Best Sites to Get Discount Camping Gear Online

Best Sites to Get Discount Camping Gear Online

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There are a couple of awesome websites that you have to visit if you want to get discount camping gear online. This article will give you five best sites that you can choose for those of you who want to have discount camping gear online.

Get Discount Camping Gear Online At REI

REI is the leader of the outdoor websites as it the leader of the outdoor gear stores. You can find easily their catalog on the web to a website that will be moved into the online stores. It is a well-organized website that is very easy to navigate. This website offers a couple of options that you can search and you also can get a lot of advices from expert about how to use gear and how to buy it. This outlet is the perfect place for you to get discount camping gear online. An item can also be shipped to a store so that you can pick it up.


This store is located in the Spokane, Washington. In this site you can find a couple of outdoor gear, but the specialization is on the climbing. For those of you who need to buy rock shoes, this is the right place as they provide 90 different kinds of shoes. Dynamic single climbing rope is not a big deal for them as the offer forty nine of it. For those of you who want to buy crampon, this site offer 40 of them from the simple strap-on to full-on ice-climbing crampons.


This is the perfect site for those of you who find discount camping gear online. You can also find overstocks and selling seconds as this site maybe the biggest site in the world. This store also comes with a couple esoteric items including climbing harnesses. This site is very simple to navigate and the customer service is very incredible.

Get discount camping gear online : Campmor

This sit may have a lot of stuff than REI have. This store comes with all of the bases such as huge items for camping equipment sale. This site also comes with clearance and sale items. Compmor also provides great sunglasses.


For those of you who want to find perfect footwear, Zappos is the right place that you have to visit. There are about 47 different types of hiking, backpacking, and climbing boots. You have to consider that if you purchase boots online it is a tricky thing to do because you have to think about the size. But this site comes with perfect returns policy which is completed with free shipping.

The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome tent comes with a large door that will make you easy exit or entry. This tent also comes with a hooded fly in order to offer ventilation. Airflow is also provided by a large rear hooded window for cross ventilation. On the roof, the mesh vents offer additional ventilation and also the rugged 1000D polyethylene floor which is a bathtub style to have weather protection. This tent is very easy to set up.

The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent, discount camping gear online
The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent
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