give the more comfortable and safe sense when it is used by the people. By this technology inside the rock climbing shoes, you will have the high flexibility shoe. In other hand, you also will have the longitudinal lockout there to give you excellent support in any occasion.

Move to the other technology, here to assist your mountain climbing, this shoe uses the Gore-Tex technology. What is the Gore-Tex technology? Well, it is one of a nice technology applying in the high-class of mountain climbing shoes. This technology is useful to give the waterproof matter of the shoe. In other hand, it also gives the breathable lining to help you keeping the dry and high comfortable sense in the long climbing.

Then, in the sole of the mountain climbing shoes, the manufacture applies the SBR aircushion midsole. It is one of the great sole to protect you from slipping. This kind of sole will increase the safe sense although you climb the difficult trek. The comfortable of this climbing equipment is also influenced with its style. In this shoe, the manufacture applies the variable kind of fit tongue. This variable will provides the perfect dialed-in fit. You will face the nice comfortable sense by it!

Based on the explanation above, we all know that this shoe can be the nice choice when you want to have the one of best climbing shoes. In this case, when you buy this shoe in the official agent, you will have some special offers. Yes, it is not only discount you will get but also warranty. The manufacture of the mountain climbing shoes gives the one-year warranty to help you in maintenance it. How great it is! read reviews from other buyers

  • Outer:Windproof soft shell.
  • Inner:Microfleece liner.
  • Relaxed-fit in quick-dry fabric with warm.
  • Suitable for skiing, hiking, climbing, traveling, camping.
  • Sizes:According to the reviews, we have revise the size.Please choose by US size,could reference size chart on the left.

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Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Tips for Campers

Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Tips for Campers

Choosing camping sleeping bag with pillow won’t make your camping day ruined. There are many advantages which you can do with this sleeping. So, it is important for you to carry sleeping bag especially for outdoor camping. Camping will make us back to nature. Meanwhile, low temperature in the night can be our enemy while doing camping. That is why the comfortable sleeping bag is a must for you as beginner campers. We have some tips to choose the best sleeping bag especially with additional pillow. Those tips can be your consideration before camping with your friends or family.

Temperature Rating of Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow

Many campers do not know the temperature rating of their camping sleeping bag with pillow. IN other words, we cannot just take a sleeping bag and then carry it to our camping. We should know our sleeping bag whether is appropriate or not. If you want to conduct a camping on the top of mountain in summer day, make sure you carry summer bag which has description as 35-degree bag. It means that you will get the best temperature for your boy above 35 degrees of Fahrenheit. If you got lower than this temperature, we believe your sleeping won’t be comfortable. Commonly, there are three types of temperature rating as follows: winter sleeping bag, summer and 3-Season.

Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Best Shape

For your information, all hiking sleeping bags have systematical shape which works with any temperature. It means that the warm or heat while you are wearing the sleeping is collected by the dead layer. If there is low space for the air, your sleeping bag is completely warm or hot. Common campers underestimate the use of sleeping bag. They keep their sleeping bag on the opened position. The warm or heat could not be happened while they are sleeping in this position. So, make sure your camping sleeping bag is in good shape or condition. It is not fun when you got hypothermia in the night.Here are some types of camping sleeping bag.

Camping Sleeping Bag with Pillow Common Types

The first type of camping sleeping bag with pillow is rectangular. This shape does not mean lack of function. The designer of this bag wants to give maximum comfort for the users and it also brings roomier feel. The second shape is barrel-shaped. This shape is more versatile because you can use it as sleeping bag or backpack. Last but not least, it is mummy shape. This bag is designed with narrower hips and shoulder. All shapes or types can be used with additional pillow.


Aircee 20 Degree F Flannel Liner 4 Season Cold Weather Traveling Camping Hooded Sleeping Bag With Pillow

Luckily, we have one review of sleeping bag today. This sleeping bag is very useful especially for winter season like today. It provides warm temperature as long as possible. But, the heat won’t make you feel sweaty or gross all night long. The length is around 74 inches for adult size. Although it is quite long, the weight is not as heavy as you imagined before. Moreover, the flannel lining will keep your skin in soft condition. To use it, you do not need any help from your friends or do-it-yourself. For additional information, this camping sleeping bag with pillow has rubber materials and soft texture.read reviews from other buyers

About the Product
  • Portable, foldable and flexible, easy to pack. Great for traveling and camping,come with a inflatable pillow.
  • Fits alduts, Size:(74.8”+11.8”)X31.5” , Size:(190+30)X80cm Weight:2.2kg (77.6oz)
  • Good fabric stands up to years. Shell:210T 100% nylon, Lining:100% cotton flannel, Filler:450g/m2 cotton fiber.
  • Designed for cold weather.Extreme Temperature: -10 C/ 14 F. Comfortable Temperature: -5~10 C/ 23~50 F
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tips: Two sleeping bags (the left zipper one and the right zipper one) can be connected as a DOUBLE PERSON sleeping bag 🙂

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle Hot and Cold Advantages Guideline

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Hot and Cold Advantages Guideline

You may have many considerations to buy stainless steel water bottle hot and cold these days. Moreover, it becomes intense when we give that bottle for our lovely family. For your information, reusable water bottles are the most popular bottle these days. People love to refill the water into this kind of bottle to accompany their daily activity. As you wish, we have prepared this guideline in order to make you understand how to buy the best and suitable water bottle especially for yourself and families or anyone. If you found some difficulty, just leave a comment below.


Things That Need to be Considered to Start a Memorable Outdoor Adventures

Things That Need to be Considered to Start a Memorable Outdoor Adventures

Enjoying various activities of the outdoor adventure is such the fun idea. Of course, there are so many ideas of the outdoor adventure which we can simply obtain and enjoy. We can enjoy a lot of great challenge for having so much fun. It means that any kinds of outdoor adventure can be something fun to be done for refreshing our mind and also spending the free time which we have. That is such a good idea for you to find the type of outdoor adventure activity that will be effective to refresh our mind. Perhaps, we love mount climbing or even camping, it depends on what we love. When we love hiking, just enjoy it and find the right location or the destination for enjoying this outdoor adventure. There are so many benefits which we can enjoy if we love the outdoor adventure activities. It is including so much fun on dealing with the challenge and activity there to refresh the mind.

When we are talking about a lot of outdoor adventure activity benefits, we could not forget about enjoying the great fresh air that we might not be able to obtain daily because we often spend the time for doing the activities indoor. So, doing the outdoor adventure might be what you need. Then, it will also help us to feel that really blessed regarding to the wide ranges of the great nature which we also can find and enjoy when we are doing the outdoor adventure or outdoor sport. Another good thing to enjoy any outdoor adventure is that it helps us to get away from the depression or stress. Of course, as we have known that the challenge will help us to feel happy, full of spirit, and also reduce and prevent the stress. That is why doing any activities of outdoor adventure is great not only for your body health and fitness but also for your mental or psychological condition. Here are some tips which you can apply for getting the amazing outdoor adventure.

Preparing for your Stamina and Body Condition

When we have been determined for a good plan on doing any outdoor adventure activities, as like hiking, never forget to prepare your stamina and also body condition. It becomes the most important asset for you to obtain. Then, you can get the best choice of improving your stamina and fitness properly since the stamina is really needed to do any outdoor adventure. That is one of the most essential things besides preparing the gears as like the waterproof camping backpack, or even thinking about the right choice of the gears as like the Log Kayak Rack 6-place or even Boat SeaWing Trailer if you love enjoying the boat shipping. Improving the stamina to prepare the amazing outdoor adventure can be done by preparing your physic as like doing workout more regularly.

Proper Food and Drink as your Body Fuel

Another good idea to prepare is about the proper foods and drinks which will be great to be used as the fuel of your body. That will also be a good idea for improving the stamina when doing the outdoor adventure activities. The proper consumption of foods and drinks need to be done not only when we are doing the activities, as like by bringing enough food and drink, but also we also can prepare our stamina by having a healthy diet and consuming enough healthy food and drink. It can also be a good idea for dealing with the best condition of the stamina and fitness of body before doing the challenging activities as like on doing the outdoor sport.

The Outdoor Adventure Gears Preparation

Another essential thing to do is dealing with the preparation of proper outdoor adventure gears. That is really important since the gears will help you dealing with the proper good comfort and even for your own safety. Still, you need to remember that what you bring might increase the weight and you need to bring the efficient and really needed ones. Make sure that particular gear will be really needed by you, for example bringing sleaping bag cold weather. You need to determine whether the place there will be in the winter or even windy weather or not before you decide to bring it which might be heavier from the common sleeping bag type.

Never forget the Mind Preparation

When you are dealing with the preparation for doing the outdoor adventure, you need to prepare not only you body stamina and fitness but also your mind. By preparing your mind, it means you have made yourself to be ready facing any challenge there. Of course, it can be done by having yourself prepared well by knowing much thing about the outdoor adventure activities which we are going to do and also about the location with any possibility which might happens. Of course, book Wilderness Survival might be a good idea for you as well to find the information and helping you preparing your mind.

Mission to Accomplish

To make the activities to be much more fun and enjoyable, we can simply determine the mission, which can be set between you and your friends who are also doing the same outdoor adventure, for example if you love hiking, between you and your friends who are going to reach the peak safely and also quickly. That becomes the winner and perhaps for the winner, there will be the special treats from the others, as like having a pan of pizza for free or something else. Of course, we could not forget to wear proper outfits and also accessories which can give us comfort there, as like wearing the Oakley Antix Sunglasses – Men’s or maybe digital watch with many function to accompany you doing the outdoor adventure activities.