Camping Hiking In Winter Season Planning And Tips

Camping Hiking In Winter Season Planning And Tips

Camping hiking in the snow will be interesting vacations for those of you who are enjoy peacefulness and beauty of a winter wonderland. You will not find crowds or bugs during your trip on winter season. You will enjoy playing in the snow. You have to prepare yourself in order to have camping hiking in winter season. You will be surprised that trekking in winter time is very comfortable.

Camping Hiking In Winter Season

Camping Hiking Planning

Winter camping hiking provides a couple of different challenges if compared to summer camping and hiking. You have to be prepared for more cold weather and shorter hours of daylight by preparing extra gear and a couple of additional skills. It is better for you to have a plan before you go to the hiking trails.

It is better for you to go on group of people. You have to share the trail with a couple of friends who have experienced in a couple of different winter skills such as snow travel, snow shelters and route finding. Before you go camping, you have to research and study the maps of the area. You have to know how long that you will take in order to get there and how long to set your camp. If something happens, you have to know how to call emergency services.

By talking to person who has been there, you will be helped to get there because he or she will give you the right direction. Weather forecast should be checked. You have to check the condition of the weather before you go. And then, all you have to do is checking the trail and local road conditions. You have to avoid and recognize the issue areas. Check the local forecast and it is better for you not to go if the avalanche danger is high. You have to consider that avalanche forecast will be general and not accurate for a couple of certain areas.

Before you go camping hiking, you have to leave your trip plan to your family and friends at home. You have to let other people know where you at and when you will return. It is also important for you to let them know the contact numbers for each of your friends in your group. You have to make sure that each person in your group has the same expectations, plans and goals. Something important should be packed by using winter camping hiking checklist. Cash is also important to be carried in order to get some unpredictable fees or emergencies.

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Best Places To Go Hiking In Asia – Tips And Guidelines

Best Places To Go Hiking In Asia – Tips And Guidelines

Asia is the place of a beautiful nature, exotic culture, lush vegetation and also beautiful scenery. One of the perfect ways that you can do in order to explore and discover a couple of destinations in Asia in on foot because there are a lot of best places to go hiking there. A couple of hikes in Asia provide you a great opportunity to see rare wildlife species and also find indigenous tribes which are living in the charming villages. These are a couple of best places to go hiking in Asia that you have to trail for those of you who like to hike in different places.

best places to go hiking

Best Places To Go Hiking: Sapa

Sapa is one of the best places to go hiking in Vietnam that you have to visit to see beautiful views of stunning mountain peaks and rice terraces which are completed with mists hovering over them. Sapa is located in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range which is close to the Tonkinese Alps at the borders of Chinese. Sapa is well-known destination among a lot of hikers who want to experience the hillside trails which pass through charming villages and lush landscapes. March to May is the best time to visit this incredible place.

Ladakh Range

Ladakh Range is the largest and highest district in India. This beautiful place is located between two vast mountains which are Himalayas to the South and the Karakoram to the North. In the Ladakh range, you will find a lot of yaks and sheep. In Ladakh Range, the culture in this place is more Tibetan instead of Indian. This is one of the best places to go hiking that can hiked by travelers which ranges from difficult Tsomoriri Trek to Kang Yatse Trek to easy trek from Lamayuru Alchi Trek and Ripchar Valley Trek. A couple of most beautiful trails in the Ladakh Range are through the Zanskar range such as thr Darcha Trek to Lamayuru.


Ratanakiri is located in northeast Cambodia which is well-known for a stunning jungle hiking and trekking. This place is also known as dey krahom or red earth because this place is covered in reddish dust within the dry season. There are a couple of best hiking trails near me such as impressive hills, mountain and rivers which are ranged Ratanakiri. The area is also featured with waterfalls and crater lakes.

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For Hiking : Considering The Essentials Below

For Hiking : Considering The Essentials Below

It is a good thing for you if you want to pack the essentials for hiking whenever you want to go hiking on day hikes. If you often do this outdoor activity, you have to use a couple of those essentials for hiking. You will appreciate the value of those essentials every time you really need one of them. These essentials are important for those of you who want to help people in order to get emergency condition in the outdoors.

For Hiking Considering The Essentials

For Hiking: Navigation

Compass and map are claimed as two important things of a navigation system. You should be accompanied by the topographic map on any trip which involves anything more than a short footpath or nature trail which has been frequently visited. A compass is an important tool if you lost within your hiking trail. GPS receivers do not make your compass obsolete. You have to remember that compass does not rely on batteries. So if you use a GPS for navigation on for hiking trail, a traditional compass is still a perfect backup. You have to consider that a compass which is equipped with a mirror can also be applied to flash sunlight to rescuer or helicopter if you have a problem during your hiking trail. An altimeter is also an extra navigational that you have to consider. It comes with a barometric sensor in order to measure air pressure and offer a close estimate of your elevation. It will help you to give you information about your progress and decide your location on a map.

Sun Protection

If you have a planning to travel on ice or snow, sunglasses is the important thing that you have to use. For those of you who want to choose sunscreen, it is well recommended for you to choose a formula which provides a sun protection factor of SPF at least 15, even though SPF 30 is perfect for outdoor activity which has been extended. The second is the formula which blocks both UVB and IVA rays. You have to reapply every 2 hours but it depends on a couple of factors such as sweat, time of day and many more. It is important for you not to choose lip balm. Synthetic and lightweight sun-protection clothing features an ultraviolet protection factor or UPF. The level of your activity and the temperature are a couple of important keys which will decide if you pick to wear shorts or pants or short sleeves or long sleeves for hiking. Sunscreen is important thing that will be used in order to protect your hands, face and neck.

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For Hiking 1

Trail Hiking Preparation :  How And What To Prepare

Trail Hiking Preparation : How And What To Prepare

There are two reasons that you have to consider preparing for trail hiking. Either you want to train for a big backpacking trail or you just want to start back into the trip and want to get going. Both reasons have similar guidelines. You have to prepare three important factors before you do trail hiking.

Hiking muscles – Your leg muscles we well as your core body support are the main important things. Upper body and arms are not crucial for trail hiking.

Gear – You have to be comfortable with your boots when you walk and also your hips and shoulder should be connected to take your pack.

Cardiopulmonary – In order to support your body, your heart and lungs have to be fit with the strong oxygen.

trail hiking

Trail Hiking  Preparation : Consult Your Doctor

Before I got trail hiking near me, I came to my doctor to get an advice. If you have been doing nothing for a couple of times, your doctor will give an advice that you have to do other programs or preventive measure.

You Have to Enjoy It

Hiking a joyful activity that means you have to be fun when you do it. You have to choose the place that is very clean and green so you can enjoy your trip.

Hiking In Group

It is better for you not to hike alone as long as you have experience of hiking in high traffic places that will feel safe and enjoy. But, you have to make sure that you have to accompany by at least one person along. It will be a perfect idea if you bring your friends to do the same trail hiking schedule, but you have to make sure that your friends are capable to stay with your plan.


You have to carry a first aid kit and water. Do not take a heavy stuff when trail hiking in areas which have been populated. You have to bring a couple of safety items such as pepper spray, whistle or another items that will make you safe, but you have to make sure that you are in the good condition before carrying the backpack. You have to keep in mind that the first aid kit is for everybody in your group.


If you have a leisure time but you cannot get out, you can use stairmaster or treadmill for your exercise. Some people say that this activity is boring, but if you have a couple of entertainment in front of you, it will be a fun activity. Aerobic is also perfect in order to make your body stay fit.

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Trail Hiking Preparation

Hiking Trails Near Me : Guides & Tips

Hiking Trails Near Me : Guides & Tips

I am a big time hiking guy, so this time I will give you a couple of tips and guides about hiking trails near me that will help you to get a great experience of hiking.  Before I do hiking trails near me, I usually prepare a couple of items that are very important for me. At this article you will find some tips so you can get a big time hiking experience.

refreshing natural landscape with a waterfall that looks beautiful in a city in Indonesia

Hiking Trails Near Me Tips

I usually hike in a team or group because it is safety for me. I have to at least accompany by one other person if I decide to go on low-traffic hiking near me because there are a lot of hiking places near me. It is important because I can avoid the risk that I take if no one can help me if something happen to me. There are a couple of benefits of hiking trails near me in a group. I can learn a lot of hiking from more experienced guys. And then if I got injured, my partner always there to help me. Besides that, it is easy to distribute the load if there are a lot of people in your group. And the most important thing is that you will meet a couple of new guys from many backgrounds.

Drink is crucial for me when I was hiking trails near me in order to prevent dehydrated. I usually carry enough water when I decided to go hiking. To keep energy stays high, small snacks are the better option instead of waiting for big meal. Keeping a surplus food is also crucial for the hikers. The important thing that I usually do when hiking trails near me is I leave the plan with my mom or dad and you can call them when you lose the track. To prevent sunburn, it is better to bring and use sunscreen. You have to plan a hike which is fit for all of the people in your group and you have to allow the slower guy to set the trail. I always keep my pack organized, so I can find the items when I need them. Repackage is another crucial plan in order to reduce the weight of your pack. Do not bring cotton clothes while you hiking. I also check the first aid kit before hiking trails near me. Before taking a long hike, it is better to minimize the weight of your body.

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