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When it comes to hiking options, Ireland hits above its weight well. This country has 954 developed trails all over the place. From Belfast to the coast of Rock, you will not run out of options. Can’t decide where to start hiking in Ireland? Here are the best hiking spots in the country to narrow down your option. 

1. Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail

Meaning “stairway to heaven”, Cuilcah Legnabrocky trail is the best place to go if you need an easy to the moderate track for hiking. This is one of the largest bogged areas in Northern Ireland and spread out up to 4.6 miles. Being publicly opened for the first time in 2015, Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail has attracted a lot of hikers. Here, you need to climb up a steep to take you to the summit of Cuilcagh Mountain with 2,185ft of height.  

2. Ballycotton Cliff Walk, Cork

Ballycotton Cliff Walk is a great option to take especially if you are a beginner. Being extended up to 8 miles, this hiking trek starts from Ballycotton Village and ends in Ballyandreen Beach. Stepping to the hiking track, you will be amazed by the views of fresh green meadows on one side and the wild Atlantic Ocean on the other side. If you get tired, there will be a lot of seated viewpoints where you can rest while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the trek. Ballycotton Cliff Work in Cork is also a perfect place to go if you want to enjoy wildlife watching. Here, you can find a lot of amazing creatures such as dolphins, whales, oystercatchers, and Peregrine Falcons along the hiking trek.

3. Glenariff Forest Park Scenic Trail

If you are looking for a great place for a moderate level of hiking in Ireland, Glenariff Forest Park Scenic Trail in Co Antrim is one of the best options to take. The hiking trek is 6 miles long and starts/ ends at Glenariff Forest Park. Exploring the forest park will need you to go through in the mossy depths of a ravine with a beautiful waterfall to reach the Antrim Plateau. Climbing up to the edge of the plateau will allow you to see a wonderful view of the high landscape of the Glenariff Forest Park with the sea of Scotland as the background. You can even enjoy a more fun reward if you go hiking to the forest park during spring. The beautiful bluebells will bloom around the Inver River gorge and welcome you at the starting point of the hiking trek.

4. Divis and the Black Mountain Ridge Trail

Being located in Belfast, Divis and the Balck Mountain ridge trail is for moderate-level hikers. Standing on the 1,568ft of altitude, Divis is considered the highest point of Belfast Hills. This landscape situation will provide you with the most ideal vantage point to see the spectacular views of Belfast. This ridge trail comes with circular-walk slopes that will take you to the summit of Blak Mountain and the famous Bobby Stone. Take the globally well-known Harland and Wolffs cranes to see the breathtaking views of Stormont and Titanic Belfast. You can even see the entire Belfast from this high point when the weather is fine.

5. Carrauntoohil Hike

Carrauntoohil Hike is one of the hardest hiking treks with only a few places on earth such as Austin hiking that has an almost similar trail. With a trekking distance as long as 7.9 miles this hiking path starts and ends at the famous Cronin’s Yard. As the central park peak of MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, Carrauntoohil stands at 3.407ft and becomes the highest mountain range of Ireland. Reaching the top of the Carrauntoohil is not easy and it usually takes 5 to 6 hours. However, you will get your treat once you get to the peak. Here, you will see jaw-dropping views of Killarney Lakes. You will have several route options when hiking the Carrauntoohil trek with the Devil’s Ladder as the most popular one. This hiking route comes with loose rocks that are considered challenging for most hikers.

6. Slieve Gullion

Slieve Gullion is a perfect hiking trek to go if you also love to learn about the ancient history of Ireland. Ascending to the top of the Slieve Gullion Forest Park, you will find twin peaks, twin lakes, and a Neolithic passage grave. Not only that but this 8-mile trek will also offer you a moderate level of hiking with the spectacular views of Northern Ireland and the Republic. Exploring the heather-clocked hills of Slieve Gullion, you will also enjoy the great views of the famous Ring of Gullion. It is a volcano known to erupt for the last time more than 50 million years ago. Hiking through the trek of Slieve Gullion will allow you to get into the ancient tomb of the Neolithic South Cairn Passage Grave that you can access from beneath the summit.

7. Glendalough and the Spinc Cliffs

It is a hard hiking trek that spreads out as far as 8.5 miles. This Glendalough and the Spinc Cliffs trek both start and end at Glendalough Visitor Center. The hilly trail comes with a great view and it is also the home of mountainous paths and landscapes with 2,000 hectares of length. 

8. The Causeway Coast

The Causeway Coast is another popular place for hiking in Ireland located in Co Antrim. This easy-level hiking trek starts from Giant’s Causeway and ends at Dunseverick Castle. The Causeway Coast has been known as one of the best coastal walks in Ireland with a trekking path as far as 4.5 miles. Getting to the end of the hiking trek, you will need to go through some popular tourist spots in Ireland including Portstewart, Ballycastle, and Dunluce Castle. The Causeway Coast is rich in history, mythology, and geological wonder. Though it is an easy trek, the rocky shoreline that you should pass makes the path a bit challenging.

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After you explore the lots of best hiking movies, and then you watch it, you will feel the urge to pack your backpack and go to the closest trail as well. You should know that there are some inspirational movies, beautifully shot, and affecting you to be glued on your set during the entire viewing experience as well. After you watch these movies below, you may have a plan for the next mountain or hiking trip. If you love hiking and movies, then you will feel the same thing. 

It is a combination of the beauty of cinema and nature – sometimes,  it can powerfully affect your mind so you will feel breathless. In this article, there are some truly outstanding movies related to hiking that you should not miss. All of them won various awards, including the most important one – they capture the heart of audiences as well. Sometimes you will meet with the best hiking dogs in the movies as well.

Everest (2015) 

This film based on a true story, Everest comes with what you need to know to climb the highest peak in the world. The director has skillfully created this heart-pounding movie that will stick inside your mind long after you finish watching this movie. The plot tells you about the challenging expedition to reach the most dangerous place in the world that also took place in 1996. The altitude hikers named Scott Fischer, and Rob Hall combine their efforts to deal with the extreme blizzard that puts their lives here. 

This movie was directed and acted by great actors here, such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, and so on. They do the best job of portraying ordinary people who must face extraordinary situations. Keep in mind that this movie is emotional, intense, and interesting until the very end. It will steal your attention from the beginning,  and you feel immersed in the story and character experiences as well. The cinematography is the best thing that you will enjoy here, and this is one of the reasons why you want to watch this movie again and again. 

Free Solo (2018) 

It is also one of the best hiking movies, no surprise that it won an Oscar with the category of Best Documentary film. It was directed by Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, this movie talks about the rock climber named Alox Hannold. This movie includes his amazing effort to be the first person ever to reach the 3000 feet tall of El Capitan rock formation. 

This movie includes many beautiful nature shots that make you feel amazed at the same time. It also describes the interesting lifestyle of the man who has a strong passion. Watching this film can be your thrilling experience in which you stay calm on your set from the start to finish. Keep in mind that this movie does not fit for faint-hearted people. There are some scenes when the actor is climbing impossible heights without using security ropes, and his life depending on his fingers. It is really impressive to see the calmness and concentration to do what Alex does best. He may defy death while climbing one of the tallest rocks in the world. 

Touching the Void (2003) 

This is another documentary movie, and it is also as scary as the horror movie and trembling like an action movie. It was directed by Kevin Macdonald and starred actors, such as Nicholas Aaron, and Brendan Mackey. This film is amazing when presenting you with a jaw-dropping story of young climbers. They were together in 1985, they made their first attempt to climb the Siula Grande Rock in the worst situations. 

You do not have enough time to blink when watching this movie. The dangerous story of men is well narrated and mind-blowing at the same time. The creator is successful to bring amazing obstacles that the climbers need to achieve what seems impossible. Both men should take difficult decisions, survive in extreme temperatures, and deal with the dead ahead. To bring back a better story, the director also brought other actors, such as Simon Yates, and Joe Simpson at the same location when the actual event took place. The result is very impressive. 

The Beckoning Silence (2007)  

When are you wondering why continue to climb deadly mountains and risk your life? You will find the answer in this movie. The answer is going deeper into human nature and instinct. Joe Simpson released an inspirational story and tragic story of a young climber named Toni Kurz who triggered him to become the mountaineers. 

Kurz attempts to conquer the north side of the Eiger Mountain. Unfortunately, he has dramatically died. Many years later, Joe Simpson goes to the same place to document the story in the book “The Beckoning Silence” that becomes a documentary in the same name. If you love to climb a mountain although you are not an extreme hiker, then this movie will leave you impressive, 

This movie is engagingly narrated, intense, and well filmed – it shows you with the inhuman spirit that you need to be an extreme mountaineer. The actor recalls what he needs to fight against all obstacles and survive in impossible situations. He looks back to his near-death experience when he fell into the crevasses, and he is still alive when people think that he died. 

The Way (2010) 

Did you ever want to walk in EL Camino de Santiago road? Then it is a great thing why you need to watch this movie. This movie starred father and son Emilio Esteves and Martin Sheen. It shows you with a touching story about a grieving dad who starts his long journey to pay homage to his late son who has died while walking in the El Camino de Santiago. 

This movie is all about the emotional blast. It is an incredible story about a man who’s encouraged to reach what his son cannot do. He should finish a 780 km long trip through the sacred land. It is one of the best hiking movies along with beautiful shots.

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If you want to know how to handle yourself when Hiking in the Rain, then you can check this article. Finding out how to stay comfortable and dry in bad weather is one of the necessary trail skills. You do not know when you will get caught in the storm, and if you live in the rainy climate, then having the confidence to hike in the rain can avoid you get serious fever in the wet season. You should know that the right mindset and hiking gear, then hiking in the rain can be so fun as well. 

In this article, there are several tips on how to hike in the rain that help you to enjoy your outdoor experience, no matter what the climate is. You will surprise by choosing the right rain gear, helpful information, and a positive attitude, then you can get outside and have fun even in the wettest days as well. 

You should choose the right trail 

Choosing a location where to hike in the rain is the first step to get a successful hike.  During rainy days, you will see an extensive view, so the summit hike is not your best choice, Instead, exploring the trail through the forest, alongside a lake, river, and waterfall. These trails are the best option for wet days because they usually do not have an extensive viewpoint, so you will never feel missing out. You can consider what you expect on that day to narrow down your choice. For example, whether you are looking for relaxation or exercise? Whether you are solo hiking or with friends? So, what you are looking for will help you to decide where to go. 

If you are looking for exercise and it is very wet outside, it is better to choose a trail that is not steep so you can exercise without any risk of slipping. If you want to relax, it is better to choose a trail that meanders through the forest so you can enjoy the rain sound that is so relaxing.

No matter what you choose, deciding a shorter trail that can be done in a few hours or a half-day. Therefore, if the weather turns south, then you are not too far away from the trailhead. So, it is better to read the rail first before you head out. It is necessary if the view is skewed, you need to make sure your bearings, so you never get lost. If it is very steep, or there are creeks to ford, then the best time is to wait for the dry day. This same thing goes for thunderstorms. 

For an added safety measure, you can consider bringing a satellite communicator as a handy device with SOS, texting, and tracking capabilities. If you have a plan to hike in the area with the spotty cell service, it can be your life-saving device when you are in an emergency. 

What to wear when you hiking in the rain 

You can choose the right gear that needs a balance to keep you warm and dry, but it is cool enough, so you never get sweaty. It means that you can wear a breathable, waterproof rain jacket and some lightweight waterproof hiking pants as well. 

Choosing the right raining jacket 

You can invest in a high-quality, and a durable rain jacket and hiking clothes that can withstand harsh conditions means that you will be likely to go out during these rainy days. The technology of rain jackets has advanced over the years, and understanding all bells and whistles can make you a bit overwhelming as well.

It’s all depending on what type of hiking you want to do, not all technical features should get in your gear, but some features will enhance your experience. So, it is better to highlight several things that you have to pay attention to. 

You can consider rain jackets with armpit zips – these jackets will make a significant difference in your comfort level and allow you to hike during the rain without getting you too sweaty. Another thing that you have to know is that you do not need a too tight or too loose rain jacket. You may need to wear layers, so you need a space for it. 

Hiking jacket

Choosing waterproof hiking shoes 

This is a big letdown if you need to turn around because your feet get wet. One of the keys to getting a successful hike in the rain is the waterproof footwear. Waterproof hiking shoes are the game changer if you hike in the heavy rain. Although you may feel comfortable wearing lighter and lower ankle shoes, when you are hiking in the rain, then it is better to choose a higher ankle boot. It gives you ankle support during slippery trails and keeps water out better as well. 

If you already have hiking boots, mostly your shoes are waterproof, but you need to check before running out to buy new shoes for hiking in the rain. You need to pack an extra pair of wool just in case your feet get wet. 

Waterproof hiking pants 

When it comes to choosing rain hiking pants, then you can choose breathable, comfortable, and waterproof hiking pants. It is also better to select rain pants with a zipper at the bottom so you can wear or take it off without needing to remove your shoes. One thing to know is that waterproof hiking pants can be noisy when the material rubs together. They are not the most stylish pants, but it will make you feel comfortable and dry.

You can wear a thing legging underneath for extra warmth or in the case when the rain stops, you can take it off. People will choose not to wear waterproof pants when hiking in the rain, but if it is a really wet day, then you may experience some inner thigh chafing. So there are some tips for hiking in the rain. You can watch the best hiking movies for a recommendation.

Some hikers are keen on packing hiking snacks that can keep their body fit during the hike. Some other people only grab anything they like. Does a snack affect your body that much? Well, the answer is yes. Snacks are essential to bringing on a hike besides water. Even if it is just a short hike, bringing snacks with you will save your day. You will never know when you will need it during the hike.

There are plenty of snacks that you can find at the stores. However, you need to check out each of the snacks thoroughly. Nutrition is the most important part that you have to check out. You will need a snack that can keep your stomach full without the heavy feeling. You can enjoy it on a break so that it will not bother you when you start to hike afterward. 

During the hike, your body will release a lot of energy but also it will keep asking more. Thus, you have to keep energizing your body with nutrition and also water. It is just as essential as your hiking gears and shoes. It is also great to have a delicious snack that can be enjoyed during your hike. Ensure that you like the snacks that you bring so that the hike experience will be just perfect. Here are some easy yet delicious snacks to pack for your hike.

Trail Mix

Trail mix will become one of the most favorite snacks to bring on a hike for hikers. In this case, you can pack your own snack in a box of the container or some small containers. You can mix healthy snacks such as nuts, dried raisins, dried fruits, granola, and dark chocolate. You can literally pack your favorite bites to eat. 

You also can bring high protein snacks such as boiled eggs, tuna sandwiches, or vegetables. Those hiking snacks are great to support your body during the hike. It will give you enough energy to keep on walking. We all know that some hikes can be intense. So, ensure that you have the right food to bring with you to keep you fueled.

Peanut Butter and Bananas

If you like bananas, this fruit will become a great pair with peanut butter. You will have a source of calories and protein, and also healthy fat out of it. They will become a natural fuel that will be very useful for your body to stay strong and fit. Banana is rich in potassium that is good to fight off muscle cramps. After miles of climbings, there is a possibility to get your legs stiff or you get cramps because of the intense hiking. To ease the pressure on your legs, you can take bananas and peanut butter as a snack for your hike. It is not only delicious, but it is also very good for your body to enjoy your hiking. 

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are a great source of sugar as you know it as fructose. It is very refreshing to have an orange, an apple, or grapes for example. They hydrate you very well when your body loses lots of energy through sweats. You will still need water for sure, however, the fruit will give you more than just fluid. It will give you the energy that your body will need through the whole hike.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits can be great as well if you want another source of energy besides the fresh fruit. Ensure that you take the sugar-free or at least less sugar. Dried fruits are very delicious and refreshing. You can take it while you are still walking or you can also enjoy it when you are having your break at some points. It is also easy to pack and light for you to carry. You will love to chew on dried fruits while sitting on the edge of the cliff and enjoy the scenery. Even if you are hiking in the rain, this still can be easy to bite.

Beef Jerky

Another easy snack to bring with you is the beef jerky. It is a delicious snack that you can pack to reward yourself during a break of the hike. It is easy to pack in your bag and most importantly it helps you to refuel your muscles that are working hard through the hike. Even though it is tasty and great for your body, you also need to limit the consumption of beef jerky. Otherwise, you will be very thirsty and finish your stock of water.


Granola is not only great for snacking during your lunch break, but it is also great to pack for a hike. There is plenty of taste that you can find. Some granola comes with a mix of rolled oats, dark chocolate, nuts, and seeds. You also can find the one that comes with dried fruits if you prefer some sour and sweet taste. No matter which kind of granola you like, just grabs some to enjoy during the hike. You will be happy to be able to enjoy the snacks you like so much after some long hikes.

Snack Bars

If you like something easy without needing containers to store your dried fruits or jerky, you can choose the snack bars. Snack bars are easy to find at the stores. You can find any kind of snack bars that might fit you the best. You can choose the snack bars that have the ingredients that you like the most. Pack some of it to enjoy with other snacks and some drinks. You also can find some homemade recipe snack bars that are carefully made to keep the body fueled along the hike.

Those snacks are some great options for you to bring for your hike. Your body will need the best nutrition it needs to keep on doing the good work. There will be plenty of energy that your body will burn to tackle every obstacle on the trail. Besides the nutrition and energy that you will need, these hiking snacks are also very delicious to enjoy throughout the hiking journey. These hiking snacks will keep your body healthy and make you happy.

If you have a plan to experience hiking near Boston, it will be a great idea. Boston is the most populous city in Massachusetts. It is also a home of an abundance wilderness that will fit for a wanderer. Hike lovers like to enjoy different kinds of hiking trails. There are plenty of options that you can find to experience hiking in Boston.

We know that Boston is a busy city with a lot to offer for tourists. This city is one of the best in the country where you can go to college and universities. It is a busy city that also costs a lot to live in this city. If you like to stop by in Boston for more than a city stroll, then hiking is going to be the best choice for you. Engaging with nature in Boston can become a great way to get to know Boston differently.

Here are some trails you can try when you are in Boston. You can find out which one is suitable for you and your hiking preference.

Arnold Arboretum Tour

Let’s start with the easy hike that will be suitable for everybody. The Arnold Arboretum Tour is an easy trail in downtown Boston. The loop of this trail is about 3.6 miles. You can bring your dog here as long as they are on a leash. Arnold Arboretum trail is also suitable for a family hike. The trail is accessible for a stroller with an abundance of entertainment that will be fun for young kids. Bring some hiking snacks and water to keep you and your kids fit.

As this trail is very popular, some people like to have guided tours as well. There are also educational offerings concerning nature. It is a great place to have a short hike that is casual and easy. You also can enjoy the beauty of the blue sky in Boston by stopping by at the top of Peters Hill. You can follow the Oak Path to feel the different atmosphere so that you do not feel like you are in the city.

Dogtown Loop

Dogtown Loop is a trail that has intermediate difficulty to hike. The length of the loop is about 6.1 miles. The location is in the north of Gloucester for about 1.8 miles. This trail is going to be very interesting for you who love history because here you can explore the stranger remnants of Massachusetts history. You do not only work out and enjoy nature but also get the chance to see the history that is left. 

It still has the wild forest atmosphere as you can see plenty of abandoned roads and houses. It is also popular with its ghost story from the past. You will see a beautiful nature along the trail that will impress you so much. The tranquility is one of the favorites of the hikers. However, the bottom line of this trail is the lack of markings. Some people don’t appreciate the lack of markings because it can be dangerous if you get lost. Some people don’t mind as they enjoy nature the way it is. So, it is good for you to study the map and use your GPS Watch if you like. Bringing a dog is allowed here and you have to put him on a leash. 

Crane Beach Loop

Located in the east of Ipswich, this Crane Beach Loop is about 3.9 miles long. This trail offers you a challenging hike that will take you to go through forest paths and dunes. It will be a lot of working out that you will need to do. The trail has an intermediate difficulty and you can take your dog with you on a leash if you have pets. 

This trail has green lush trees along the way. The loop that you take here will spoil you with the beauty of nature. The path along the trail is well maintained so it will be very smooth for the visitors. You will be able to explore the dunes and see the surroundings from a different height. The marks are easy to see through the pine forest. You will not get lost because of the clarity of the signs. It is a nice trail for hiking near Boston.

You will be able to explore the north and south sides of the peninsula. During the summertime, you will encounter a lot of bugs that are very famous. Thus, ensure you protect yourself if you want to go during the summertime. Otherwise, you can go during the Spring or Autumn to avoid the invasion of bugs.

Rock Circuit Loop

This Rock Circuit Loop is a difficult trail to go to. It has a 4.6 miles long loop that will challenge you physically. This trail is located in downtown Boston about 7.1 miles north. There is an abundance of obstacles that you would love to tackle if you are an adventurer. The training that you have done will be very useful during the hike.

There are plenty of adventures that you can explore. The hiking is so far from dull because of the labyrinthine trail that will blow your mind and keep your enthusiasm high. You can access this circuit at ease by using public transportation. The view of the cityscape is worth the effort to hike on this trail. You will love to stop for a moment and enjoy the scenic view that you can capture or keep in your memories while you are there. The trail is very technical and will keep you working on your hiking. Those trails are a few trails that you can enjoy near Boston. You can find the easy, the intermediate, and also the difficult one.

Those trails will be suitable for any hikers and surely can meet the expectation. Boston is not only a crowded city as it also has the beauty of nature to offer. Pack your stuff, get some snacks and water to get ready for your hike. The trails for hiking near Boston will give you an endless adventure that you will never forget.

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