5 of the best reasons for camping and the things you should be prepared of!

5 of the best reasons for camping and the things you should be prepared of!

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For those of you who are still confused about what activities you should do to spend your day off, you might be interested in trying camping. Camping is an overnight activity in the wild, intending to relieve fatigue from urban life and work. The camping experience is something you can try with your closest friends, or it can also be a means of education for families.

Well, here are some interesting reasons for camping that make you must make it a choice to fill your vacation time!

1. It is a moment to get to know nature and the environment

Camping can be one way to enjoy nature with its various beauties. Especially for you who have been tired with the hustle and bustle in the city. Camping back to nature so one way to refresh. During camping, if possible, stay away from smartphones or other activities that have been saturating.

2. Appropriate means for exercise and physical exercise

One of the things you can get while camping is that you are more physically trained, especially if you choose camping on a mountain or other places that need extra energy to reach it. First, understand the area where you will make the camping location and make sure you have previously had small exercises to train yourself so that you are not surprised when trekking or get a larger physical exercise when heading to the camping location.

For those of you who plan to bring children or family members, you can choose a more friendly location, such as the beach or around the lake. To avoid excessive exhaustion and even can not enjoy activities while camping.

3. Give moments of calm and peace

Feeling noisy with the horns of various vehicles in the city? Now, if camping in the open environment it won’t bother you. Surely you and your family will have a quiet time and only hear the sounds of animals or the wind crashing into the trees. The cooler when camping near a river or waterfall with the soothing sound of splashing water. The stress that is in you is guaranteed to disappear and feeling fresher after returning to your activities

4. Build quality time and togetherness

Camping is a great tool to get closer to friends and family or to be with your partner. For several days you will move together with them. Playing while telling stories around a campfire at night can be utilized for quality time.

Camping Build quality time and togetherness

5. Precious stargazing moments

If camping in the open, especially those far from urban areas you will be able to see the sky more beautiful. The stars are clearer and more radiant. This activity can also be called stargazing. This certainly won’t be able to get you in a city full of air pollution

Well, before you go camping, don’t forget to prepare mandatory items. Don’t miss it and be ignored! these are the various items that you must carry:

Carrier Bags

Of course, you do not want to bother carrying a suitcase. Therefore, use a carrier bag. Regarding how big the bag you have to carry, it all depends on your needs. The volume of bags varies, from 25 to 80 liters.

Choosing the size of the carrier bag should be adjusted to the duration of the trip. But this also depends on how you arrange the camping equipment in the bag properly. Mistakenly, your back can hurt.

Bags must also be adjusted to gender. Carrier bags for women are different from bags for men. This is because women have shorter back sizes and different body shapes in the chest and hips.

Emergency tools

Besides, there are some other items that you must carry, such as hurricane lamps and headlamps, for lighting. Never forget your jacket and raincoat, these two things are very useful to protect you when it rains and warms you up. You can get something use full for your emergency tools , just make it simple and easy to use

Sleeping Bag

2 sleeping bag designs can be your choice for camping, namely the blanket type and the mummy type. This type of rectangular quilt has a zipper that can be opened wide like a mat or blanket. Lack of this type is the amount of space, so it is less warm in the legs.

While the mummy type design follows the body’s grooves, it shrinks at the feet and has zippers at the edges. This type is deliberately made to fit the body shape so that there is less space and is much warmer. Mummy type is more widely used when camping in the mountains.


Tents that are commonly used for camping are dome tents. This tent is easily erected with enough space. The main reason for this tent being a favorite of people who like camping is that the size is not too big and easy to carry.

This dome tent is made of parachute nylon as a flysheet and fiber frame as a supporting pole. This tent is usually equipped with an outer layer of the same material and of course waterproof. Large tents also vary according to the number of people who can occupy it. You can check Coleman Sundome Tent as an option for camping tent

Camping Portable cooking equipment

You can choose one of the two types of portable cooking utensils available. You also use various sizes of this cooker as needed, our site gravelstuff will give you some option about outdoor adventure stuff that suitable for you


For the sake of your comfort, of course, the mattress must not be forgotten. Some types of mattresses that you can choose include rolling mattresses, folding mattresses, and air mattresses.

Roll mats are the most common type of mattress used when camping. Aside from being a base in the tent, this mat also serves to arrange goods in the carrier to be balanced.

If you want to camp without consuming space in the bag, use a folding mattress. This type of mattress tends to be warmer because it is made of aluminum foil.

Want to keep your sleep comfortably on a soft pad? Air mattresses must be included in your camper equipment list. Usually, there is a manual mini pump for filling the air on the mat.

So, there’s no reason to reject camping, right?

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