All Things about Calories Burned Hiking in Brief

All Things about Calories Burned Hiking in Brief

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Knowing one or two things regarding calories burned hiking is a good thing. It will help to improve the good effects of hiking than just about exploring hiking trails all over the place. Some hikers simply love to hike and enjoy the surrounding which is fine. Some others do hiking to help burn calories in their body and eventually stay healthy. In many ways, hiking is a decent thing to do when properly planned and given a lot of attention in terms of its various aspects.

Many questions about the idea of burning calories by hiking are always in circulation. One thing for sure is that hiking will help to burn calories. The exact amount of calories that hiking can burn is affected by many factors for sure. Even the hiking trails to tackle will affect the number of calories to burn along the way of the hiking. Grand Canyon is amidst the popular choices of hikers to tackle to burn calories along the way.

Calories Burned on Hiking 

There are many ways to check on the amount of calories burner upon hiking. Today’s products of the best GPS watch for hiking will be able to do that easily. Yet, it is always a good idea to know the things about burning calories through hiking, even just the basics. The rough number on that thing is about 300 to 600 calories per hour are burned on hiking. That rather wide span is reasonable due to many factors that affect the hiking itself.

In general, body weight, speed, backpack, and terrain will all affect the total amount of calories being burned along the hiking. The main elements that affect that particular matter include hiking distance, hiking speed, and hiking terrain, hiking duration, backpack weight, and the elevation of the hills on the hiking trails. All of those elements will create a combination of crucial factors to burn calories in a certain amount or number.

So, in terms of calories burned hiking, a person weighing 150 pounds without any backpack on a 60-minute cross country hike at 2.5 miles per hour speed will burn approximately 351 calories. On the other hand, that same person with a 20-pound backpack on a 60-minute up and down hills hike at 3 miles per hour will burn about 464 calories along the way. That kind of thing will help planning for a hike to help to burn a specific amount of calories.

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Calories Burned on Hiking versus Walking

Following the previous question that a lot of people asked about hiking, another question is about the comparison between hiking and walking. The main thing to compare is the number of calories that can be burned on either hiking or walking. Which activity will burn more calories eventually? Well, the basic answer to that particular question is that hiking will be able to burn more calories than walking. It is even said that the amount of calories burned on hiking is twice as much as on walking.

A clear example of that matter to prove that calories burned hiking is way more than walking is as follows. A 175-pound person who walks for about 2-hour at a normal speed or pace will burn about 580 calories. On the other hand, that person with a 30-pound backpack who spends 2-hour on a hilly hike will be able to eventually burn about 1,120 calories. The differences in the terrains and the additional weights of the backpack affect the burning calories a lot.

So, it is clear that hiking burns more calories than walking. Thus, it is highly recommended to go hiking instead of walking when the purpose of the activity is to lose weight. Hiking a roughly half distance of walking will already burn twice as many calories. Walking will help burn calories, but it is not much. Hiking will be tiring than walking due to the variations of the terrain and the additional weight to carry, but the result is more satisfactory than walking.

Calories Burned on Hiking and Walking Upward

Inactivity is a thing that everyone should avoid at all costs. Even just a little bit of physical activity is always better than nothing at all. So, it is recommended especially for adults to always engage in physical activities regularly. That will be greatly beneficial in terms of health hiking upward. Hiking and walking are all included in the physical activities to be done by adults regularly.

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