The Best Places to Hike Near Me in North America

The Best Places to Hike Near Me in North America

If you are looking for places to hike near me in North America, then you are reading the right article. Hiking is a very fun and exciting outdoor activity. The best part about it is the fact that it is also very good for your health. Finding the best places to hike in North America might be difficult. However, you do not have to worry because we are going to tell you the best places that you can go for a hike in North America.

Glacier National Park

Famous for its beautiful wilderness, Glacier National Park definitely deserves to be a part of this list. This park offers you hiking trails of more than 700 miles, allowing you to hike as far as you would like. One of the best things about this park is the fact that some of its trails are accessible for those of you who need to use a wheelchair. You should watch out or bears though since they live natively in this national park.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is probably one of the best places to hike near me in North America. This park offers you very exciting trails and paths such as the Half Dome Trail. However, you have to anticipate a crowd since this park is so popular that it is filled with travelers all around the world almost all the time. You can also enjoy the wonderful views that this park has to offer. A land filled with wildflowers and rock formations will definitely refresh your mind.

hiking trails USA

Yellowstone National Park

If you live near Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, you should definitely visit Yellowstone National Park. This park is the true definition of hiker’s paradise. This park allows you to hike around 1,000 miles while enjoying the beautiful nature. There are a lot of routes that you can choose from. However, you should always watch out for moose, grizzly bears, and wolves that live in this park.

Final Thoughts to Find Places to Hike Near Me

Hiking will definitely do you good. Hiking in North America should not be a problem because there are a lot of beautiful places that are suitable for a hike in this part of the country. From the beautiful wilderness of Glacier National Park to the hiker’s paradise which is Yellowstone National Park, you can find amazing places to hike in North America. Do not forget to visit these best places to hike near me in North America.

Hiking preparations for women? Here goes the list!

Hiking preparations for women? Here goes the list!

Hiking is traveling as well as a very pleasant sport that many people enjoy.

Gender differences, also different things that need to be prepared and needs that need to be met before going up the mountain. For girls who want to be elegant climbers, do the following tips to make it more fun and avoid the bad things that might happen.

1. Begin physical training

Mild exercise needs to be done so that the muscles and body are not sprained when hiking. Especially girls who rarely or never exercise before. Start doing light sports such as jogging, gymnastics, swimming, and other light sports.

In addition to training the muscles of the body, exercise also serves to train breathing that is needed because of the lack of oxygen at altitude and also so that later when hiking breathing is trained so as not to over-breath. The body will get used so that it does not get tiring and weak when hiking.

Starting a sport may be difficult and make you lazy. But if you really want to do the climb, then you should start doing this routine. Because the risk will be dangerous, if you experience sprains or muscle cramps during hiking.

2. Make sure not to climb during your menstrual schedule

Menstruation is something that is experienced by girls, it is very important to prepare a bandage if you are going to climb a mountain near your menstrual date. Or if you need to cancel the climb if you are menstruating, because the menstrual symptoms of each girl are different there is very, very painful, but there are also ordinary ones.

If you are sure menstruation will not interfere with the journey, then what must be done is to prepare pain medication. Besides, prepare a small plastic bag that is useful for wrapping used pads to be stored back in a backpack.

Never throw the pads randomly. Do not be lazy to replace pads regularly, so you avoid other dangerous things.

3. Don’t forget to bring medicine and make sure your health condition

Another thing you must always prepare for hiking is medicine and some supplement. This is important to maintain your stamina and as first aid above later. For those of you who have some serious illnesses, make sure you are in top condition before deciding to take part in hiking. Climb in a state that is less fit will harm oneself and members of your group. The result will be negative, no longer useful hiking. 

The medicines that you need to bring are like pain relievers, then body warmers, then also bring equipment to treat wounds or for dislocated legs and hands. For those of you who have specificity of medication or other complaints, make sure you have consulted with your doctor beforehand about the right medication and treatment when in the climb.

4. Choose the items needed, don’t overdo it

Eliminate the habit of carrying goods that are not needed when going up the mountain, remember the more that is carried the heavier the burden will be borne. Bring items as needed, to climb a mountain all you need to wear is a tracksuit and comfortable shoes.

Sports clothes are the most comfortable clothes because, in addition to absorbing sweat, it also protects from the cold mountains. Wear long tops and subordinate long-sleeved sportswear so that the branches do not get scratched when hiking.

Don’t forget to bring a raincoat, or hiking navigation because we don’t know what weather you will face when hiking.

5. If you feel tired, rest, don’t force it

Every person has a different energy, but what is certain is that male and female energy is different. Do not be afraid and prestige to ask for a break if you start to feel tired. They certainly understand and don’t think that you are burdening them by asking for a break, because if you end up tired and sick it will be more troublesome.

When resting, restore your energy by drinking and eating sweet snacks, like chocolate and honey. Don’t forget to set with your legs straight out. When you are ready to continue the journey, don’t forget to bring the trash you left behind.

6. Hike with your girl partner

When hiking, make sure you are not the only girl climber in the group. Bringing one gender friend is very important. Your girl partner can accompany you when you want to defecate because in the mountains there is no such thing as a toilet. It would be very dangerous if you have to relieve yourself without anyone watching.

Hike with your girl partner

In addition to having a girlfriend, you will also have a friend to set up a tent apart from the boys. Or if forced to have to match with the boys, attach the separator who can maintain privacy between boys and girls.

7. Make sure to consume enough food, as energy intake

When hiking, eating is a very necessary thing. Because hiking requires energy to maintain food intake is a very important thing to do. Do not let you faint just because it limits the food that enters your body. It will harm yourself and others.

Don’t want to get tired of hiking, you suddenly faint from lack of energy intake? You can not enjoy the beautiful scenery seen from the top of the mountain.

8. Rest in dry clothes

When you climb your clothes get wet, whether it’s sweat or by the sudden rain. What to do, especially when going to bed is to change clothes with new clothes that are still dry. This serves to prevent you from hypothermia. Separate wet clothes from other clothes using plastic.

The night is the right time to take care of yourself after a day of dust and dirt.

Now that’s some special tips for women who want to try hiking. Don’t forget to start training your physics and prepare all the items to be used. Ohiya, try hiking with a comfortable group so that you will be more excited and not difficult when later in the process.

5 of the best reasons for camping and the things you should be prepared of!

5 of the best reasons for camping and the things you should be prepared of!

For those of you who are still confused about what activities you should do to spend your day off, you might be interested in trying camping. Camping is an overnight activity in the wild, intending to relieve fatigue from urban life and work. The camping experience is something you can try with your closest friends, or it can also be a means of education for families.

Well, here are some interesting reasons for camping that make you must make it a choice to fill your vacation time!

1. It is a moment to get to know nature and the environment

Camping can be one way to enjoy nature with its various beauties. Especially for you who have been tired with the hustle and bustle in the city. Camping back to nature so one way to refresh. During camping, if possible, stay away from smartphones or other activities that have been saturating.

2. Appropriate means for exercise and physical exercise

One of the things you can get while camping is that you are more physically trained, especially if you choose camping on a mountain or other places that need extra energy to reach it. First, understand the area where you will make the camping location and make sure you have previously had small exercises to train yourself so that you are not surprised when trekking or get a larger physical exercise when heading to the camping location.

For those of you who plan to bring children or family members, you can choose a more friendly location, such as the beach or around the lake. To avoid excessive exhaustion and even can not enjoy activities while camping.

3. Give moments of calm and peace

Feeling noisy with the horns of various vehicles in the city? Now, if camping in the open environment it won’t bother you. Surely you and your family will have a quiet time and only hear the sounds of animals or the wind crashing into the trees. The cooler when camping near a river or waterfall with the soothing sound of splashing water. The stress that is in you is guaranteed to disappear and feeling fresher after returning to your activities

4. Build quality time and togetherness

Camping is a great tool to get closer to friends and family or to be with your partner. For several days you will move together with them. Playing while telling stories around a campfire at night can be utilized for quality time.

Camping Build quality time and togetherness

5. Precious stargazing moments

If camping in the open, especially those far from urban areas you will be able to see the sky more beautiful. The stars are clearer and more radiant. This activity can also be called stargazing. This certainly won’t be able to get you in a city full of air pollution

Well, before you go camping, don’t forget to prepare mandatory items. Don’t miss it and be ignored! these are the various items that you must carry:

Carrier Bags

Of course, you do not want to bother carrying a suitcase. Therefore, use a carrier bag. Regarding how big the bag you have to carry, it all depends on your needs. The volume of bags varies, from 25 to 80 liters.

Choosing the size of the carrier bag should be adjusted to the duration of the trip. But this also depends on how you arrange the camping equipment in the bag properly. Mistakenly, your back can hurt.

Bags must also be adjusted to gender. Carrier bags for women are different from bags for men. This is because women have shorter back sizes and different body shapes in the chest and hips.

Emergency tools

Besides, there are some other items that you must carry, such as hurricane lamps and headlamps, for lighting. Never forget your jacket and raincoat, these two things are very useful to protect you when it rains and warms you up. You can get something use full for your emergency tools , just make it simple and easy to use

Sleeping Bag

2 sleeping bag designs can be your choice for camping, namely the blanket type and the mummy type. This type of rectangular quilt has a zipper that can be opened wide like a mat or blanket. Lack of this type is the amount of space, so it is less warm in the legs.

While the mummy type design follows the body’s grooves, it shrinks at the feet and has zippers at the edges. This type is deliberately made to fit the body shape so that there is less space and is much warmer. Mummy type is more widely used when camping in the mountains.


Tents that are commonly used for camping are dome tents. This tent is easily erected with enough space. The main reason for this tent being a favorite of people who like camping is that the size is not too big and easy to carry.

This dome tent is made of parachute nylon as a flysheet and fiber frame as a supporting pole. This tent is usually equipped with an outer layer of the same material and of course waterproof. Large tents also vary according to the number of people who can occupy it. You can check Coleman Sundome Tent as an option for camping tent

Camping Portable cooking equipment

You can choose one of the two types of portable cooking utensils available. You also use various sizes of this cooker as needed, our site gravelstuff will give you some option about outdoor adventure stuff that suitable for you


For the sake of your comfort, of course, the mattress must not be forgotten. Some types of mattresses that you can choose include rolling mattresses, folding mattresses, and air mattresses.

Roll mats are the most common type of mattress used when camping. Aside from being a base in the tent, this mat also serves to arrange goods in the carrier to be balanced.

If you want to camp without consuming space in the bag, use a folding mattress. This type of mattress tends to be warmer because it is made of aluminum foil.

Want to keep your sleep comfortably on a soft pad? Air mattresses must be included in your camper equipment list. Usually, there is a manual mini pump for filling the air on the mat.

So, there’s no reason to reject camping, right?

Top 4 Nature Walks Near Me in America

Top 4 Nature Walks Near Me in America

Well, have you ever input ‘nature walks near me’ into your favorite search engine desperately searching for a good place to spend your spare time by going for a hike? Fear no more pals since you have come to the right place if you happen to seek for those things. The United States of America is probably one of the best countries in the world to visit or spend time if you are someone who is into nature walks. The country has so many different kinds of landscapes to explore. You can find mountains, forests, rivers, deserts, and many more reference here on gravelstuff. You should check our list of best nature walks in America since choosing one can be quite difficult and confusing for there are so many destinations. Check this out!

1. Lost Valley Trail, Arkansas

The first on our list of top four nature walks near me in America is Lost Valley Trail. The place is located in Lost Valley State Park, Ponca, Arkansas. Some people might not able to handle or consider Lost Valley Trail quite extreme. However, the place is very beautiful and perfect for those who love mountains, falls, or nature in general. You can find Eden Falls here if you take the path that leads into the Ozark Mountains. What is even greater is you will find a cave at the top. However, the path is quite rockier and steeper so it might not suit those who want casual nature walks.

2. Chicago Botanic Garden Hike, Illinois

The second place on our list is called Chicago Botanic Garden Hike. The garden is located in Northbrook, Illinois. There are so many wonderful plants to see in this garden. The trail on this garden is already paved making Chicago Botanic Garden Hike a perfect place to do nature walks for those who want to walk casually. Moreover, you can also enjoy the fresh air and refresh those lungs of yours here.

3. Battleship Rock Trail, Kentucky

Located in Slade, Kentucky, the Battleship Rock Trail is obviously not for everyone. Beginners might want to avoid going to this place. The path in the area is somewhat steep and a little bit uneven which can be troublesome for the inexperienced. All in all, the place offers a stunning and awesome view.

4. Beaver Dam Hiking Trail, Mississippi

The place is located in Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, Brooksville, Mississippi. This place is perfect for those who want to see plants, waters, and animals at the same time. You can find wildlife such as ducks, deer, and beavers in this fourth place on our list of top four nature walks near me in America.

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Have You Ever Tried Dispersed Camping in the United States? Check This Out!

Have You Ever Tried Dispersed Camping in the United States? Check This Out!

First of all, you might have no idea what dispersed camping actually means, so I might as well explain it to you right away. Well, you can call a dispersed camping a free camping, boon docking, pirate camping, or whatever. Basically, dispersed camping is where you camping outside the designated camping area of the camping ground. It is indeed, a good idea for those of you who like to enjoy solitude, as well as primitive experience. Well, in order to do dispersed camping, one must have experienced and owns some skills that are necessary for camping. Since dispersed camping is done outside the designated area, the responsibility taken is a big responsibility. There are several things you need to know first if you want to experience dispersed camping.

Rules of dispersed camping in the United States

Even though dispersed camping is done outside the designated area, as we have told you already, there are still some rules that you must follow, at all costs.

the most important thing, first and foremost, is not to build a camp on the side of the road. Not only it will be dangerous for you but also for anyone else. It is considered illegal to camp on the side of the road. You have to be at least 50 meters away from the roadway.

Secondly, you must first contact the local forest service office and ask if there is any restriction in particular. In most cases, it would be a fire restriction.

The third rule that you must follow is not to leave anything on the place you use for your dispersed camping, which also includes your own trash.

The fourth rule is that you have to prepare everything for yourself. This includes has a lot and enough water for yourself, enough trash can or trash bag. Also, be aware of the danger you would possibly get from the wild animals in the area.

The fifth rule that you must follow is to camp at least 30 meters away from any water source. This is to protect nature to keep it unspoiled.

Some tips you need to know

Consider using an existing fire ring, if possible. This way, it would minimize the risk of damaging any existing rocks in the area. When you are making a campfire on dispersed camping, but you don’t bring your own firewood, do not ever cut any branch from any living tree, but just simply collect some dead wood lying on the ground.

Tent For Camping

If you do not know what tent you need to go camping, maybe you can check this one : 8-Person Tent for Camping, with spacious design and enough for 8 people, this tent also include 3 separate rooms for privacy and easy to set up. This Tent is easy to set up and pack away with separate bags included for tent, poles, and stakes. And Also included dividers to let you create 3 separate rooms for privacy.

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