Best Trails for Hiking in Ohio

Best Trails for Hiking in Ohio

Hiking is probably one of the most exciting activities in the world. There are a lot of reasons why hiking has become so popular these days. Well, people prefer to go outside and breathe in the fresh natural air. It is a refreshing activity to do, especially if you decide to do both camping and hiking at the same time. The United States is a country with a lot of sceneries, especially for the mountains, hills, gorges, and more. It is a famous country for hikers, especially if they decide on hiking in Ohio. So, here are some best places to hike in the state of Ohio. 

Buckeye Trail

I picked Buckeye Trail on the first list because I found it quite surprising. Well, I can say that this Buckeye Trail is actually a 1.444 miles trail, and it is encircling over the state of Ohio. Well, that is very surprising, and if you decide to travel over the state of Ohio, bring some camping equipment too. This will make your hiking more challenging. 

So, Buckeye Trail divided into 26 sections, and they were named after a community or some kind of feature. When you are deciding to hike in this trail, just follow the blue blazes. They were painted or marked over the tree and poles to make sure that hikers won’t get lost and stay on the track. Oh, yeah, also, don’t forget to bring your best compass for hiking. Well, just in case. 

For the recommended sections for every level of hikers is the Queer Creek Trail and Hocking Hills State Park near the South Bloomingville. If you want something challenging, you can go for Jaite to Boston through the Buckeye Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

Brecksville Reservation

In the downtown of Cleveland, around 30 minutes to the south, you will find yourself the Brecksville Reservation. It is actually the largest Metropark in the region. There are many hiking trails in the Brecksville Reservation, including the Buckeye Trail. In addition, there are golf courses and an archery range if you are interested in other activities other than hiking in Ohio. 

One of the popular hikes that you might want to try is the All-Purpose Trail and Hemlock Loop Trail. The distance is only 2.6 miles, and it is looping as well in the Chippewa Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook. Something challenging? Well, you probably want to try the Deer Lick Cave Trail that is 4.2 miles. There’s a lot of bucks if you are lucky to see one in there. 

Best Camping Gear
Best Camping Gear

Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail

This trail’s length is around 87 miles, and it starts from New Philadelphia to Cleveland. Also, this trail is actually multipurpose. So, it’s not just hikers that went on this trail. You probably see other people with different purposes, such as runners, cyclists, and even horse riders. Wildlife lovers went to this trail too. So, this one is pretty recommended because the Towpath is very accessible, even for people with disabilities. 

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is located between Cleveland and Akron. The forest in this National park is very lush, with a lot of deep gorges and the flank-crashing waterfalls. 

Well, in this National Park, you will find the Buckeye Trail and the Towpath Trail, but there are other trails as well. For the length, it could take more than 125 miles. It is pretty long. However, it is still recommended for any level of hikers, especially if you only want just to explore the woods or historic buildings. If you want something shorter, then the Ledges Trail is probably recommended because the length is only 2.2 miles, and it is a trail in the Cuyahoga Park. Something “more” shorter? Try the Brandywine Gorge Trail Loop. The length is 1.7 miles, but it is probably for moderate level hikers. 

Hocking Hills State Park

If you want to see a lot of sandstones, then the Hocking Hills State Park is quite recommended for you. Well, there is a cave that is popular as a hiking destination called the Rock House. You can access it in the Rock House Trail that lengthed only 0.9 miles. Apparently, there were native Americans that used to live in the Rock House. You probably can notice some hominy holes around the back wall. They used it to cook their food. 

Other than the Rock House, there is also a popular hiking spot in the section of Buckeye Trail, which is the Old Man’s Cave. The Old Man’s Cave referred to a hermit named Richard Rowe. He lived in the cave during the late 1700s, and he was buried in the ledge of the main recess. 

John Bryan State Park

In the east of Dayton, around 30 minutes, you will find a State Park that covers 752 hectares. It is called John Bryan State Park. No Worry, this park is actually friendly for pets, so bring your dogs along. Not just that, you can also do some camping, fishing, rock climbing, hiking, and cycling. 

If you want an easy and relaxing hike, you probably want to try the John L. Rich Trail and the North Rim Trail Loop. However, if you want something more challenging than those two, you should try the Pittsburg-Cincinnati Stagecoach and the South Gorge Loop. It is for moderate level hikers with a length of around 4.4 miles. The path followed the river, and it does include the waterfall as well. 

Clear Creek Metropark

This is probably the last. There is a trail in the Clear Creek Metropark called the Lake Trail. You are very recommended to hike in this trail during the autumn seasons. The length of this trail is only 0.9 miles, but it is for a moderate level of hikers. However, this dirt path trail is actually worth hiking because you can enjoy the beautiful Lake Ramona. The lake can’t be missed if you decide on hiking in Ohio during autumn. I’m sure that you won’t forget or regret it.

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