Well, have you ever input ‘nature walks near me’ into your favorite search engine desperately searching for a good place to spend your spare time by going for a hike? Fear no more pals since you have come to the right place if you happen to seek for those things. The United States of America is probably one of the best countries in the world to visit or spend time if you are someone who is into nature walks. The country has so many different kinds of landscapes to explore. You can find mountains, forests, rivers, deserts, and many more reference here on gravelstuff. You should check our list of best nature walks in America since choosing one can be quite difficult and confusing for there are so many destinations. Check this out!

1. Lost Valley Trail, Arkansas

The first on our list of top four nature walks near me in America is Lost Valley Trail. The place is located in Lost Valley State Park, Ponca, Arkansas. Some people might not able to handle or consider Lost Valley Trail quite extreme. However, the place is very beautiful and perfect for those who love mountains, falls, or nature in general. You can find Eden Falls here if you take the path that leads into the Ozark Mountains. What is even greater is you will find a cave at the top. However, the path is quite rockier and steeper so it might not suit those who want casual nature walks.

2. Chicago Botanic Garden Hike, Illinois

The second place on our list is called Chicago Botanic Garden Hike. The garden is located in Northbrook, Illinois. There are so many wonderful plants to see in this garden. The trail on this garden is already paved making Chicago Botanic Garden Hike a perfect place to do nature walks for those who want to walk casually. Moreover, you can also enjoy the fresh air and refresh those lungs of yours here.

3. Battleship Rock Trail, Kentucky

Located in Slade, Kentucky, the Battleship Rock Trail is obviously not for everyone. Beginners might want to avoid going to this place. The path in the area is somewhat steep and a little bit uneven which can be troublesome for the inexperienced. All in all, the place offers a stunning and awesome view.

4. Beaver Dam Hiking Trail, Mississippi

The place is located in Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, Brooksville, Mississippi. This place is perfect for those who want to see plants, waters, and animals at the same time. You can find wildlife such as ducks, deer, and beavers in this fourth place on our list of top four nature walks near me in America.

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