Best Trails Near Me For Cycling In Los Angeles

Best Trails Near Me For Cycling In Los Angeles

Best Trails Near Me

Best trails near me for cycling

Cycling is one of the fun activities, as well as healthy. This activity can be done alone, or in groups with family, friends, and colleagues. Los Angeles is known by the nickname car city. This is due to the way of life of the people who are indeed not far from transportation. It is very rare to find people using other transportation there. Though Los Angeles has many best trails near me for cycling, which can be tried. And guaranteed to be very exciting, because the sights and atmosphere are very riveting.

Here are best trails near me for cycling in Los Angeles that you can try.

Will Rogers State Beach

The first best trails near me is Will Rogers Beach is one of the best trails locations near me, which is usually called a piece of heaven. This beach is suitable as the best trails near me for cycling because it occupies a location far enough from the city center. So, you don’t have to worry about pollution, or the atmosphere is too crowded when you decide to ride here. You can go to this beach by bicycle, bypassing the Venice beach area. You will travel a distance of approximately 11 km. Along the way, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the waves and the fresh beach. Coupled with a quiet and peaceful dock area, it will be the best moment for you.

Dockweiler State Beach

From the Marina Del Rey area, best trails near me that you will be taken along the landscape against the dock, which is relaxed and fairly quiet. On the way to this beach, you will find views of many sailing ships and also a collection of superyachts that are very rarely found in urban areas. But make no mistake, this beach also includes a busy beach used as a camping location, and held a campfire event. For those of you who are looking for a suitable location as a place to escape, as well as a pleasant vacation, you can try cycling to this beach in the afternoon, and continue to stalk afterward.

Manhattan Beach Pier

Do you want best trails near me with a biking, relaxed location, but still able to enjoy lunch and body warmers? Yes, this is the best location. You can try your favorite bicycle ride on this beach, by starting the journey from the Venice Beach area for approximately 1.5 hours. After finishing cycling, you can also enliven the event playing beach volleyball, swimming, or just basking in the beach sun. This location is very suitable as a sports arena, ranging from biking, playing volleyball, swimming, to jogging activities.

Check the references for best trails near me in the Los Angeles area. Don’t forget to visit!

Trails Near Me: 3 of the Best Trails in California

Looking for trails is something that is done for those of you who like to explore or jog or love hiking. In the United States, California can be regarded as one of the paradises of trails. Trails in California have a variety of stunning views or landscapes. So, you not only satisfy your desires or hobbies but also can satisfy your eyes. Valleys, beaches, mountain areas, waterfalls, deserts are just a few examples of the various landscapes you will encounter in California. Here are 3 of the best trails near me, in California, that you must visit.

nature with a waterfall
refreshing natural landscape with a waterfall that looks beautiful in a city in Indonesia

Yosemite Falls Trail

It is impossible not to mention this place if you are in California, either for hiking or just traveling to this area. Yosemite Falls Trail is a trail that was built in the area of Yosemite National Park to accommodate hikers. Yosemite Falls itself is the highest waterfall in North America. Choosing the Yosemite Falls Trail will give you a bonus of the amazing view of this beautiful waterfall.

Yosemite Falls Trail, as part of the trails near me in California, has 2 sections related to its trails. The first part is called Columbia Rock and the second part is called Yosemite Falls itself. Columbia Rock has a track length of approximately 2 miles with changes in elevation of up to 1.000 feet. Make sure if you use this section to always stay within the path provided. Even though it seems to be a heavy route, many hikers come here because they will see much beautiful scenery such as Yosemite Falls, Merced River, and Half Dome and Sentinel Rock.

Yosemite Falls Trail difficulty

The second part, namely Yosemite Falls, is considered to be more difficult trails than Columbia Rock. This track has a length of 7 miles with a change in height increase to 2.425 feet. This path is considered more difficult because it has rough and heavy terrain, and there are many steep hillsides. Make sure you stay alert and stay on track.

Fern Canyon

If you’ve seen the film or maybe even a big fan of Jurassic Park, then you will love these trails. The Fern canyon is inside Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is part of the Redwood National and State Parks. This State Park has a function as a sanctuary for redwood trees. If you choose this place as your hiking spot, you will see a variety of tall redwood trees looming. With the condition of many trees and aloft, the feel of this park is very natural and shady.

Lost Palms Oasis and 49 Palms Trails

Other trails near me in California that you can visit are Lost Palms Oasis and 49 Palms Trails. Lost Palms Oasis and 49 Palms Trails are in Joshua Tree National Park. If the previous place has a mountain/waterfall and forest feel, then these trails have a desert feel. This trail has 2 parts of trails, as the name suggests. The Lost Palm Oasis is 7.2 miles long, while the 49 Palms Trail is 3 miles long. Make sure you are in top condition because the environmental conditions are quite hot.

That’s the best 3 of the trails near me in California. Tips for you are to stay on the path provided, bring enough drinking water, and your condition is healthy.

Best Hiking trail
Best Hiking trail

Important Things to Know about Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail is one of the longest and the most popular hiking trails in the world. The trail is located along the northern area of Maine to southern Georgia, the US. Sure, it is really challenging by remembering the trail has a length of about 3,500 km. Aside from this trail, there are 2 other longest trails in the US, they are Continental Divide and Pacific Crest.

It is reasonable if there are many people who are interested and challenged to pass through Appalachian Trail. Even though there are many big companies that promote hiking activities in this area like Hot Wheels. Well, if you are one of those people who want to taste Appalachian Trail, make sure to know more about it.


The Appalachian Trail establishment was started in 1921. There was an idea to build up the trail to ease people who want to explore the area. Then, it was completed in 1937. In other words, it spent more than a decade to finish the project. More improvements and developments are conducted continuously. Until now, the government still puts efforts to make the trail friendlier to the hikers.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Of course, the trail is more than just a path where you can simply work on it. There are areas like forests and wild lands that are beautiful but also quite difficult to pass through. More than that, the trail consists of portions of roads, farming areas, and towns. There are at least 14 states that are passed by the trail. They are North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

The conservancy area is managed by some organizations in the US. They are National Park Service, United States Forest Service, and non-profit organizations of Appalachian Trail.

A Trail for Thru-Hikers

With the long distance, location, and beautiful landscape around, Appalachian Trail is the perfect place for Thru-Hikers. Thru-Hikers are a term for people who attempt to conquer long-distance trails. They may take a long time to do this action even up to a year in groups. But mostly, those hikers still cannot pass through the trail entirely. Their trip is then divided into some parts while doing other activities.

There are also many books and documentaries who talk about this trail. They discuss tips, best spots, and tools to bring while hiking. Sure, it is better to read them all as a preparation to join the Appalachian Trail.

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