Best Hiking Snacks to Bring During A Hike

Best Hiking Snacks to Bring During A Hike

Some hikers are keen on packing hiking snacks that can keep their body fit during the hike. Some other people only grab anything they like. Does a snack affect your body that much? Well, the answer is yes. Snacks are essential to bringing on a hike besides water. Even if it is just a short hike, bringing snacks with you will save your day. You will never know when you will need it during the hike.

There are plenty of snacks that you can find at the stores. However, you need to check out each of the snacks thoroughly. Nutrition is the most important part that you have to check out. You will need a snack that can keep your stomach full without the heavy feeling. You can enjoy it on a break so that it will not bother you when you start to hike afterward. 

During the hike, your body will release a lot of energy but also it will keep asking more. Thus, you have to keep energizing your body with nutrition and also water. It is just as essential as your hiking gears and shoes. It is also great to have a delicious snack that can be enjoyed during your hike. Ensure that you like the snacks that you bring so that the hike experience will be just perfect. Here are some easy yet delicious snacks to pack for your hike.

Trail Mix

Trail mix will become one of the most favorite snacks to bring on a hike for hikers. In this case, you can pack your own snack in a box of the container or some small containers. You can mix healthy snacks such as nuts, dried raisins, dried fruits, granola, and dark chocolate. You can literally pack your favorite bites to eat. 

You also can bring high protein snacks such as boiled eggs, tuna sandwiches, or vegetables. Those hiking snacks are great to support your body during the hike. It will give you enough energy to keep on walking. We all know that some hikes can be intense. So, ensure that you have the right food to bring with you to keep you fueled.

Peanut Butter and Bananas

If you like bananas, this fruit will become a great pair with peanut butter. You will have a source of calories and protein, and also healthy fat out of it. They will become a natural fuel that will be very useful for your body to stay strong and fit. Banana is rich in potassium that is good to fight off muscle cramps. After miles of climbings, there is a possibility to get your legs stiff or you get cramps because of the intense hiking. To ease the pressure on your legs, you can take bananas and peanut butter as a snack for your hike. It is not only delicious, but it is also very good for your body to enjoy your hiking. 

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are a great source of sugar as you know it as fructose. It is very refreshing to have an orange, an apple, or grapes for example. They hydrate you very well when your body loses lots of energy through sweats. You will still need water for sure, however, the fruit will give you more than just fluid. It will give you the energy that your body will need through the whole hike.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits can be great as well if you want another source of energy besides the fresh fruit. Ensure that you take the sugar-free or at least less sugar. Dried fruits are very delicious and refreshing. You can take it while you are still walking or you can also enjoy it when you are having your break at some points. It is also easy to pack and light for you to carry. You will love to chew on dried fruits while sitting on the edge of the cliff and enjoy the scenery. Even if you are hiking in the rain, this still can be easy to bite.

Beef Jerky

Another easy snack to bring with you is the beef jerky. It is a delicious snack that you can pack to reward yourself during a break of the hike. It is easy to pack in your bag and most importantly it helps you to refuel your muscles that are working hard through the hike. Even though it is tasty and great for your body, you also need to limit the consumption of beef jerky. Otherwise, you will be very thirsty and finish your stock of water.


Granola is not only great for snacking during your lunch break, but it is also great to pack for a hike. There is plenty of taste that you can find. Some granola comes with a mix of rolled oats, dark chocolate, nuts, and seeds. You also can find the one that comes with dried fruits if you prefer some sour and sweet taste. No matter which kind of granola you like, just grabs some to enjoy during the hike. You will be happy to be able to enjoy the snacks you like so much after some long hikes.

Snack Bars

If you like something easy without needing containers to store your dried fruits or jerky, you can choose the snack bars. Snack bars are easy to find at the stores. You can find any kind of snack bars that might fit you the best. You can choose the snack bars that have the ingredients that you like the most. Pack some of it to enjoy with other snacks and some drinks. You also can find some homemade recipe snack bars that are carefully made to keep the body fueled along the hike.

Those snacks are some great options for you to bring for your hike. Your body will need the best nutrition it needs to keep on doing the good work. There will be plenty of energy that your body will burn to tackle every obstacle on the trail. Besides the nutrition and energy that you will need, these hiking snacks are also very delicious to enjoy throughout the hiking journey. These hiking snacks will keep your body healthy and make you happy.

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