Austin Hiking – 7 Spots in Austin with the Best Hiking Treks

Austin Hiking – 7 Spots in Austin with the Best Hiking Treks

Austin is blessed with great weather perfect for various outdoor activities including hiking. This capital city of Texas has a lot of gorgeous parks and gardens to explore by hikers, both professionals, and beginners. Not to mention the amazing natural views and wildlife offered. From easy to hard levels, you can pick up the one suitable the most with your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Lace-up your sneakers and go for Austin hiking in one of the following trekking spots. 

#1. Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell is popular among hikers for many good reasons. The mountain has gorgeous spots for selfies. It offers an easy to a moderate-hiking level that even somebody without hiking experience can accomplish the hiking trek. However, you need to prepare your stamina when hiking to Mount Bonnell. There will be 102 steps that you have to go through to reach the summit. With 775 feet of height, Mount Bonnel will provide you with the gorgeous views of the cities around the mountain.

#2. Mayfield Nature Preserve

This one of the best hiking spots in Austin to help you escape from a stressful week for a while. Mayfield is not only a great place for hiking but it is also popular for its amazing wandering peacocks and cottage. This is one of the reasons why Mayfield is also famous for a wedding venue. Coming to Mayfield Nature Preserve, you will find over 24 acres of area to be explored. This includes a hiking trek that will take you to a dock that overlooks the gorgeous Lake Austin. Not only that but exploring the nature preserve will also allow you to find some wonderful small lily ponds that become the home of many protected turtles. 

#3. Blunn Creek Preserve

Blunn Creek Preserve is another great spot on the list best for Austin hiking. Unlike most hiking treks located in the urban areas of Austin, Blunn Creek Preserve is situated in the middle of the city. Being at the highest point of the preserved area, you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the downtown part of Austin and the famous St. Edward University. Passing through the hiking trek, you will be treated with a few amazing creek crossings, gorgeous rocky terrain, and refreshing canopied thickets of trees. It is an ideal place to come if you are looking for some peace in the crowded Austin. Make sure that you also come to Big Stacy Pool after visiting Blunn Creek Preserve. Here, you can soak your body in the freshwater of the pool after hours of hiking.

#4. McKinney Falls State Park 

If you have had experiences of hiking in Nashville, you must be familiar with Cummins Falls State Park Hike. It is a great place for hiking in Tennessee. Austin also has a state park with nearly a similar landscape feature with Cummins Falls. McKinney Falls State Park also has a swimming hole that becomes the favorite of visitors. Located on the border of Austin, this state park is a dream of every hiker. McKinney Falls is the only state park in Austin and it comes with a three-trail system. This will allow you to pick up an adventure that meets your needs the most. For instance, you can explore Thomas McKinney’s stone house and gristmill if you take the Homestead Trail. If you want to have more private hiking experience, the Rock Shelter Trail can be one of the best options to take. But, you might consider taking the Onion Creek Trail and Bike Trail if you travel with your children. This trail system is stroller-friendly so that your kids can hike in comfort.

Hiking Club
Hiking Club

#5. Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

This preserved area will provide you an easy-level or hiking trek. Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve is located not too far from the Capitol of Texas Highway, making it easy to access. Wild Basin is only 2,5 miles and the views are wonderful. This hiking spot is also a great place to educate your children about nature and wildlife. It has a bird-watching station and other educational attractions such as a microscope station. Not only that but there will be a staff from St. Edward University that will explain everything you need to know about the natural wildlife in Wild Basin. Walking through the preserved area will take you to Bee Creek. The place is famous for its gorgeous waterfall and the breathtaking view around it. One of the best things about trekking in Wild Basin is that you can find preserved golden-cheeked warblers along the path. 

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#6. River Place Nature Trail

River Place is considered one of the most challenging Austin hiking spots. It comes with three different trails to challenge your adrenaline. You will need to go through a series of waterfalls with a challenging route if you pick up the Fern Trail. Meanwhile, selecting the Canyon Trail will lead you to pass a challenging set of steps along with a few scattered benches and some wonderful rock formations. Last but not least in Panther Hollow. This trail is the longest in River Place and is considered the most challenging. It requires you to use more energy to ascend the hiking trek. However, Panther Hollow offers a more restful trip once you descend the trek if compared to the two previous trails. 

#7. Mary Moore Searight Park

Make sure that you watch your step when you hike to Mary Moore Searight Park since it is easy to get lost there. However, many hikers find it interesting and challenging. That is why Mary Moore Searight Park is popular among hikers. Here, you can find accommodations that are commonly available in a park. These include a playground, a disc golf course, and basketball courts, providing more recreation options. Meanwhile, trekking through oak and juniper woodlands of Mary Moore Searight Park will allow you to enjoy a different experience of hiking.

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