A Complete Guide to Camp Shower

The fastest and easiest way to get a shower while camping is using public facilities and portable camp shower. The portable camp shower can give you hot water with solar or propane. The main reason why you need to bring your camp shower is privacy. You can enjoy your time to wash and refresh without limit your time to change with other people as you shower in a public facility. 

blue tents can be used as a shower camp
blue tents can be used as a shower camp

Easy Build DIY Camping Shower

The portable camp shower can bring for your pleasure camping experience. You also can find some of the campgrounds that provide a shower house for campers. On another side, what you should do when you go camping in a spot where there is no shower house? You can make your DIY camp shower easy. If you are not a crafty camper, then buying a camp shower will be practical for you. 

Guide to Buy Camp Shower 

When you look at the market, you can find there are types of camp showers available. You need to define your specific needs before buying a camp shower. Next, consider your camp style, whether it is RV, caravan, backpacking, and tents. Last, how often you go camping.

  • Design. Camping shower available in various designs. Choosing the right construction/ design will give you the best experience. 
  • Size/weight. The size will determine the water capacity and how portable it is portable. 
  • Camp shower type. As stated, there are solar, battery, a vehicle fitted, and propane-powered shower camp. When you need privacy, a camp shower tent is an option for you to buy. 

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How to Buy Ideal Camp Shower Tent

Camp shower tents are simple to give privacy to shower when you camp. This shower tent is usually designed with inbuilt pockets. Towel bars, or hanging lines to keep personal items while you bath. Camp shower tent is made with complex gear pieces. Here are things that you need to consider when you choose a camp shower tent. 

  • Durability. Choose the durable material for the shower camp tent. You don’t want a piece of shower tent that goes ripped and broken after several frequent camps.
  • Ventilation. Adequate ventilation is critical for a shower tent. The large mesh window or mesh roofs can be a good option.
  • Floor design. Camp shower tent floor design available in two types, the removable and the fixed one.
  • Center height. The height can be the main issue if you are a tall person while the shower tent is too short.
  • Set up. Most camp shower tents featured a popup tent setup that makes this shower tent setup easy and simple even for a beginner.
  • Storage. It is always a pleasure when you get a place to store cloth and other stuff as you shower in the place. Many brands design their shower camp tent with towel bars and even some exclusive camp shower tents provide separate rooms to keep your gear when you bathe.

Best camp shower tent 

Need a recommendation for your next shower camp tent? Here are some of the best camp shower tents that meet with the qualification above. 

  • Nemo Heliopolis. This is a luxurious portable camp shower. For you who need the shower camp that gives you a very durable material, full of privacy, and a nice luxury French style drain, then Nemo Heliopolis is the answer. The battery-powered light offers you the comfort to shower at night when camp. 
  • Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Shower. For the camper who needs a lot of privacy, this separate room’s camp tent provides you with privacy to change in another room and take a shower in another part. It is designed with a pre-attach and instant setup feature so it is easier to build. 
  • Core two shower tents. This is an integrated steel pole shower tent that is easy to build in under a minute. If you are a person that has many “bathe rituals” then this is a perfect shower camp tent. It has added a lot of storage design to store towels and stuff for your bathe rituals. 
  • Wolfwise pop-up shower tent. The UPF 30+ sun protection blocks the UV rays and water repellent as well. It doesn’t have a floor so the water will flow in quickly. However, the lack of floor made this tent not protect from the bug as well. For the storage option, it has a side pocket to store towel and cloth lines. 

Is it worth buying a camp shower bag? 

The other solution when your camp is a shower bag. What is a camp shower bag? Well, a camp shower bag is a plastic bladder that is attached to a shower hose. The shower bag used filling it with water, close the cap, laying in the sun to heat water to make it warm and then you just need to hang or stand the bag to shower. Want to buy a camp shower bag? Here are some camp shower bag recommendations for you. 

  • Advanced elements 5-gallon camping shower. The shower bag is built from 4 layer materials and features an insulator panel and reflector panel to warm water. The side pocket keeps all showering stuff so you do not need to put it lying on the ground. 
  • Kida solar camping bag. Kida is another popular camp shower bag in the market. If you are looking for comfort and a simple way to keep you staying fresh while outdoor camp, this camp shower bag can be the best solution to go. The capacity is 5 gallons and it needs 3 hours to heat the water in the bag. The pressure setting allows satisfying versatility that is rarely offered by other camp shower bags. 
  • Sea to Summit Pocket Shower. This shower is a nylon sack that will fit with your hiking backpack. When the bag is unrolled, this can fill with 10 liter’s water. 
  • Green Elephant Solar shower. This shower bag is a multi-purpose solar shower made from sturdy and durable TPU material. You can roll it up and seal it when not in use. 

With the entire recommended camp shower above, which one fits with you? Follow any guide and your needs before choosing based on your personal preferences. 

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