4 Tips to Conduct Wild Camping More Safely

4 Tips to Conduct Wild Camping More Safely

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Wild camping is a camping activity that is conducted outside the campsite provided. Therefore, you choose another stop and then build your tent there. The rules about wild camping are different in many areas. Well, some countries or regions allow it with terms and conditions. Meanwhile, some others prohibit it due to safety reasons.

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Based on the fact above, if you are interested to do wild camping, make sure to do it in an area that legalizes it. When it is illegal, you may still go back home alive after camping. But you also need to deal with the law because of this. Aside from being legal or not, there are some tips you must follow in wild camping. Check them out.

Learning about the Spot

Before doing the trip and camping there, make sure to learn about the spot first. Although you really love challenge, your safety must be considered first. Avoid places where there are wild animals like bears or snakes. Besides, some areas are indeed not good for camping like they are too muddy. Sure, rather than choosing those areas, it is better to build up your tent on the more ideal ones.

Near the Water Source

If you read the history books, you must know that even the human civilization in the past was started from places near the water source. It is because water is very important to your life. Now, when you want to camp, make sure that the spot chosen is also near the water source. At least, you can do your toilet activities more easily this way.

Providing Enough Foods and Drinks

The spot you choose can be far from residences. It is mainly if you love exploring open nature like in the mountainous areas. Rather than feeling hungry or even sick while camping, it is much better to provide enough food and drinks since the beginning. Make sure that they are kept in safe containers to avoid animals or bacteria coming inside. You must estimate how many days to spend in wild camping.

Bringing Map and Compass

Hiking Club
Hiking Club

Today’s Smartphone is full of great features and apps. It is including them to help you to survive in the open nature. Unfortunately, they have lacks also. For example, it is when the battery is low or the area doesn’t give you signals at all. The manual tools are needed anyway in your wild camping. They are a map and compass.

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